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What is an air purifier?

Air Purifier is a compact device which is having the capability to remove smoke, dust, pet hair and harmful allergens. If you are having any breathing related issues then using air purifier is really beneficial to you because it ensures that air you breathe is pure. According to the studies shows that, clean air it having capability to prevent specific chronic diseases like allergies, asthma, lung cancer and pneumonia. There are different kinds of the air purifiers there like room air purifier, and car air purifier so you can choose it based on your needs.

Olansi A3A Air Purifier

Olansi A3A Air Purifier

Things to know about room air purifier

Room air purifier is capable of cleansing air in huge areas like room. On the other hand, car air purifier could be used in the enclosed vehicle which can clean allergens, dust and air of pollutants. It comes with different kinds of the filter options and each can filter the pollen, odors, smoke and other kinds of the harmful pollutants based on the design. When it comes to the different kinds of air cleaning technologies then it includes

  • Charged media filters
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Electrostatic precipitators
  • Photocatalytic oxidation
  • Pre filter
  • Antibacterial and germicidal filter
  • High efficiency particulate air filter

If you are a beginner to buy air purifier then you must concern about specific things like size and your budget. At the same time, tons of advantages are there when you pick branded air purifier which includes clean & healthier air, seasonal allergy control, no more odors, less pet mess longer HVAC filter life and slower dust buildup. There is no matter, how often you clean the home, you might always end up with the dust at your home. In such kind of situation, using air purifier is really helpful to make your home clean. The attractive benefits of choosing air purifier are that it can improve the cleanliness of indoor air by removing the contaminants.  On the other hand, it helps to control the odors. If you are an allergic to pet dander or tired of dealing with persistent pet odors then using air purifier is the best option. Most of the studies report that, HEPA filter can effectively clean the allergens like animal skin, pollen and mold spores but you must change it periodically.

Importance of buying air purifier

At present, you can find many brands of air purifiers, but choosing branded one is necessary one because it can only last for long time. Activated carbon filter is widely used in the combination with other filters. Germicidal and antibacterial filters are really useful to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria. This kind of the filter is widely used in the kitchens, hospitals, daycare schools, and labs for reducing risk of the airborne infections. Take your time to find out the best and finest air purifier based on your needs. Pre filter is quiet similar to the non woven and foam polyester which can reduce the huge particles like pet hair before the stage of filtration.

Benefits of having an air purifier in your home.

1.. Improved indoor air quality

The second benefit of air purifiers is for improved indoor air quality. Indoor air quality in most homes is actually worse than outside air.

Everyday common things we do or use such as fireplaces, space heaters, particle board furniture, household cleaning products, aerosol-based products, cooking, and burning candles can contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Using an air purifier will filter indoor air pollutants out of the air so you are not breathing them in.

2. Control unwanted odors

The third benefit is to control unwanted odors such as smoke, cooking smells, pet odors, cat litter box odors, or a smelly garbage can. Air purifiers absorb and eliminate odors from the air and will freshen up stale indoor air.

Finally, the key to a good air purifier is a powerful motor. The more times air is circulated and filtered per hour the more beneficial an air purifier will be. Olansi’s air purifiers use strong motors that will sufficiently circulate and clean the air in any size room.

We recommend a good air purifier to keep your indoor air much cleaner and healthier to breathe for everyone.

3. Reducing the number of allergens and irritants in the air

We hear from many of our customers that using an air purifier has changed their lives. The most common benefit we hear is from people with allergies and asthma.

For people with asthma or allergies to pets, dust mites, or pollen, air purifiers significantly reduce the number of allergens and irritants in the air and help relieve common symptoms such as watery eyes, congestion, and coughing associated with these conditions.

olansi K04C air purifier

olansi K04C air purifier



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