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The most frequent mistakes when buying air purifiers

Learning from the mistakes of others can lead you to buy the air purifier you need.

These types of appliances are not as well-known as vacuum cleaners, for example.

Although its operation is very basic, many people do not know if they cool the air, heat it, emit ozone or remove moisture.

Nor do they know how to choose the right model for their rooms or which brands offer more guarantees.

olansi K08A air purifier

olansi K08A air purifier

The most common mistakes are the following:

1- The purifier is too small and the effect in a large room is not noticeable

There are formulas that relate CADR to the size of the room that the purifier can filter. However, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s advice.

You will have to check the reputation and prestige of the brand.

In general, the higher the CADR, the faster it will filter the air.

A purifier that is too small will consume more energy and possibly the filters will saturate too quickly.

2- The filters do not last what the manufacturer says and you have to change them too often

You should take into account that filters are a vital part of the purifier. There are brands (usually economic and unknown) that fulfill their regular function. However, filters are another story and tend to be of poor quality and must be changed too often

3- Very expensive filters or you can’t find them anywhere

Just as we can find filters that tend to get damaged quickly and have to be changed next, we can also find the opposite: Very expensive brand filters, of which there is very little availability in the country where you live. It is recommended that you inform yourself of the purifiers and their respective filters, so you do not have to go through this tragedy.

4- Too loud even in night mode

You should keep in mind the noise level emitted by the purifier. It is not the same if you work at full power than if you do it at low speed. A low quality purifier, or does not filter almost anything, or if it does it emits too much noise.

In an office or in an environment with a certain noise level, 50 db may not even be noticed.

On the other hand, during the night, or if you want to run the purifier in the room where your baby rests, exceeding 30-33 db can be a problem.

5- You thought it had dehumidifier mode or temperature regulation

A purifier, as you know, is not a dehumidifier or a heater. That does not prevent there from models that include functions and technologies that add to the basic ones of purifying the air:

  • purifier + air conditioner
  • purifier + dehumidifier
  • purifier + ionizer

6- The purifier itself releases odor

If the air purifier gives off an unpleasant smell, there may be several causes.

  • Plastic smell occurs during initial use

The first few times you use the air purifier; it can produce a plastic smell.

Do not worry, this is normal and will disappear completely in a few days. However, if the appliance produces a burning smell, it is recommended that you contact the seller

  • The filter is dirty

When the air purifier filter (A and B in the following image) is dirty, it may produce a dusty smell. In this case, replace the filter.

  • The pre-filter is dirty

The air purifier can produce an unpleasant smell when the pre-filter is dirty. The pre-filter can (and should) be washed monthly.

Olansi K09B Air Purifier

Olansi K09B Air Purifier

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