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Pet Owners: The Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

Having a pet today has become a dream for young and old. A faithful companion who receives us with love, with whom we can play and; that in those moments of sadness it comforts us, it is definitely one of the pleasures of life that we can call happiness. However, many people manifest allergies to them and, the most popular solution today; is to give them up for adoption. Something very sad to do that can be easily avoided if we only make a small investment in an air purifier.

Because, while people attribute the allergy to the hairs they leave in various places; Although they can cause discomfort; What actually causes allergic reactions is animal dander. Below, we’ll tell you how to deal with this animal dander and allergens using an air purifier.

Olansi A3A Air Purifier

Olansi A3A Air Purifier

Animal dander, why does it cause allergies?

Although to date only 10 allergens produced by dogs and cats have been identified; and that affect human beings. The list is much broader than that. However, it has been determined that the main proteins that these allergens contain in common are those of the lipocalin family. When they are mostly released it is during the mating season; since animals use them as pheromones to attract the opposite sex.

But why is animal dander produced initially?

Animal dander is not only produced by dogs or cats; other animals also produce it. From horses to cows, mice and rabbits; even we humans produce this dandruff.

It is a natural process of all animals with fur or feathers. It occurs because our skin is renewed, the remains of skin; they are discarded in the form of microscopic particles that roam the air.

These particles, when inhaled through the nostrils, cause irritation to the eyes, throat and, many times; A reaction occurs in reddening of the skin in different areas where the dandruff has settled.

Being so small and volatile, any movement is able to lift them and make them travel through the air until we suck them up. In total, more than 330 species of animals have been identified whose dandruff is capable of causing allergic reactions in people.

So how do we combat allergens left by pets?

Air purifiers with HEPA filters pass quality control tests only if they are able to clean the air in a smoke-filled room. Likewise, activated carbon and ultraviolet technology; guarantees that even the smallest microbes are exterminated. All in order to be able to breathe fresh air.

And that has a lot to do when we are pet owners. Even if we are not really allergic to them; It cannot bring great benefit.

Animal dander particles are extremely large, when compared to everything an air purifier destroys. In the end; the only thing released is the oxygen molecules.

Thanks to negative ions, animal dander cannot simply float until it reaches our lungs. It is attracted to the air purifier and; Due to the quantity of activated carbon reinforced HEPA filters; dandruff is completely removed.

Of course, there is a risk of an allergy episode if we allow our pet to climb onto our bed or; in the case of dogs, if we allow it to lick us.

Olansi K08C21 Air Purifier factory

Olansi K08C21 Air Purifier factory

After all, pheromones and allergy-triggering proteins; they are also transmitted through secretions from saliva. But if you take small precautions and you also have an air purifier. You will not suffer from allergies and you can keep your pet.

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Benefits of air purifiers for pets

Our pets are also part of the family, so it would not be fair if we left without mentioning all the benefits that an air purifier will bring to your dog, cat, fish or the species of animal that you have as a pet.

First of all, let’s talk about smells. It is obvious that the more pets you have and the bigger they are; odors can become a bit of an annoying factor for us.

However, the sense of smell of animals is much more developed than ours. And we, to get rid of or combat odors; We tend to use deodorant or air freshener spray products.

These products are loaded with extremely strong chemicals that harm us; But we cannot ignore how bad our pets have it when we use them.

The strong smell they have, in combination with the chemicals; they are able to completely distort the sense of smell of our dog or our cat. This will end up damaging your sense of taste as well; so, without realizing it, we could deprive them of the pleasure of tasting the food we give them.

To make matters worse, these aerosol products are practically poisons for fish. If instead of oxygen, our fish receive the particles of these products in their water; they will surely die from poisoning.

Air purifiers eliminate odors. By getting rid of non-oxygen particles; all smells disappear from the environment.

Olansi K15B Air Purifier

Olansi K15B Air Purifier

Not only those of our animals, but those of the kitchen, the cigarette or the alcohol. Any stench is destroyed by air purifiers within minutes of turning it on.

Air purifier for our birds

Infections among birds not only occur extremely fast, but are often fatal. A whole generation of parakeets can easily die if one of them becomes ill.

Worst of all, the chances of them getting it are so high; because we have them in captivity and because they are too sociable. Especially if it is a pair of parakeets.

In this sense, air purifiers can save our birds’ lives. And beyond our birds; to all our pets. If you are like us and you have more than one kind of animal at home; You will know that the risk of “strange” diseases increases.

Dogs with bird flu or sick fish from cat dander who spend all day sniffing around the fish tank. All this can be avoided with an air purifier that traps those microbes in the air in time before they reach our pets.

How does ozone affect your pets and their senses?

We had previously mentioned how the sprays we use to “clean the air” can negatively affect our pets’ senses; especially those that use their sense of smell more than any other sense.

However, in the case of ozone, how does it really affect them? Well, at the health level; Air purifiers are the most recommended in the recovery rooms of veterinary clinics.

The transmission of bacteria through the air when there are diseases such as distemper or hypersensitivity in smell due to injury; it can easily be counteracted the moment an air purification kicks in and removes all particles.

It is in itself, a healthy, revitalizing experience that guarantees that the recovery of sick animals occurs effectively. So if you have a sensitive pet or one with a weak immune system; an air purifier will make your life easier.

Olansi K08C Air Purifier

Olansi K08C Air Purifier

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Air purifiers for allergies and asthma?

In spring, grass pollen is especially the cause of allergies. The outside environment is filled with small almost invisible particles that we inhale. These particles enter your home, in your office and in any space through windows, doors, clothes … An air purifier is the best option to keep pollen at bay in your home or in your place of job.

Do air purifiers for allergies serve as an improvement in our health if we suffer from environmental allergies?

It depends. It depends on the technology used to purify the air, that is, what that “air purification” really means. And, under the same name of “purifiers” we find a set of devices whose functions are different. Therefore, its disparate benefits. Ionizers (emit negative ions that cause suspended particles to lose buoyancy, without eliminating them). Or that heat the air to high temperatures. Or that use ultraviolet rays (they are supposed to be effective in eliminating some bacteria and viruses). And also the devices with filtering systems. That effectively eliminate suspended particles, including allergens.

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

What is an air purifier?

Generally, the name “air purifier” should be reserved for those products capable of eliminating airborne particles, both allergens and those due to environmental pollution or pollution (includes PM2.5 and PM10 particles and others known contaminants).

These are air purifiers that incorporate high-efficiency filters, or HEPA filters (for its acronym in English), for the complete elimination of particles harmful to health (including almost all particles smaller than 1 micron, which by their small size have the ability to penetrate to the alveoli, the thinnest airways). These allergy air purifiers also incorporate activated carbon filters for odor removal (very useful, for example, to avoid discomfort derived from tobacco or for use in kitchens) that allow fresh air to be breathed without using ozone emissions, and some of them are, in turn, purifiers and ionizers, a particularly effective and pleasant combination to achieve clean and fresh air in the home.

Thus, an air purifier (or a humidifier purifying humidifier not to exceed 60% relative humidity) with an effective filtering system is a real aid in the treatment of environmental allergies in the home or office, in addition to providing us, In the medium and long term, the benefits of breathing a healthy air where it is most difficult to find it: inside buildings, particularly in urban settings.

So, do they work?

Well, as determined by many associations and research centers worldwide, yes. Air purifiers have the ability to clean the air of debris that may not be harmful to most people, but that can cause allergy complications for those sensitive to materials such as dust, pollen, smog, etc.

Having this device will help you greatly in that area, allowing you to be safe at home and not suffer from strong allergies thanks to external factors. And not only you will be totally benefited, because it depends on the device and the magnitude you buy, you can keep your whole family safe by activating it a certain amount of hours a day. An economic investment for your health and yours

OlansiK03A Air Purifier

OlansiK03A Air Purifier

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How to choose best indoor air purifier for pets allergies and where you can buy Olansi air purifier

For using an air purifier for pets can be one of the best things that you can do for your home . Nowadays i think everyone like animals and also want to live with them. There’s nothing better than the love and companionship of a dog or a cat; however, when your furry friend’s hair, dander and odors start to impact the quality of the air in your home and breathing becomes a challenge, living with a pet can be a real problem.

Those who are affected by allergies could have a really hard time having an animal. Because pet hair and dander (skin cells) shed off of the animal and are spread through the air in our living room. But if your pet allergies are bad, you could end up suffering with itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose, congestion, headaches, and more. Even if you don’t have allergies, the odors that are often associated with animals, such as urine, can make your home smell particularly unpleasant.It may cause bad smell flow in your indoor room.

animal dander

If you’re like most people, you probably think that issues related to cat and dog allergies flare up from breathing in pet hair or getting it in your eyes. Unfortunately, that’s just not true.it is our psychological function.

What the really causes pet allergies is the microscopic dander that your pets shed, not their hair.hair is not the evident to prove hair have allergies.

air pollution 2

For our life,pet dander consists of tiny flecks of skin that peel off with your pet’s hair, fur or feathers and it comes from all types of pets too, it is not just cats and dogs. Animals such as ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs and even birds produce dander that causes allergic reactions in humans.we need have air purifier to purify.

For animals lover,our pets are our friends and our companions – they’re part of the family. They’re with us through the good times and the bad, ready and willing to offer their comfort and support. Because how close the bonds are that we form with them, it’s no surprise that so many people suffer through the unnecessary discomfort of pet-related allergies and lingering odors.we can share our happy and sad with them,also they will keep a word with us.

Olansi Products 2

Olansi Products 2

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