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The harmful effects of air pollutants in the office and how air purifiers can reduce existing hazards

Indoor environments have been known to contain a higher number of air particles due to the nature of conventional air current patterns. An EPA report indicates that a more significant percentage of American residents spend as large as 90% of all their time indoors. These periods are spent either in the home or in the office.

This article will be focusing on the air quality around offices and how it can be made better. The bulk of the air pollutants present in an office environment can be attributed to some of the operational activities around such environments. But whatever the cause of air pollution, there are various steps you can take to improve the air quality. One way you can achieve this goal is by making use of a high-quality air purifying device. Let us, however, focus on the reality of living with contaminants in an office air space, and how those contaminants can quickly affect our health as employees.

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

The air within Office Buildings and the Unique Challenges

The quality of air within and around an office is relevant for various reasons that are transcends the amount of time one spends at the office. According to multiple studies, air circulation and flow are some of the essential factors that determine the quality of air in an indoor environment. Air circulation bothers on how often indoor air are replaced by outdoor air. So if air circulation inside an office building is of poor quality, air pollutants are likely to build up over time and become more harmful to the inhabitants of that space.

Outdoor pollution may not be as dangerous as the one that occurs indoors. That is because if a volume of air is polluted outdoors, that volume of air is bound to diffuse to other areas where the concentration of air particles is less. It implies that you are bound to have less amount of air pollutants in the surrounding air outdoor than you would for an indoor environment. This simple airflow logic is what air purifiers use to rid any indoor space of air pollutants. It uses the fact that outdoor is much cleaner than indoor air.

The 1970 energy crisis compounded the air pollution challenges experienced by huge office buildings. Due to energy conservation principles back then, only a certain quantity of air was allowed indoors, to maintain a reasonable amount of temperature during winter and summer seasons. Old and new buildings alike can suffer from this poorly regulated airflow. That could prove to be a severe problem if you work in such environments.

Common Pollutants That Can Be Found Within An Office

The kind of air pollutants that are present within an office environment is very much similar to what you will find in a residential apartment. They only differ in their level of concentration. The safety experts have confirmed that specific health conditions like asthma and allergy reactions have been traced to particular air contaminants around indoor environments. They went further to say exposure to elements like radon and asbestos are dangerous because their effects are not immediately felt but are mostly experienced over a while, which could eventually lead to cancer.

These safety experts have equally warned that air pollutants like dust from renovation or construction sites, cleaning supplies, mold, pesticides, as well as other air-borne chemicals are similarly dangerous and should also be avoided at all costs.

The air quality around your office may differ from the air quality in your house due to specific factors that are beyond your control. Those factors could comprise a smoking lounge or even pollutions resulting from work activities.

In places where renovations have just been carried out on, the quality of air can be impacted by the VOCs build-up from paints, carpet, furniture, paper supplies, and cleaning reagents. These are usually in higher concentrations in office environments than they are for residential settings. And the sad thing is that such office environments can become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, where they can be spread through air conditioning systems. A good example will be the incidence that occurred in Philadelphia, where contaminated water became the transmission medium for spreading bacteria through an AC system. A total of 29 persons ended up dying from the infection that resulted.

There are other subtle illnesses that one has to be aware of. They make up the sick building syndrome list, according to health researchers. These illnesses could range from dizziness, headache, nausea, throat, nose, and eye irritations, to itchy skin, dry skin, concentration difficulty, fatigue, insensitivity to odors, cold, and flu-looking symptoms. While researchers may not be sure about the distinct causes of these symptoms, it is established that they do reduce the productive capacity of an employee.

Inhaling indoor air with inferior quality is not only going to affect your health, but it is also going to reduce your work performance, according to a recent Harvard study. The researchers also concluded that increasing the ventilation rate in office space by double can increase the productivity of an employee.

By now, you should be aware of the multiple threat employees are exposed to when they work in a space where the air particles are already contaminated. Like it was rightly pointed out in the course of this article, poor air quality will not just affect the employee’s health, but it’s equally going to reflect on the overall productivity output at the end of each business quarter. The issue of employees sniffing in poor quality air should not be treated with kid gloves any longer. Do yourself a whole world of good by getting an air purifier for your employees so that they can give you their best in return.

olansi K01B air purifier 2

olansi K01B air purifier 2

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What to look out for in the best office air purifiers

Maximum productivity can only be attained in a work environment if all hands are always on deck. Employees can only give their best when they are in good shape. If you have employees who have had anyhistory of allergy reactions or asthma attack, then that is the more reason you need to pay special attention to their wellbeing.

You can achieve this goal by starting with an office air purifier. The office is where we spend the next bulk of our time. Therefore, if it is not healthy, the adverse effects will be well-noticed in our performance.

Olansi K15C air purifier 2

Olansi K15C air purifier 2

It has been recommended that business owners should not take the health of their workers for granted, according to a health expert. Inhaling contaminated air in the office comes with enormous disadvantages, which can have serious adverse effects on not just the employee, but the overall productivity rate.

Adopting an air purifier as part of your office set up can provide a definitive solution to some of the health challenges your employees are facing at the moment.

Nevertheless, some business owners may already be aware of this office air purifier thing, but what they are not sure of is how to know if what they are getting is the real deal. Whether you have any previous knowledge of office air purifiers or not, this article will be giving you insightful details on how you can get the best and make the most of it.

Features to expect

You cannot just buy any purifier you see in the market, because they are of various make and styles. You need to be very sure of whatever you are purchasing, so you do not end up getting the wrong fit. Here are some of the features that can help you identify a good air purifier for your office space.

  • Residential and office air purifiers – this is where you ought to begin your search from if you are aiming to get a reliable air purifier that will last the test of time. A residential air purifier may not be a good fit for an office space for obvious reasons. They have all been designed with varying operational capacities. So if you are ready to get one, make sure you search specifically for office air purifiers. Most office air purifiers are portable, that is, you can move them from one place to another.
  • Sound effect – after identifying an air purifier to be suitable for an office, you still need to look out for other features. One of such features is the amount of sound the purifier makes in the process of working. An office environment is expected to be as peaceful as possible. Even the smallest noise has the ability of causing a bit of distraction in the office, thereby leading to a drop in the quality of employees’ input. A loud-humming air purifier will not be as impactful on your employees as a noiseless air purifier. Look for air purifier units that are silent when they operate. Thankfully, there are several brands of noiseless air purifiers in the market. Anyone of them will be a better option for decontaminating the polluted air space around the office.
  • Size is important – although size may not be a determining factor for purchasing a residential air purifier, it certainly is a vital factor for considering any option for office purifiers. Ideally, offices are not as spacious as residential apartments. Therefore, the idea of using an air purifier of full capacity is not needed. A small, portable air purifier will do a perfect job for any average office space. Also, these smaller air purifier devices are cheaper in terms of price, making them an excellent choice for an office.
  • Maintenance – perhaps, you never saw this coming, the level of maintenance an air purifier will be needing is equally an essential factor in this equation. The office is a place where people will not be glad to change air purifier filters now and then. As employees, they certainly would have more important things to do. An air-purifying unit that does not use filters for decontaminating air particles will be a better fit for an office environment. That way, people can focus on more critical, billable tasks and spend less time fixing damaged filters. If you see an air purifier that uses an indicator light to notify users whenever the filter goes bad, then that will be a good option as well.
  • Filtration system – this one is in line with the last point. Air purifiers are made with various air decontaminating technologies. They can either use filters, ionizers, or ozone molecules. The filter type would have been a perfect fit for offices, but changing the filter every time it goes bad will be too much of a work. Therefore, you can stick with ionizers. They do not require any filters and are not harmful to the body. The ozone generator air purifiers may not be the best option for such environments, even though they are regarded as the most robust deodorization devices. Please stay away from them until they have been improved.
Olansi K08C air purifier

Olansi K08C air purifier


Employers are more concerned about how much profit they are expecting, leaving those who are bringing in the money to be exposed to a wide variety of harmful substances. If you want to be a successful business person, then you have to take your employees’ wellbeing very seriously. You would want them to move from one healthy environment to another healthy environment. One way to make that balance a reality is by putting air purifiers in your offices. Should you not be clear with the features above, you can go through it again for more clarity.

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