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The best benefits of owning an olansi air purifier

If you watch television, listen to the radio or surf the Internet, there is a good chance that you have heard about air purifiers before. These artifacts are electronic machines that work to make the indoor air healthier. They accomplish this by trapping harmful particles in their filters and in their bars. Essentially, this means that your air will not only be healthier, but also easier to breathe. Although you may know what an air purifier is, do you know the benefits of owning one? If you do not already have an air purifier, also known as an air cleaner, there is a good chance that you want one after examining the benefits it presents. It is so, air purifiers are good.

Olansi K15B Air Purifier

Olansi K15B Air Purifier

So how they give us their benefits?

As mentioned before, air purifiers work to eliminate dangerous or unhealthy air pollution. When they are eradicated, it will be easier to breathe inside your home. This is perfect for children, the elderly and for those who have allergies. When you breathe cleaner air, health improves. There is a good chance that you are getting sick less.

It has been said that the air we breathe has an impact on our emotions and moods. Therefore, breathing cleaner air will not only be healthier, but will also allow you to enjoy life a little more. When you consider it, it is rather amazing what an air purifier can do for a person.

Another benefit that retains possession of an air purifier is the cost of having one. Unfortunately, many individuals believe that purifiers are very expensive devices. It is true that its price can be somewhat expensive, but you have to consider the benefits that it entails. Do you really think that you can put a price on clean, healthy and easy to breathe air? Even if you put a price on it, you will find that you have many options to choose from, since the purifiers come in different brands and models. Each one costs a specific amount of money and so, with a little research, you can find the air purifier that is in your price range.

As good as the air purifiers look, there is something important to keep in mind: you cannot enjoy the different benefits of an air purifier if it is not used. There are many individuals who buy the device, but do not use it properly. In most cases, you will find that an air purifier works best if you use it all the time. This allows the purifier to keep floating household particles trapped in a particular room. Essentially, this means that, if you make the decision to buy an air purifier, be sure to use it.

As you may have noticed, air purifiers have several benefits. And each of these benefits can help you, one way or another. Therefore, when you think about your purchase seriously, you will find that it may be one of the best purchases you will have made.

Benefits of having an olansi air purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

1. Sterilization

Finally, a comparative analysis of the quality of air treatment. The study found that under the principle of passive air purification if the filter pore size is small enough for the purpose of air treatment can only achieve the purpose of purification, that can only get “clean” air; while the negative ion air purifier is different, not only able to effectively remove particulate contaminants in the air, decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, provide clean air to the indoor environment, and provide air-negative ions that are highly effective for human convalescence and health care to the indoor environment, so that indoor air quality can reach “healthy air” standard.

Olansi K04B air purifier

Olansi K04B air purifier

2. Remove indoor PM2.5, pollen, hair and other foreign objects

First, compare the air purification efficiency of the filtration process. Passive adsorption purification air purifier adopts the fan + filter mode for air purification, and wind flow of air will inevitably lead to blind spots.

Therefore, most of the passive air purification can only produce certain purification around the air purifier. The effect is that it will take a long time to filter the indoor air all over again, and it is difficult to have an effect on the purification of the entire indoor environment.

Active air purification uses the diffuse characteristics of air to reach the air purification in every corner of the air. The air can be diffused to the place where it can produce purification effects.

Anion air purifiers were compared to find that, after releasing negative ions in the air, negative ions can take the initiative to attack, find pollution particles in the air, and agglomerate and actively settle them. From this point alone, active air purification has obvious advantages.

Olansi A3C Air Purifier

Olansi A3C Air Purifier

3. Removes dust

The second is to compare the removal effects of small-particle air pollutants. The most harmful air pollutants to humans are fine particles with a diameter less than 2.5 μm (ie, PM2.5, which is medically called lung particulate matter).

Through experimental research, it has been found that for PM2.5 and other small particles, the passive purification mode is powerless, and PM2.5 and other small particles can easily penetrate through the filter, activated carbon and other substances, and re-enter the air to harm human health.

The comparison of the negative ion air purifiers based on the principle of active purification to air purification shows that small particles of negative ions in the air can not only easily remove large particles in the air, but also it is difficult for the air purifier to have a diameter of less than 0.01.

Removed particulate fly dust has a 100% settlement removal effect. Imitating Nature’s eco-level negative ion generation technology has been introduced, its characteristics are small particle size, high activity, with its excellent diffusion and health effects to achieve better air optimization.

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Tips For Buying Best Affordable HEPA Air Purifiers For Allergies And Asthma

One of the major benefits of having an air purifier in your home or office is the fact that it can help you fight against allergies. This means you are free from having any health complication as a result of such conditions. A benefits such as this has made air purifiers a go-to device for most homeowners around the world. This is because they have discovered it can help them inhale healthy air in their homes.

olansi K04B2 air purifiers

olansi K04B2 air purifiers

Here is the problem

Despite this wonderful benefit of air purifiers, it has been discovered that most people are using other options which experts have discovered to be less effective in the fight against allergies. The reason for this is that they don’t have the needed budget to purchase air purifiers. For instance, trying to get an air purifier installed in your house can cost around $1,000-$5,000.


This is a real nightmare given that you have to spend a lot in order to experience what an air purifier has to offer. There is no need to bother about such challenge since you’ve come to the right place. This post will be showing you some tips to buy air purifiers at affordable prices. You will be amazed at some of these strategies. However, they have proven to work for most people in the past.


Using coupons

When it comes to the aspect of using coupons, most shoppers are careless. They don’t even understand how this can help them save money when buying their favorite air purifiers. The truth is that there are coupon codes which can help you get an air purifier at known-down price. Some of these coupons can help you get up to 50% discount. Don’t ever think that coupons can make you look cheap. Rather, it is all about being smart in order to save some bucks while purchasing such devices.


There is a secret to getting coupons that you are yet to understand. For instance, you don’t have to make the purchase straightaway. Instead, ensure to look online for the coupon code of such device. Some sellers even offer various coupon codes. The discount rates are different as you only need to choose the one that is most favorable.


Price matching

This is one strategy that can help you get access to some of the best air purifiers in the market at ridiculous prices. Most buyers usually make the mistake of settling for the first device they stumble upon. This will only deprive you of saving money on such air purifier. It is important that you compare prices of various sellers before reaching a decision on which one to patronize.


In the online and offline world, there are thousands of sellers who are waiting to offer you the best deal. It is all about searching for them until you’ve found the one that can fit into your budget. If you have to make use of Google in this case, just do it. For instance, you can find an air purifier which sells for $1,700 in a store but after carrying out research on what other sellers are offering, you may discover that some are willing to offer the same device for $1,200 or less.


You can see the vast difference in price. Although this strategy may require your time to check lots of stores in details, there is no doubt that it can help you save money especially once you stumble upon a winner.


Walking away

This is one strategy that most people don’t know about. Do you know that online stores usually track your shopping cart? Are you aware that most of these stores have a way of making offers for potential customers who have abandoned items in their carts for a long time? This method can help you get your favorite air purifier at a knock-down price.


A strategy such as this may seem weird but it has proven to work as people have gotten the best offers for air purifiers. For instance, you decided to visit a store online where various air purifiers are sold. All you have to do is add your favorite device to cart and leave it for some time. The owners of such stores/websites are monitoring items that have been added and abandoned by potential customers.


They will be sending you promotional offers in order to help you make the purchase. There are times when people have saved up to 30% for air purifiers. You need to consider taking advantage of this method today.


Going for refurbished air purifiers

This is what most people are still struggling to understand. The truth is that refurbished items are far better than you are imagining. They function as expected and are budget-friendly which means you won’t be spending too much before installing an air purifier around the home. As a matter of fact, ensure to check whether there are refurbished air purifiers before choosing the option of buying non-refurbished.


They are as good as their non-refurbished counterparts when it comes to functionalities. This is because they are also new devices which have gone through some processes of inspection and quality assurance. Sometimes, you can save up to 40% purchasing a refurbished air purifying device as against buying one that isn’t refurbished.


Watching out for special seasons

Most stores and sellers offer discounts during special celebration seasons. They are eager to record lots of sales during times like these. Just be patient and wait for those ones with huge discount offers. Although this strategy means you won’t get your favorite air purifier when such is needed, there will always be a seller that is willing to offer huge discounts. Just watch out for celebration periods such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Independence Day.

olansi A3C21 air purifier

olansi A3C21 air purifier


Base on the above details, it is obvious that you can get your favorite air purifier at discounted price. This means you don’t have to put a hole in your pocket while trying to get such device. It is all about using the strategies above as explained.

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Air purifiers for allergies and asthma?

In spring, grass pollen is especially the cause of allergies. The outside environment is filled with small almost invisible particles that we inhale. These particles enter your home, in your office and in any space through windows, doors, clothes … An air purifier is the best option to keep pollen at bay in your home or in your place of job.

Do air purifiers for allergies serve as an improvement in our health if we suffer from environmental allergies?

It depends. It depends on the technology used to purify the air, that is, what that “air purification” really means. And, under the same name of “purifiers” we find a set of devices whose functions are different. Therefore, its disparate benefits. Ionizers (emit negative ions that cause suspended particles to lose buoyancy, without eliminating them). Or that heat the air to high temperatures. Or that use ultraviolet rays (they are supposed to be effective in eliminating some bacteria and viruses). And also the devices with filtering systems. That effectively eliminate suspended particles, including allergens.

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

What is an air purifier?

Generally, the name “air purifier” should be reserved for those products capable of eliminating airborne particles, both allergens and those due to environmental pollution or pollution (includes PM2.5 and PM10 particles and others known contaminants).

These are air purifiers that incorporate high-efficiency filters, or HEPA filters (for its acronym in English), for the complete elimination of particles harmful to health (including almost all particles smaller than 1 micron, which by their small size have the ability to penetrate to the alveoli, the thinnest airways). These allergy air purifiers also incorporate activated carbon filters for odor removal (very useful, for example, to avoid discomfort derived from tobacco or for use in kitchens) that allow fresh air to be breathed without using ozone emissions, and some of them are, in turn, purifiers and ionizers, a particularly effective and pleasant combination to achieve clean and fresh air in the home.

Thus, an air purifier (or a humidifier purifying humidifier not to exceed 60% relative humidity) with an effective filtering system is a real aid in the treatment of environmental allergies in the home or office, in addition to providing us, In the medium and long term, the benefits of breathing a healthy air where it is most difficult to find it: inside buildings, particularly in urban settings.

So, do they work?

Well, as determined by many associations and research centers worldwide, yes. Air purifiers have the ability to clean the air of debris that may not be harmful to most people, but that can cause allergy complications for those sensitive to materials such as dust, pollen, smog, etc.

Having this device will help you greatly in that area, allowing you to be safe at home and not suffer from strong allergies thanks to external factors. And not only you will be totally benefited, because it depends on the device and the magnitude you buy, you can keep your whole family safe by activating it a certain amount of hours a day. An economic investment for your health and yours

OlansiK03A Air Purifier

OlansiK03A Air Purifier

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The secret behind the modern: How an air purifier works in your home

An apparatus as elaborate as an air purifier can remain a mystery to most people. Many have no idea how it works, and few come to imagine how something so simple ends up improving their pace of life and health in such a shocking way.

For this, many scientists and manufacturers studied for years a simple, low cost and high impact method to be able to purify the air from an enclosed space, bringing a considerable improvement to the lives of the people who lived there.

Olansi K08C Air Purifier

Olansi K08C Air Purifier

However, we will always be curious: how an air purification device works, because here we can give you the answer.

How an air purifier Works: The Secret

The air purifiers work through a system of various levels of filtration that gradually clean the entire environment. This device is responsible for attracting all the dirty air thanks to a fan by means of the inlet grille and a pre-filter that manages to trap the largest particles. In some types of purifiers, said element can be cleaned.

Then, the air manages to pass through a carbon filter that reduces odors. Later, the same air passes through a filter called HEPA, which is the main filter, also known as high performance. Such devices are capable of trapping really very small particles, such as metal gases and tobacco smoke.

Some purifiers have an ionizing filter that helps a more thorough cleaning of the environment. In this case, the purifier is capable of emitting negative charge ions so that through chemical bonds they can bind to the positive particles. With this union, much heavier elements are produced that fall to the ground and then removed when the house is cleaned. To complete the process, the purifier completely disperses the filtered and clean air throughout the room thanks to a fan that has the same device, that is, the purifier.

Features of an air purifier: The peculiarities that give life to all the advantages of this device

It is not only about the function of this device, we must also take into account that these devices have certain characteristics investigated for years in order to fulfill their function. This does not mean that everyone is equal, each purifier has its different conditions.

Even so, there are several characteristics that are common among all air purifiers, which end up making this device the technological marvel that it represents for our health.

Olansi K01B Air Purifier

Olansi K01B Air Purifier

These shared features can be:

  • Some models of air purifiers have the automatic mode of operation.
  • Most purifiers have an air sensor that is able to indicate if the air is completely clean and if so, operation stops. Therefore, it saves energy.
  • Some models have a fan with 3 different speeds.
  • The most advanced or modern models have a timer of up to 8 programmable hours.
  • Similarly, the most advanced models have an intelligent system that is able to detect contamination automatically, so the speed varies until fully adapted.
  • Most purifiers differ in their power quality.

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The right way to use an indoor air purifier for better performance

Air purifiers assist to remove impurities in the air we breathe. For example: dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, and other airborne pollutants. Most air purifiers use a woven material to capture particles as they try to pass through.

Olansi K06A Air Purifier

Olansi K06A Air Purifier

Types of Air Purifiers

  • HEPA Air Purifiers: True HEPA filters will trap 99.97% of airborne particles up to .03 microns. Also, due to the technology used in HEPA filters, airborne bacteria and viruses will not multiply in the filters and spread. Beware of air purifiers that claim to have a true HEPA filter, but instead have a HEPA-blend filter.
  • Ozone Generators: Although effective at trapping odors, ozone generators release high levels of ozone, a respiratory irritant. Many hotels will use an ozone generator in smoke allowing rooms to trap smoke odors, but due to the high levels of ozone, many rooms cannot be entered until 24 hours have passed.
  • Electrostatic Precipitators: By charging incoming particles with negative electrical charges, these negatively charged particles collect onto electrostatic plates. Maintenance is very high as the metal plates can become overrun with particles. Also, with ozone as a by-product, this once popular filtration choice has all but disappeared in homes.
  • Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers: By using radiation from UV lights, particles, such as bacteria, viruses and mold spores that pass through the light are killed. Unlike filters and plates, that collect particles as they pass through, the purpose of ultraviolet light is to penetrate the outer structure of a microorganism’s cell and alter its DNA, permanently preventing replication and causing cell death.
  • Activated Carbon: A highly porous form of carbon that it heated to extreme temperatures to increase the surface area. One activated carbon has the surface area of 500 m2. Although it will not trap particulates, activated carbon is very effective at trapping chemicals, odors, VOCs and off-gassing.

Why you want air purifiers for a healthier lifestyle?

Whether you happen to be healthy, sick, old or young, you can still benefit from this air purifier. The conditions like asthma, allergies, respiratory issues and infection of illnesses and viruses can be all connected to the indoor pollution. Also, every home consists of toxins in the surrounding and one should often clean the environment thoroughly. It is proven that this air inside the homes can be more dangerous than compared to outside air. To get relief from all these obstacles, one must have the air purifier in their home that offers a huge relief as well as solution for all those symptoms by highly lessening the quality of allergens in mid-air.

In addition to, this can lower the cost of expensive medications that are frequently familiarized to treat these illnesses. Along with these, the air purifiers can also lessen the spread of viruses and illnesses such as flu or common cold. Overall, this purifier machine is most beneficial to those with low immunity such as families with children and elderly. By just filtering the environment, these air purifiers can avoid these illnesses from spreading at home as well as minimize the likelihood of contamination with other individuals in your home.

The right way to use an air purifier for better performance

Actually, the indoor air quality has a major impact on your well-being and health. Also, the indoor air is five times more polluted than the outdoor air. But, many of the people neglect the factors that affect air quality. At present, one of the most efficient ways to enhance the indoor air quality is simply installing the air purifier in your home. This is a most useful appliance in any home that not only essential during winter, but also in summer as well, particularly if you have kids at your home. Moreover, choose the perfect air purifier from a renowned brand will significantly enhance the quality of air. Below are some useful tips and tricks for getting optimum performance with air purifiers that include:

  • Close the windows and doors
  • Replace the filters at a perfect time
  • Use an air purifier at a right time
  • Place it in a perfect location
Olansi K02C air purifier

Olansi K02C air purifier

Do air purifiers really work?

The promise of air purifier is a most enticing one. This is a must have appliance in each home that specially made to rinse the air in your home and also get rid of the complete impurities such as smoke, odors, dust and pet dander. Normally, the air purifier consists of a filter or multiple filters as well as a fan that sucks in and also circulates the air. When the air moves through a filter, particles and pollutants are captured, the clean air is pushed back into a living space. However, these filters are made up of fiber, paper and mesh and need a routine replacement to maintain its effectiveness. In addition to buying cost of air purifier, you must also factor in functional prices as well as filter replacement prices.

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The main benefits of using good branded air purifier in home

Air purifiers assist to remove impurities in the air we breathe. For example: dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, and other airborne pollutants. Most air purifiers use a woven material to capture particles as they try to pass through.

A system of internal fans in the air purifier pulls the air in the home and a series of filters in the air purifier removes the harmful airborne elements like bacteria, pollen and dust. The first-class air purifier is designed to circulate the purified air indoor and keep the environment healthy.  Different types of air purifiers are available in our time. You may have confused with loads of designs of advanced air purifiers for sale on online. You can get in touch with the Olansi and discuss with specialized personnel to know about the air purifier in detail. You will get the absolute guidance and make a better-informed decision for the air purifier shopping. You will be encouraged to fulfil your expectations about the successful approach for air purifier shopping.

olansi K02B air purifier

olansi K02B air purifier

Choose and buy the first-class air purifier

New and regular users of the air purifier get more than expected benefits. It is the appropriate time to be aware of the main benefits for users of the air purifier. A good air purifier ensures that every user breaths clean air. You have to understand and remember that indoor air is 2 to 4 times dirtier than outdoor air. An outstanding air purifier in the indoor environment is very helpful to let everyone to breathe clean air and be healthy. Many people get much difficulty with the unpleasant and burnt food odours in their home. They can buy and use the first-class yet affordable air purifier. This is because an air purifier removes the unpleasant odours indoor.

You may own the pet and like to take care of your pet on a regular basis. You have to understand the airborne allergens raised by your pet at first and find out how to deal with this problem. You can prefer and use the latest and user-friendly air purifier. The best-in-class design of the air purifier traps airborne allergens like dander and fur from pets.  This air purifier also helps to neutralize smoke. If any member of your family usually smokes indoor or you use the fireplace, then you may experience the dingy smell indoor of your property. You can use the air purifier which helps to trap smoke before it reaches the upholstery.

Get the most outstanding benefits

An air purifier helps trap dust before it has the chance to settle, reducing build-up and leaving you with less to clean. Air purifiers remove up to 99 percent of airborne bacteria. Small airborne particles like pollen, mold spores and other bacteria float around in the air, causing your family to get sick.

olansi A3B air purifier

olansi A3B air purifier

There are loads of health benefits of air purifiers. The best air purifier removes triggers for asthma attacks, eliminates allergens, traps smoke, prevents lung disease, reduces the possibilities of mesothelioma development, eliminates radon gas, removes outside fumes and pollutants, reduces the carbon dioxide level in the home, removes potentially dangerous insects and lowers risks of developing the leukaemia and lymphoma.

You can spend enough time and research the modern and also user-friendly air purifiers one after another. You can consult with specialists in the air purifiers to find and order the cheap and first-class air purifier. You will get more than expected benefits from a proper use of the air purifier. You will be confident to suggest this air purifier to health-conscious people in your network.

For more info about the air purifier,you can pay a visit to olansi air purifier at https://www.olansi.net