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During the epidemic, except masks, did you get some other necessary prevention artifacts?

With the increasing number of new coronavirus pneumonia diagnoses and suspected cases, protection against the epidemic is still severe, and various suggestions on personal protection measures have emerged. In addition to common protective measures such as wearing a mask and washing hands frequently, the issue of disinfection has also received much attention.
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In addition to masks, what are some good anti-virus items?

1. Medical alcohol
The common virus killing agent is medical alcohol.
According to the diagnosis and treatment plan of the new coronavirus pneumonia (trial version third), 75% alcohol can effectively kill the virus. Therefore, under the general sterilization requirements, such as for ordinary daily necessities, medical alcohol can be used for disinfection.
Olansi suggested that commercial medical alcohol should be purchased directly, and it is difficult to control the concentration by self mixing.



Recommended use of portable alcohol spray can be carried and protected at all times.
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284 disinfection liquid homemade machine (sodium hypochlorite generator)

Sterilization and disinfection at home is the top priority in addition to masks, creating a safe environment and reducing bacterial and viral infections. However, the traditional 84 disinfectant liquid sold out online and offline, nowhere to buy!

Disinfectant self-made machine  can be used at home

It can be used in the whole family without restriction
It’s also very economical. The cost of 1l disinfectant is  very low.

The disinfectant has strong disinfection ability, which can easily destroy virus protein and nucleic acid. It was also the main disinfectant in SARS period before, and can be used in medical treatment, public places and families.


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3. Air purifier with disinfection and purification function

It is recommended to select products with sterilization and disinfection functions in daily house and household air purifier.

The antiviral technology of CU2Ag +Antibacterial  is a new bactericidal technology developed by OLANSI. It takes pet skeleton as carrier and cooperates with H13 HEPA filter screen for medical use, which has a good effect of bacteria isolation, sterilization and antiviral.
Through the third-party detection, it is confirmed that the removal effect of SARS, h7n9 (avian influenza, Coronavirus), H1N1 (respiratory influenza virus) and other viruses is obvious.

The third report showed that the bactericidal rates were as follows:
Anti viral activity rate of SARS: 99.58%
Antiviral activity rate of H1N1: 99.91%
H7n9 antiviral activity rate: 99.98%

Every family needs an air purifier in 2020~

Tips: recommends the use of air purifiers to achieve scientific air prevention.


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4。 Hand sanitizer with sterilization and disinfection function

During severe epidemics, wash your hands frequently, and wash your hands immediately after entering the door for disinfection.

The usual maintenance-type hand sanitizer and fragrance-type hand sanitizer are recommended to give way to soaps or hand sanitizers that are mainly sterilized and disinfected. Hand soap is more effective, followed by hand sanitizer.


It is recommended to use soap or hand sanitizer to stay away from bacteria and start with your hands.
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