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Are These Home Air Purifier Disadvantages Really True?

There are always two sides to every coin. There are always going to be various versions of every story. As for air purifiers, there are divided opinions amongst those who are using it despite its numerous benefits.

We are about to go on crucial journey. This article will be taking you through some of the pessimistic views that people have had about air purifiers and some other related devices. After going through this piece, you would be glad to know that not all that glitters is gold. Sit back as you acquaint yourself with some of what people term as the disadvantages of using air purifiers.

olansi K03C3 air purifier

olansi K03C3 air purifier

By the time you are done with this, you will able to decide for yourself if all what you have heard about air purifiers are just marketing strategies, or if they are the hard truth.

Ozone emissions

Most people like to get their arguments started with ozone emissions. This is one colorless, unstable, and toxic gas that contains 3 atoms of oxygen within each molecule. Ozone is a gas that should only be found in the upper atmosphere. But because of the various activities of industries and machines, we are beginning to perceive it in our immediate environments. Many devices use the production of ozone to get rid of harmful substances in the air.

However, it has been acknowledged by environmental protection agencies around the world that ozone emissions are to be avoided because of their harmful nature. The damages they can cause could range from difficulty in breathing, severe coughing, chest pains, and even lung problems. Asthmatic patients who expose themselves to these emissions for longer period stand to see their symptoms worsen after a while.

If you have detested air purifiers because you don’t want to have anything to do with ozone emissions, then you are probably right. Though not absolutely right! You are not entirely correct because it is not all air purifiers that emit ozone molecules. As a matter of fact, there are a considerable number of air purifiers that don’t do ozone emissions. Go for air purifiers that use HEPA filters and you should be free from any ozone emission problems.


Also, there is the talk of air purifier making the quality of air in your home to become worse. These individuals equally claim that the air purifiers they have used performed below expectations. Reports have also been making the rounds that these air purifying devices are only effective in dealing with just a couple of air contaminants as against the many that exist in the air.

You have to understand that there are different air purifiers and they all have their range of operational capacities. Some are good for odors, chemicals, and gases while some are proficient in getting rid of allergen and other irritant particles from the air. Whatever you are buying should be something that can solve the problem that is peculiar to your home. If you buy an air purifier just because everyone is buying it, you might have yourself to blame eventually. That may not be what you need for the unclean air in your home.

Another thing is that you need to know that most air purifiers are excellent for getting rid of flying air contaminants. Harmful air particles that have settled in your room cannot be removed by air purifiers. You must understand that! So as much as you are optimistic about removing harmful particles from the air in your home, know that you have to do it the right way. That way, you wouldn’t have any allergens on your rugs, chairs, or beddings.

To wrap this section up, it will please you to know that there are reliable air purifiers that can help you get rid of just all types of air particles. Make sure you do a comprehensive research on any product you are buying, and I’m sure that would be all. With that, you can boast of buying an air purifier that will be 99.99% efficient in air purification.


This is one another reason why most persons prefer to keep their distance from air purifying devices. It is true that the best air purifiers employ disposable filters for their operations. It is also true that changing your filters as when due is something that will cost you some money. Changing a damaged filter can cost you as low as $30 or it can be as high as $200. For those that make use of reusable filters, some persons see it as too much work to remove stuck air particles from time to time.

I don’t want to see changing the filters of your air purifiers as something that is stressful or very demanding. Let us begin with the fact that you only have to do this once in a year. Considering how important your health is, that shouldn’t be too much of a sacrifice. Secondly, if you are using a reusable filter, you have to clean it often so it can be highly efficient in cleaning the air you are inhaling.

Manufacturers have recommended that these filters should be changed from time to time to enhance the performance abilities of the purifiers. Some people who have come out to say that their air purifiers are not as effective as the manufactures promised them is because they failed to occasionally change the filters when they were bad.


olansi K02C2 air purifier

olansi K02C2 air purifier

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can see that even though these reasons have some measure of truth in them, they are not logically correct. It will be wrong to attach these sentiments to the use of air purifiers, since the reasons given here are not universally valid. In the area of performance, now you have realized that there are certain things you ought to do on your path if you want your air purifier to be 100% efficient. Buy an air purifier for yourself if you have not done so, as that will help improve the quality of air you are inhaling in your home. For anyone who is passionately worried about ozone emissions, go for the countless HEPA air purifiers that are out there.

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