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What exactly are the benefits of air purifiers?

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With the development of science and technology, the quality of life is gradually improving.We have been trying to improve environmental pollution, but the dust and impurities in the air have not become less, and the problem of haze is becoming more and more serious.Air purifier is an effective product to improve air cleanliness, so what is its specific role?What can help us in daily life?So let OLANSI show you what an air purifier can do.


  1. The dust removal

Air purifier biggest role is to dust removal, including Yang ash removal, dust, pollen, etc., blowing in the spring breeze, flowers opened, for people with sensitive dust air purifier is a very good clean air appliances, nose sensitive person hide a little dust, so purifier on inside the room can very good dust removal effect, and after purification,Mopping the floor is a lot easier.


  1. The sterilization

Now the environmental pollution is more and more serious, the biggest harm is the bacteria in the air, if the immunity of children or the elderly is low, it is easy to catch influenza because of bacterial infection, so the existence of air purifier is very important, it can be very good sterilization.


  1. In addition to the haze

Now there are a lot of PM2.5 in the air, especially in the haze weather, so the role of the air purifier is to be able to filter PM2.5 well. It can be said that the CADR value of the purifier is the only standard to measure the performance of the air purifier in removing haze.


  1. Get rid of odors

Air purifier can first remove the smell of the room, because the room is in a closed state for a long time, if the weather is bad, there will be a bad smell in the room, so the role of the purifier is to remove the smell of the room, and give you a fresh room.


In order to keep pace with the development of The Times, air purifiers are not limited to meeting the needs of daily air purification, OLANSI is gradually moving towards the direction of artificial intelligence, and will use the purchase of fine processing to meet the needs of different groups of people. Next, OLANSI recommends two suitable air purifiers for you.Provide guarantee for everyone’s daily life air quality.



  1. Rated power :85W
  2. Applicable area :56~96/m2
  3. Product size :400x400x669mm
  4. Net weight :14kg
  5. Mute noise :26 decibels
  6. Motor drive:brushless dc motor
  7. CADR clean air volume :800m3/h(particles) 400m3/h(formaldehyde)
  8. Control operation: remote control + touch panel +APP(optional)
  9. Two-way net: CADR up to 800



1 CADR clean air volume :200m³/h

  1. Mute noise :30 decibels
  2. Rated power :40W
  3. purification: air inlet on all sides
  4. Motor drive: DC motor double engine
  5. Filter :360 degree circular filter
  6. Applicable area :14 ~25m²
  7. Product size :220x220x330mm
  8. Filtration and purification: front filter, HEPA+ activated carbon filter

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The problem of air purification is not limited to smog.In order to eliminate safety problems brought by the us air quality, air purifier has become one of indispensable home appliance in our daily life, OLANSI committed to science and technology for consumers to create a nice high quality health life, producing the most suitable air purifier everyone, if you need a suitable air purifier,OLANSI is at your service.

How te choose the ideal bedroom air purifier?

It is important, every time you buy a totally new product, that you have the security of how it works and the effect it will have on your home. A small comparative study must be done before using any product that will remain for a long time at home, especially if it will interact directly with all family members, and their work at home will be constantly.

Olansi K01A air purifier

Olansi K01A air purifier

To acquire an air purifier you have to inform yourself about all the benefits that it brings to a space.

Such is the case of an air purifier, which will remain on for a good time, and will constantly be receiving and emitting a certain amount of air, in order to efficiently contain the contamination that exists in that environment.

Since you have decided to buy one, it is important that you choose one of the many models that you can find in the market.

Well, you have already decided that you want an air purifier at home, now it is time to choose which of these devices you are going to acquire to do the decontamination work at home, because there are currently several models of air purifiers that they operate under different methods, using different filters that fulfill specific functions.

Sometimes, when there are so many options for a home solution, it is important to be a little more specific in terms of the tasks that this unit will fulfill within our homes, and from there to be able to make the most successful purchase decision that can be. In this case, to choose the ideal air purifier, we must follow these tips a bit:

Size of the surface to be treated

This is one of the vital points, since if you choose a purifier that works below the capacity that is needed or above it, it will not be doing its job. It is important to determine the size of the space where the air purifier will be used, in this way you can choose the correct model, and that it is in tune with its capacity, without affecting in any way the final results of the process.

Equipment Volume

This aspect is a bit related to the previous point, since, as the power and capacity of an air purifier increases, it increases in size, which is why for a small room, the ideal would be to choose one of small volume, so that it fulfills its work in an efficient way. You also have to take into account the space available in the room where the equipment will be installed.

Filters and functions

Many will think that a purifier is only responsible for decontaminating the air, and although it is their most fundamental task, it also has others that go much further. This is the main reason why we can see that there are different methods and also several types of filters that vary in terms of materials and other functions. For this reason you must be quite specific when choosing the filter that best suits your lifestyle and what you want to achieve through its use.

Benefits of having an air purifier in your bedroom:

1. Less use of chemicals and washing agents

Some air purifiers provide full sanitation and kill bacteria, mold, and fungus. It is important to feel safe at your own home and breathe fresh air.

These machines even work in the rooms with high amounts of humidity. Air purifiers are the perfect solution for areas that are not ventilated frequently such as storage rooms, garages, and basements.

2. Removing odors and unpleasant smells

A strong benefit of air purifiers is that they reduce cooking smells in the kitchen so there is no need to use synthetic air fresheners.

Air purifiers are also great help to keep areas dust-free. Sometimes regular vacuuming doesn’t do a good enough job. Thanks to innovative technology and ozone generation, air purifiers reduce small particles of dust and even cigarette smoke.

3. Help you breathe easier

People who suffer from asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions can benefit from using these air cleaners, as well as pet owners who are facing problems with odors, urine, and dander. All of these issues can be quite upsetting, but these devices proved to be effective in dealing with them.

olansi K04C air purifier

olansi K04C air purifier

There are different kinds of purifiers on the market. They are available for home and commercial use. Air purifiers come in different sizes depending on the area that you need them for and there are even some portable models that can be used for traveling.

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