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Air purifiers for allergies and asthma?

In spring, grass pollen is especially the cause of allergies. The outside environment is filled with small almost invisible particles that we inhale. These particles enter your home, in your office and in any space through windows, doors, clothes … An air purifier is the best option to keep pollen at bay in your home or in your place of job.

Do air purifiers for allergies serve as an improvement in our health if we suffer from environmental allergies?

It depends. It depends on the technology used to purify the air, that is, what that “air purification” really means. And, under the same name of “purifiers” we find a set of devices whose functions are different. Therefore, its disparate benefits. Ionizers (emit negative ions that cause suspended particles to lose buoyancy, without eliminating them). Or that heat the air to high temperatures. Or that use ultraviolet rays (they are supposed to be effective in eliminating some bacteria and viruses). And also the devices with filtering systems. That effectively eliminate suspended particles, including allergens.

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

What is an air purifier?

Generally, the name “air purifier” should be reserved for those products capable of eliminating airborne particles, both allergens and those due to environmental pollution or pollution (includes PM2.5 and PM10 particles and others known contaminants).

These are air purifiers that incorporate high-efficiency filters, or HEPA filters (for its acronym in English), for the complete elimination of particles harmful to health (including almost all particles smaller than 1 micron, which by their small size have the ability to penetrate to the alveoli, the thinnest airways). These allergy air purifiers also incorporate activated carbon filters for odor removal (very useful, for example, to avoid discomfort derived from tobacco or for use in kitchens) that allow fresh air to be breathed without using ozone emissions, and some of them are, in turn, purifiers and ionizers, a particularly effective and pleasant combination to achieve clean and fresh air in the home.

Thus, an air purifier (or a humidifier purifying humidifier not to exceed 60% relative humidity) with an effective filtering system is a real aid in the treatment of environmental allergies in the home or office, in addition to providing us, In the medium and long term, the benefits of breathing a healthy air where it is most difficult to find it: inside buildings, particularly in urban settings.

So, do they work?

Well, as determined by many associations and research centers worldwide, yes. Air purifiers have the ability to clean the air of debris that may not be harmful to most people, but that can cause allergy complications for those sensitive to materials such as dust, pollen, smog, etc.

Having this device will help you greatly in that area, allowing you to be safe at home and not suffer from strong allergies thanks to external factors. And not only you will be totally benefited, because it depends on the device and the magnitude you buy, you can keep your whole family safe by activating it a certain amount of hours a day. An economic investment for your health and yours

OlansiK03A Air Purifier

OlansiK03A Air Purifier

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