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Air purifier in addition to formaldehyde really useful?

Air purifier in addition to formaldehyde really useful?

In recent years, with the decline of China’s air quality, air purifier is very welcome in the home appliance market, a number of claims to have fight haze, formaldehyde and other suspended particulate matter, air purifiers and other effects of the chemical pollutants have been placed on the window, counter, online shopping mall. In addition to having known as air purifier products the removal effect of the haze is very popular, in the purification function, people’s attention is undoubtedly can remove indoor air pollutants of formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde, colorless, pungent taste, smell is not enough, is a great harm to the human body chemical gas, commonly known as formalin. Although there have been many people choose the air purifier for purifying the harmful substances, but there are still some people on the empty net product really can remove formaldehyde with suspicion attitude. Here, I would like to start from the two aspects, as we interpret the air purifier is to remove formaldehyde, we hope to solve the doubt.

Second, according to the noun Baidu encyclopedia explains that the definition of air purifier for adsorption, decomposition or transformation of various air pollutants (including PM2.5, dust, pollen, smell, formaldehyde, decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens), effectively improve air cleanliness products, the product itself has a visible air purifier to remove formaldehyde but the specific function, the air purifier products, the effect of the removal of formaldehyde is to be considered, but at present, the use of air purifier is one of the effective ways to remove formaldehyde.

Second: national quality inspection departments from the beginning of November last year, many of the empty net product of our sampling, test results show that the air purifier has functions in addition to formaldehyde, but if the HEPA filter is not high level, or the use of activated carbon filter adsorption of poor products, in addition to formaldehyde effect will be greatly reduced, etc experts also pointed out that with the removal of formaldehyde, selected air purifier product performance, the most important is to choose the brand.


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Smog has air purifiers flying off the shelves

Smog has air purifiers flying off the shelves

Concern that the thick smog lingering over North China may pose serious health threats has boosted sales of air cleaning products across the nation.

Demand for humidifiers, air purifiers, masks and related items has skyrocketed since November, and merchants are expecting it to keep growing this month.

360buy.com, a leading online vendor of mostly home appliances, saw a 50 percent monthly leap in air cleaning items in November, said spokeswoman Zhao Fanqi.

“The growth demonstrably outpaced that of other home appliances, and the rise is largely attributable to the recent air pollution,” Zhao said.

Though the gloomy weather is spread over northern China, especially Beijing, “We see in general an equal surge in demand in different parts of the country, and we believe the numbers will continue to rise until the end of the year,” she said.

Chang Zhonghua, a lab examiner at a pharmaceutical factory in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province, said she had to wear a mask every day because of the poor air quality.

“I also spread bamboo charcoal bags around my home and in my car to purify the air. I don’t know whether this actually helps, or is simply a psychological comfort,” she said.

On Taobao.com, the country’s biggest online marketplace by registered users, air cleaning products such as air purifiers and humidifiers are the hottest search items on its homepage, said Qiao Peilei, a spokeswoman with Alibaba Group Holdings, the parent company of Taobao.

In the past 30 days, HYG Appliances, a Shenzhen-based electronics retailer, sold 5,541of one type of humidifier through its e-commerce channel on Tmall.com, the business-to-customer arm of Alibaba.

An HYG salesman said that’s three times the number sold last month and a 20 percent year-on-year increase. He added that 60 percent of the orders were delivered to Beijing and neighboring Hebei province.

Cao Qi, an online vendor at Tmall.com, said they usually receive 100 to 200 orders for anti-dust masks a day, but “on Monday alone we took 800 orders, and I think we could have more than 1,000 on Tuesday.”

Giant appliance chain stores have also noticed the trend.

Suning Appliance, the leading home appliance retailer by transaction volume, said air purifier sales in Beijing have been off the charts since November.

“People snapped up air cleaning products because of the bad weather, and sales in one outlet in Beijing even doubled compared with this period last year,” Suning said in an e-mail.

Similarly, Gome Electrical Appliances, a major rival of Suning, saw air purifier and humidifier sales grow by 30 percent, said He Yangqing, Gome’s public relations director.

In small brick-and-mortar stores, it’s the same story.

Wang Mei, who works in a drugstore in Beijing, said more people have come in to buy masks, even though the shop usually sees demand soar only when sandstorms hit.

Tan Mingqi, a physician and chief of the respiratory department at Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University in Shenyang, said common masks and air purifiers help prevent users from inhaling dust. But it’s equally important to clean them, he said.

“Most families neglect to clean the purifiers. The filter is full of bacteria within just a few days. This makes the air quality even worse and makes it easier to develop respiratory diseases,” he said.

Poor air quality has become a major issue in China. Beijing has been hit by heavy smog recently. The weaker winds and elevated humidity are not conducive to dispersing atmospheric pollutants, said the city’s environmental protection bureau.

China uses a standard of particulate matter smaller than 10 micrometers (PM10) to measure air quality, but the public has urged authorities to adopt the stricter PM2.5 standard, which measures finer matter that is considered more hazardous to health because it can go deeper into the lungs.

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Indoor air purifier filter PM2.5 really useful

Indoor air purifier filter PM2.5 really useful 


Indoor air purifier filter PM2.5 is really useful? Enter the market from the beginning of this air purifier, voices of doubt has jumped out of it in the end how to use effects? Please air purification expert Egisen for everyone to answer it.

Air purification experts said Egisen, the main material of air purifier filter PM2.5 is HEPA filter, is to open the air purifier is seen as shutters like dense network, it can block PM2.5 in the air, so that the air filter can eliminate indoor smoke, dust and microorganisms and other pollutants. If long-term use of air purifier consumers should be able to feel the air quality significantly improved.

The air purifier on the market mainstream is the passive adsorption filtration type. The working principle of passive air purifier is mainly used fan to draw air into the machine, and then filtered air through a built-in filter, to filter dust, eliminate odor, remove microbes and so on. Net type air purifier is the use of HEPA filters. Activated carbon filter, photocatalyst, ultraviolet disinfection method to clean up the air and HEPA filter filter dust particles, mainly activated carbon and other substances are toxic and harmful substances such as odor absorption.

But the air purifier is used for a long time, particle filter attached to accumulate, not clean to use will cause two pollution. Suggestions about 3 months to check a filter, if found uneven color, dark yellow, should be replaced; if the air purifier wind blowing smell it should also consider replacing the filter.

Customer service in the visit, we found that many consumers in order to save costs is not in accordance with the requirements for the filter, or occasionally to open up, so the air quality comparison and not intuitive understanding, it is difficult to affirm air purifiers use value.

In fact, a high quality HEPA filter net price is about several hundred yuan (different brands and models vary), according to an average of 6 months of daily use cost accounting, HEPA only a few dollars, compared with our health, the number of absolutely not huge. Suggestions to keep better air quality consumers should be the long-term use of air purifier.

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Here’s why you need an air-purifier for a healthy and germ-free home if you’re living in Delhi

Here’s why you need an air-purifier for a healthy and germ-free home if you’re living in Delhi

The war for clean air has been heating up all over the country in the recent past. While the problem of rising air pollution remains to be one of the most crucial health concerns in India, it is only recently, with the series of chaos and debates that it has finally dawned upon us about the ill-effects of polluted air. Though people are now recognizing that both outdoor and indoor air pollution is hazardous to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of any person, one of the pertinent issues prevailing in the country is the lack of awareness among people about the availability of right air purification technology.

With the drop in temperature due to winters, a host of airborne pollen and household allergens have a way of finding their way indoors during this season causing infections and diseases. In addition to pollen, closed and unventilated homes can breed dust mites, molds, pet dander and other household irritants. Since, in our regular hectic lifestyles where we cannot afford to fall ill or have long sick days it is vital to breathe the right quality of air indoors. Therefore, air purifiers have now become a need for a healthy living. Also, since the market is flooded with a variety of air purifiers, it has become equally important to select the right one that ensures the air you breathe is healthy and safe.

One can follow the below mentioned basic tips and examine a few things while making a choice to keep your home healthy and germ-free.

• Emphasize on the filters: Check the specification of the air purifier to see whether it has a  (high efficiency particulate air) filter that are highly efficient and capable of removing up to 99.97% of micro particles. There are many products in the market which say HEPA-like filters, avoid buying those.

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China’s space rocket designers tapping into air purifier market

China’s space rocket designers tapping into air purifier market

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China’s space rocket designers are using their knowledge and expertise to tap into the public’s demand for air purifiers to beat recurring pollution. The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in Beijing, a major developer of carrier rockets and ballistic missiles, will soon put on the market an air purifier that developers say incorporates a host of cutting-edge technologies used on rockets.

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Air Purifiers for Allergies

Air Purifiers for Allergies

Air purifiers help eliminate dust, dander, pollen, mold, and other airborne contaminants that contribute to respiratory issues. Check out our guide for the lowdown on how to pick the best purifier to combat your asthma and allergies.

Nobody wants to breathe in dust, dander, pollen, and mold. Unfortunately, though, the air in our homes is loaded with these pollutants, thanks to poor ventilation systems and the use of household chemicals, gas-burning appliances, and smoke-producing tobacco products. The airborne irritants act as allergens and can cause many respiratory issues—especially in those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Air purifiers can help alleviate these negative health effects by removing contaminants from the air. Before you buy one, however, it’s a good idea to consider the following factors to ensure that you’re choosing the best air purifier for allergies.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?
The best air purifiers draw air through one or more filters, which trap the impurities before recirculating clean air back into the room. These machines work in a similar manner to masks worn by surgeons in the operating room: As the surgeons breathe, airborne particles become trapped on the inside surface of the mask, preventing germs from being transmitted from doctor to patient. Both the masks and air purifiers act as filters that allow air to pass through but blocks other damaging particles. Purifiers equipped with high-quality filters can better remove unwanted dust, animal dander, pollen, mold spores, and other pollutants from the air.

HEPA: Best Filter for Allergy Sufferers
Air purifiers with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are most effective at removing the airborne irritants that plague allergy sufferers. These filters are certified to trap 99.97 percent of all particles of a certain length (0.3 microns or larger). Most pollutants are so microscopic that they can’t be seen by the human eye, so investing in a reliable filter is crucial. The downside of HEPA filters is their replacement cost, which runs anywhere from $25 to $100, depending on size. Some purifiers incorporate additional filters to trap larger particles before they reach the HEPA filter; buying a purifier with this design will help your HEPA filter last longer.

Additional Filtering Options
• Carbon filters can reduce the amount of some volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are gaseous particles often found in paint, varnish, cleaning products, carpeting, wood preservatives, and other common household items. These filters can also remove odors. But they, too, must be replaced every few months to maintain effectiveness. For best results, carbon filters should be included as part of the prefiltering system in units that also contain HEPA filters.

Ozone-producing air cleaners claim to work by increasing oxygen molecules and activating negative ions to eliminate harmful airborne bacteria. The EPA has determined, however, that ozone is detrimental to the human respiratory system. For that reason, some health experts discourage the use of ozone-producing air cleaners and their use is often regulated.

Ion-exchange technology and electrostatic technology can increase the effectiveness of filter-type air purifiers by attracting particles through static electricity and trapping them. When combined with HEPA filtering, these products can be quite effective. They require frequent cleaning, however, to keep them working well. After conducting extensive tests on air purifiers, Consumer Reports warned that some ion-exchange and electrostatic purifiers can emit ozone as a by-product of purifying the air. We recommend checking the purifier’s operating manual (or the information on the box) to ensure that a specific model does not emit ozone.

Choosing an Air Purifier That Meets Your Needs
When shopping for a purifier, consider the filter replacement cost as well as the machine’s initial price. An inexpensive unit that requires expensive replacement filters may not be a bargain. Air purifiers with HEPA filters range in price from around $100 for small units to upwards of $900 for high-capacity models with multiple filtering systems that treat large areas.


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Demand for air purifiers rises by 400% in national capital

The rising air pollution in the national capital has led to a 400% rise in the sale of air purifiers here since October last year.

With the growing demand for air purifiers, the air purifier industry in the country has also seen a year-on-year rise of about 54% since 2014.

Experts believe that such a massive demand for air purifiers has been a result of the massive pollution levels across the country. A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that 1.3 million people in India die due to indoor air pollution. Not only this, one third of the World’s asthma patients is from India and such a high level of pollution also reduces the life of an individual by almost five years.

“During Diwali last year, the air purifier industry has seen a massive demand for air purifiers, which led to a rise in our sales, because everybody wants to breathe clean air. There has been a 400% rise in the sale of air purifiers in the national capital since October last year,” Ankur Chawla, Director Sales, Crusader Air Purifiers, told The Sunday Guardian.

The rise in demand for air purifier peaked because of the deterioration of the indoor air quality as well, which in India has risen upto 300mg per cubic meter, much above the prescribed WHO norm of 24mg per cubic meter.

“Air purifiers have become the essential need of the hour, because even on a good day, the air quality is above 180mg per cubic meters and to battle the harmful effects of air pollutants, households as well as offices are opting for these machines to breathe healthy,” Ankur added.

Air purifiers essentially work to purify the air through electronic methods of separation of dust and microscopic particles from the air. The various filters fitted in air purifiers work to clean heavy dust, particulate matter, toxic gases and micro-organisms from the air, so that they do not affect the health of the individual.

Ankur also stressed on the importance of an “Indianised version of air purifiers which could particularly take care of pollution issues in India. “In India, the pollution levels are different from that of a Western country and that is why the Crusaders have designed and developed air purifiers to suit the Indian climate and air conditions. We have seven filters in most of our air purifiers to separate even heavy dust and other pollutants in the air.”


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Air Purifiers Finally Coming to Beijing Classrooms

Air Purifiers Finally Coming to Beijing Classrooms


Beijing has taken a giant step forward torwards equipping public schools with air purification machines, thereby providing students a breath of fresh air during one of the city’s many smog attacks for the first time ever.

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced that city finances will be used to pay for the purchase and installation of air purifiers in local elementary and middle schools.

Years of bureaucratic red tape had left students with no policy on how best to protect them during the numerous bouts of severe air pollution that have beset the city.

Last December after having conducted a year-long study, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission said it wasn’t convinced air purifiers should be allowed in its schools. The commission said air purifiers couldn’t guarantee the safety of Beijing students because their use would mean “classrooms would need to be sealed, leading to no air circulation and thus the easy transmission of germs.”

As a result, air purifiers had been effectively banned from most Beijing classrooms.

Hu Qingming, a Dongcheng District resident who had contributed towards the purchase of an $770 air purifying machine for his daughter’s classroom, said the air filter was rejected by the school last year.

“We had no choice but to give up the idea. Finally, we sold the purifier,” said Hu.

A Hangzhou parent of a 5th grader had a similar story that ended with a far-reaching implication. “We went to the appliance store with the intention of buying an air purifier for the classroom. We contacted the class leader, after which the teacher contacted the school principal. But after all that, the teacher said there was no precedent for it,” said the parent.

The announcement doesn’t provide specifics on how much money will be allocated to each school, or as to what kind of air purification machines will be purchased.

Even though the cost of equipping city classrooms with air purification systems won’t come cheap, some Beijing schools have already footed the bill.

Beijing private schools that have splurged on air purification systems include the Lycee International Francais Charles de Gaulle de Pekin, the Harrow International School Beijing, the Canadian International School of Beijing, and the International Montessorie School of Beijing.

Two private schools, Dulwich College Beijing and the International School of Beijing, have even installed specialized domes with pressurized, built-in filtration systems where students can safely engage in physical activities.

The decision to make air purification machines mandatory in Beijing classrooms comes a year after the commission decided to make air purification systems a standard feature in newly-built schools.

“Schools must guarantee students’ safety and get permission from their parents before installing,” head of the olansi people said at the time.

But even with the commission’s decision to allow air purifiers in Beijing classrooms, there is currently no official standard of what defines clean air in Chinese schools.

Despite being thoroughly educated on the risks of breathing unfiltered air during severe smog attacks, breathing clean air still isn’t a priority for some Beiing residents. Air filtration machines are often stigmatized as “luxury goods” by some people, while others can be seen outside without air filter masks during one of the city’s multiple red alerts.

Current emergency protocols for air pollution mean thatclasses are cancelled during a red alert, while outdoor school activities are cancelled during an orange alert.


The air purifier can become the school standard expert recommends the introduction of rules?

The air purifier can become the school standard expert recommends the introduction of rules?


Outdoor PM2.5 burst table, kindergarten indoor air quality is also worrying, pictured recently in a nursery classroom measured PM2.5 index from olansi.

Recently, the provincial capital of haze shrouded, PM2.5 continuous burst table, a lot of parents to the kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to install indoor air purification system (device). The data show that the outdoor PM2.5 index burst table, kindergarten, primary school classroom in the air PM2.5 index is also not optimistic. In the face of haze invasion, the suggestions of experts as a government initiative, and consider the “upgrade” public kindergarten, primary school hardware facilities, equipment, installation of indoor air purification system (device), and the introduction of relevant rules, the indoor air purification system (device) increased as the private kindergarten, primary school classroom essential “standard”.

Under the haze of parents “Baotuan” suggested that the kindergarten to install a new ventilation system

The capital of the public Zhao Xin (a pseudonym) children in Xinhua District, a large chain of private kindergarten small baby.12 since 16 June, PM2.5 index rose steadily, even continuous burst table, let Zhao Xin worry is that under the heavy pollution weather, the children still have to go to the kindergarten. “My family each room placed air purifier also, the indoor air reluctantly. No air purifier kindergarten classroom, interior doors and windows closed, the children get together, once the virus, cold, may be in trouble”

Zhao Xin’s worries are not redundant, she said, many parents also expressed the same concerns in the class of WeChat group, in order to ensure the healthy growth of children, many parents even spontaneously unite in written form that kindergarten to install a new ventilation system in the classroom. The kindergarten parents attach great importance to the heart, promises to be considered.

The morning of December 21st, a kindergarten teacher surnamed Du said in an interview with reporters, as the preschool education institutions, kindergarten is concerned about children’s health. Reflect from parents, the kindergarten soon to parents meeting, the parents signed the agreement, the kindergarten has begun to market research at present.

Yesterday morning, the reporter got the latest feedback, given the installation of fresh air system for a long period of time, the kindergarten has ordered an air purifier, each class two units.


Student’s inventive air purifier design impresses innovation award judges

Student’s inventive air purifier designCraighead Diocesan School student Yaya Chanawichote is awarded the South Canterbury Coresteel Building Innovation Award, ...

Craighead Diocesan School student Yaya Chanawichote is awarded the South Canterbury Coresteel Building Innovation Award, which was presented by Archdeacon of South Canterbury and Mid Canterbury Reverend Peter Carrell at the school’s prizegivng last week.

All Yaya Chanawichote wanted was a breath of fresh air so she designed one.

The Craighead Diocesan School Year 13 student designed an air purifier for classrooms as a basis for her Graphics Scholarship entry.

Her design meant the air purifier could be placed in classrooms to help improve air quality and decrease the spread of germs.

Yaya’s air purifier project aims to improve air quality and decrease the spread of germs in classrooms.

An attachable ultra violet wand was also included to clean shared surfaces within the room.

Her clever and comprehensive portfolio piece caught the eyes of the South Canterbury Coresteel Buildings Innovation Award judges, who gave her the regional award last week.

Principal Lindy Graham said the school was “absolutely delighted” for Yaya.

At this stage, she was intending to go to university in the United States next year, Graham said.

“The purifier idea was used as a basis for Yaya’s Year 13 Graphics Scholarship entry, where she had to come up with an idea, a purifier to be used in a school classroom, create a brief then go about designing it for her portfolio,” she said.

“The portfolio is currently away with NZQA for Scholarship marking.”

Other artwork created by Yaya would appear in the 2016 school magazine.

“Yaya is meticulous in her attention to detail and has an amazing work ethic, in addition to her artistic and graphic talents,” she said.

She achieved a Scholarship in Graphics last year while she was still in Year 12, Graham said.

“Yaya is an incredibly talented young woman.”

She received a $500 Noel Leeming voucher for her design.

Coresteel director Heather Harding said Yaya had to consider a range of technological, scientific and practical factors to ensure the end product would be functional.

“We were impressed by the overall quality of this entry. Yaya carried out thorough research to examine potential solutions to the problem, and used ideas from existing technology to refine her solution,” Harding said.

“The final design combined functionality and form, demonstrating creative aesthetics and an effective, practical application.”

Year 12 student Emma McRobie was awarded runner up for her two-piece formal dress, which she designed and made for the school ball.

Graham said: “We really appreciate this new award provided by Coresteel and wish to acknowledge Heather Harding … who has been wonderful to deal with.”

Yaya was unavailable for comment as she had returned home to Thailand.


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