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Introduction of the origin and function of Olansi Air Purifier PM2.5 sensor

Olansi Air Purifier with PM2.5 Sensor

With the development of industry, the pollution of our living environment becomes more and more serious. Especially in the winter of north China, PM2.5 is especially harmful. The public’s attention to PM2.5 is not unreasonable, because it is easy to carry harmful substances and heavy property, and small size (less than or equal to 2.5m), the rapid and wide diffusion area, the long duration of serious impact on people’s health.

Origin of Olansi PM2.5 Sensor
In modern science and technology, we have developed a kind of household appliance that can deal with and detect pm2.5 in time — air purifier with pm2.5 sensing function. In the past, infrared sensors have been widely used in the sensing function of air purifiers. Now as a professional air purifier manufacturer, Olansi carefully selected and introduced the advanced sensor technology from Japan, developed and improved it, and applied the laser sensor for pm2.5 into the air purifier. Olansi PM2.5 sensor adopts advanced laser technology, combined with the real-time display of pollution value, has the characteristics of small error, strong stability, high precision, suitable for a variety of harsh application environment.


Here are the main functions of the PM2.5 sensor developed by Olansi:
1)Intelligent filter regulation. The air purifier can adjust the indoor PM2.5 concentration intelligently, PM2.5 sensors collect PM2.5 data in the air, and use the motor’s automatic regulation operation to filter PM2.5

2)The real-time display data enables users to know the indoor air condition in real time in the air purifier, and the laser-type PM2.5 sensor displays the PM2.5 concentration collected in the room to users in time.


3)The WIFI function of Olansi air purifier can quickly interact with users’ mobile terminals, enabling users to more quickly understand the air pollution data collected by pm2.5 sensors, and control the purifier through mobile stations.


Olansi A3 Series PM2.5 Sensor )


Choose infrared dust sensor, high cost performance, stable performance, long life, easy to clean.

The sensor can communicate the quality concentration of dust through the serial port signal by measuring the intensity of reflected light to reflect the concentration of dust in the air.

1.Electromagnetic shielding design can resist interference

2.Small size and high accuracy

3.Low power consumption, wide measuring range

4.Short response time


If you want to know more nformation on how to apply pm2.5 sensors to air purifiers please contact OEM factory Olansi.

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