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The air purifier can become the school standard expert recommends the introduction of rules?

The air purifier can become the school standard expert recommends the introduction of rules?


Outdoor PM2.5 burst table, kindergarten indoor air quality is also worrying, pictured recently in a nursery classroom measured PM2.5 index from olansi.

Recently, the provincial capital of haze shrouded, PM2.5 continuous burst table, a lot of parents to the kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to install indoor air purification system (device). The data show that the outdoor PM2.5 index burst table, kindergarten, primary school classroom in the air PM2.5 index is also not optimistic. In the face of haze invasion, the suggestions of experts as a government initiative, and consider the “upgrade” public kindergarten, primary school hardware facilities, equipment, installation of indoor air purification system (device), and the introduction of relevant rules, the indoor air purification system (device) increased as the private kindergarten, primary school classroom essential “standard”.

Under the haze of parents “Baotuan” suggested that the kindergarten to install a new ventilation system

The capital of the public Zhao Xin (a pseudonym) children in Xinhua District, a large chain of private kindergarten small baby.12 since 16 June, PM2.5 index rose steadily, even continuous burst table, let Zhao Xin worry is that under the heavy pollution weather, the children still have to go to the kindergarten. “My family each room placed air purifier also, the indoor air reluctantly. No air purifier kindergarten classroom, interior doors and windows closed, the children get together, once the virus, cold, may be in trouble”

Zhao Xin’s worries are not redundant, she said, many parents also expressed the same concerns in the class of WeChat group, in order to ensure the healthy growth of children, many parents even spontaneously unite in written form that kindergarten to install a new ventilation system in the classroom. The kindergarten parents attach great importance to the heart, promises to be considered.

The morning of December 21st, a kindergarten teacher surnamed Du said in an interview with reporters, as the preschool education institutions, kindergarten is concerned about children’s health. Reflect from parents, the kindergarten soon to parents meeting, the parents signed the agreement, the kindergarten has begun to market research at present.

Yesterday morning, the reporter got the latest feedback, given the installation of fresh air system for a long period of time, the kindergarten has ordered an air purifier, each class two units.