Student’s inventive air purifier design impresses innovation award judges

Student’s inventive air purifier designCraighead Diocesan School student Yaya Chanawichote is awarded the South Canterbury Coresteel Building Innovation Award, ...

Craighead Diocesan School student Yaya Chanawichote is awarded the South Canterbury Coresteel Building Innovation Award, which was presented by Archdeacon of South Canterbury and Mid Canterbury Reverend Peter Carrell at the school’s prizegivng last week.

All Yaya Chanawichote wanted was a breath of fresh air so she designed one.

The Craighead Diocesan School Year 13 student designed an air purifier for classrooms as a basis for her Graphics Scholarship entry.

Her design meant the air purifier could be placed in classrooms to help improve air quality and decrease the spread of germs.

Yaya’s air purifier project aims to improve air quality and decrease the spread of germs in classrooms.

An attachable ultra violet wand was also included to clean shared surfaces within the room.

Her clever and comprehensive portfolio piece caught the eyes of the South Canterbury Coresteel Buildings Innovation Award judges, who gave her the regional award last week.

Principal Lindy Graham said the school was “absolutely delighted” for Yaya.

At this stage, she was intending to go to university in the United States next year, Graham said.

“The purifier idea was used as a basis for Yaya’s Year 13 Graphics Scholarship entry, where she had to come up with an idea, a purifier to be used in a school classroom, create a brief then go about designing it for her portfolio,” she said.

“The portfolio is currently away with NZQA for Scholarship marking.”

Other artwork created by Yaya would appear in the 2016 school magazine.

“Yaya is meticulous in her attention to detail and has an amazing work ethic, in addition to her artistic and graphic talents,” she said.

She achieved a Scholarship in Graphics last year while she was still in Year 12, Graham said.

“Yaya is an incredibly talented young woman.”

She received a $500 Noel Leeming voucher for her design.

Coresteel director Heather Harding said Yaya had to consider a range of technological, scientific and practical factors to ensure the end product would be functional.

“We were impressed by the overall quality of this entry. Yaya carried out thorough research to examine potential solutions to the problem, and used ideas from existing technology to refine her solution,” Harding said.

“The final design combined functionality and form, demonstrating creative aesthetics and an effective, practical application.”

Year 12 student Emma McRobie was awarded runner up for her two-piece formal dress, which she designed and made for the school ball.

Graham said: “We really appreciate this new award provided by Coresteel and wish to acknowledge Heather Harding … who has been wonderful to deal with.”

Yaya was unavailable for comment as she had returned home to Thailand.


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