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Many people don’t know how to use and maintain the air purifier after they buy it, and there will be many questions. Let’s answer them for you.

Q1:Is it convenient for an individual to change the filter screen of the air purifier? Can ordinary people change it? Can people with poor hands-on ability replace the screen successfully?

A:It is very simple to replace the filter screen of the air purifier, no one has a problem, it’s very simple to use, just plug in and turn on the power. 

Q2:There are flat-type and barrel-type filters in the filters on the market, which one is better? There are also air purifiers without filters on the market. What is the difference between this and air purifiers with filters。

A:Regarding the flat type and the barrel type, there is actually very little such a distinction in the industry. The distinction between consumables and non-consumables is the difference between the filter type and the high-voltage electrostatic type. The advantage of the filter type is that the purification efficiency is better. The disadvantage is that the filter needs to be replaced, which increases the cost of later use. The advantage of the high-voltage electrostatic type is that the filter does not need to be replaced. The disadvantage is that the high-voltage electrostatic type generally produces ozone. The highly corrosive ones are pollutants.

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Q3:Is there any conflict between air purifiers and plants with purification ability? For example, will the carbon dioxide emitted by plants increase the burden on the purifier?

A:Most purifiers now have the ability to remove PM2.5 and formaldehyde at the same time, because general purifiers have two nets: one is HEPA net, which mainly removes particulate matter; the other is activated carbon net, which mainly removes decoration pollution Such as formaldehyde and toluene. So you don’t need to buy two purifiers, just buy one with both abilities.

Q4:May I use a formaldehyde-removing purifier that can be kept on in a new house? Or is it better to mix machines and ventilation?
A:It is certain that the air purifier can remove formaldehyde, but the amount of formaldehyde released in each family is different. If only the air purifier is used to remove formaldehyde, there may still be certain risks. For newly decorated houses, we recommend It’s like this: The first is to ventilate, try to take a longer time, preferably more than 3-6 months; second, even if you move in, you must always ventilate and ventilate. In the summer night, you must close the door, close the window and turn on the air conditioner. , At this time, you can only use an air purifier to assist in the use.

Q5:It’s said that the general air purifier is potentially harmful to children. What kind of air purifier should we choose for our families with babies?
The air purifier itself will not have any impact on children. Instead, we suggest that children must use the air purifier. For families with children, we suggest that when choosing air purifiers, priority should be given to the filter type, rather than the high-voltage electrostatic type, because the latter usually emits ozone. If the room is well sealed and the ozone emission is relatively high, it may lead to excessive ozone concentration in the room, which will affect the health of children.

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1. When purchasing air purifier, we should buy new national standard products. When purchasing, we should follow the principle of “three high and one low”: high Cadr, CCM, high energy efficiency and low noise.
2、 The purchase of air purifier should be based on the actual needs of individuals, combined with the actual purification needs and housing area comprehensive consideration;
3、 The key to the use and maintenance of air purifier is to replace the filter screen and clean the filter regularly.


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