OLANSI tell you why Smoking is harmful to health

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A good purifier can remove particulate matter (PM2.5, etc.) and gaseous organic matter (TVOC) at the same time. This basically covers the harmful parts of second-hand smoke. Carbon monoxide cannot be removed, but it is also difficult to accumulate to harmful concentrations. but! It’s not that you can smoke casually at home if you use a purifier.


  1. The purifier can’t solve the problem of third-hand smoke. Although the purifier can greatly reduce the pollution of indoor air through purification, thereby reducing the third-hand smoke attached to various surfaces, it cannot be cured.


  1. The purifier is not like a mask. It doesn’t mean that it can solve the problem immediately if it is effective. The purifier maintains the dynamic balance of indoor air, not one-time purification. Introducing pollution will naturally push this dynamic balance to a higher level. Even if it is operated in automatic gear to deal with the short-term pollution process, it takes time to restore the pre-pollution level, and during this period, people cannot keep breathing. For example, turning on the air conditioner in summer can lower the indoor temperature, but if you have to regenerate a fire in the house, it is impossible to say that there is no effect.

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  1. Smoking indoors will waste the filter. Second-hand smoke will quickly consume the filter, causing the performance of the purifier to degrade rapidly (normally, the purifier can handle about tens to hundreds of cigarettes). Although it is said that the money spent on purifiers is used, there is no need to save the use, but there is no need to waste extra. Purifiers can greatly solve the problem of second-hand smoke, but smoking is something like that, if you don’t smoke, try not to smoke; if you have to smoke, go out; if you really don’t want to go out, there is indeed a place at home, you can go to the kitchen and face the range hood , It’s better to get rid of it directly.


For the health of you and your family, please reduce smoking and use an air purifier. Olansi recommends several trusted air purifiers models for you:

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