Hydrogen rich water maker electrolysis hydrogen rich water

Hydrogen rich water maker electrolysis hydrogen rich water


With more and more serious environmental pollution, especially the sky haze level recently north and northwest of China has to have the aircraft from landing point, people breathe in this environment of air, accelerate the process of all kinds of viruses, but also accelerate the production of free radicals, and remove all kinds of pollution and toxins in the body in this environment, reducing their health is necessary.


Hydrogen rich water is composed of hydrogen rich water maker electrolysis hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecular nature, hydrogen molecules dissolved in water permeability is strong, through the respiratory tract, blood, skin, digestive tract by the human body absorb quickly. The hydrogen molecule is effective in the treatment of many diseases. The clinical study found that hydrogen molecules can reduce ischemia reperfusion injury, also has anti-inflammatory effect, can inhibit the chronic oxidative stress injury, promote energy metabolism of cerebral infarction, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson, diabetes, high blood lipids, has certain therapeutic effect of ventilation.

2000ml insist on drinking hydrogen rich water can slow the speed of telomere shortening during cell passage every day, prolong the life of cell, increase cell passage speed limit, intervention of oxidative stress caused by aging, especially by the haze caused by skin disease can get better treatment in a timely manner.

Hydrogen rich water hydrogen molecule on human health is not made and the apartment, so every day we have to insist on drinking hydrogen rich water amount, make water hydrogen hydrogen rich water we remove free radicals in the body, let the healthy life with us every day.

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