Hydrogen rich water maker and hydrogen rich water electrolysis water machine’s difference

hydrogen rich water machine

Electrolysis water machine, hydrogen rich water machine, which has the distinction of hydrogen rich water cup.


1, have the function of electrolyzed water to produce hydrogen rich water

2, the general water into the hydrogen water  machine is running water, half-way through the filter softening and other links, and then electrolysis, the price of several thousand dollars, suitable for families, hotels and other fields

3, the hydrogen rich water machine is a simplified version of electrolysis water machine, is used in drinking water, many manufacturers use the general voltage capacity of 18V in 1-2 liters, suitable for household use.

4, the hydrogen rich cup again is a simplified version of electrolytic water machine, inspired by the popular Japanese water in the cup, a lot of low voltage than water machine rechargeable capacity in 300-400ml, realize the portability, hydrogen rich drinking water for individuals and families whenever and wherever possible, the price is relatively cheap, suitable for us in. Home or office drinking.

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