How To Maintain An Air Purifier And Take Care Of It

Air purifiers are the best option when it comes to improving the quality of air around your office or home. It is possible that you have tried out other options in the past but didn’t get the desired result. These could be vacuuming, restricting pets from going to certain areas, and banning of indoor smoking. With the use of an air purifier, you don’t need to bother about overcoming the problem of air pollution since such is what they have been created to combat.


The problem is that most people are yet to understand a major fact about air purifiers. This has to do with how they can be maintained on regular basis in order to ensure optimal performances. Do you have an air purifier but don’t know how it can be maintained? This post will be revealing some of the simplest and most powerful maintenance tips for air purifiers. Never ignore any of these ideas if you want such device to meet your needs without any compromise.

Olansi K01B Air Purifier

Olansi K01B Air Purifier

Why they need to be cleaned

Most people have this wrong belief that air purifiers don’t need to be cleaned. In other words, they only need to purchase these devices and that is it. The truth still remains that it doesn’t matter the type air purifier you are making use of in your home at the moment as it needs to be maintained on a constant basis. As a matter of fact, the average time interval when maintenance is required for air purifiers is 2-3weeks. The danger of ignoring such a process is that there is the risk of spending more money than required especially due to further damage.


Avoid scraping

Most users of air purifiers have been discovered to be guilty of lacking the right knowledge when it comes to how filters can be effectively maintained. For instance, they make use of sharp objects to get such components scratched. This can cause further damage thereby making you spend more than necessary.

Don’t forget that once the air filter is damaged, your device will become ineffective. Sometimes, it can bring about you considering the option to buy new filter. Just avoid using any pointed or sharp object on its air filter.


Cleaning of permanent filters

This is another important aspect that should be taken care of in your air purifier. It is possible your device isn’t functioning as expected because there are too many pollutants on its surface. This is mostly typical of HEPA filters which are expected to be vacuumed at regular intervals. You can decide to do this exercise every 3 months.


The aim is to remove particulars like dust in order to ensure it is functioning as expected. The problem is that once pollutants stay in such air filters for too long, removing them may not be an easy task. This is why you need to be consistent in such maintenance routine.


Changing your filters

While the above focuses on cleaning of filters, this one will be emphasizing changing such filters when they are weak. Don’t ever ignore a filter that isn’t working properly in your air purifier. The reason is that apart from such device not functioning as expected, there is every chance that other parts or components may get affected. In other words, such negligence can shorten the lifespan of air purifiers.


Ensure to check the user’s manual in order to know the lifecycle of your filter. Don’t make the mistake of assuming as your device may not function at its best. This can also save you from spending unnecessarily especially when the filter isn’t due for change. For instance, there are times the HEPA filter may appear discolored after usage. This doesn’t mean it needs to be changed.


Cleaning the plates

Plates are common components used by electrostatic air purifiers. These forms of air purifiers don’t make use of HEPA filters. They are becoming very common in recent times given how easy they can be maintained. For instance, to maintain their plates, have get them placed in a dishwasher, bathtub or sink. In other words, wash them for optimal performances. Another advantage of plates is the fact that they are a cheaper option when it comes to replacements as compared to HEPA filters.


Keeping the area clean

Don’t ever make the mistake of positioning your air purifier in an area that isn’t clean. Apart from the fact that this will affect how it works, there is a higher chance that it can be damaged by some unknown objects and particles.


Once the area is clean, your maintenance task will be reduced. Furthermore, ensure to avoid getting any object placed on such device. You never can tell when particles from such objects will start entering the device thereby, preventing it from working perfectly.


Checking the filter indicator

Before trying to check the filter whether there are particles, it is important you look at the filter indicator. This will save you the stress of dismantling some parts of such device. Even if you don’t know how to interpret instructions from the indicator, it is possible to check the user’s guide in order to find out how it can be done.


Unplugging the device

Apart from the fact that this is one of the most effective ways to ensure your air purifier is working in the most perfect condition after maintenance, it can also help you to remain safe while carrying out such a task.


Before carrying out any maintenance routine, ensure it has been unplugged and isn’t working. Always remember that electric shock is a life-threatening experience. The bottom line is that your air purifier shouldn’t be working while it is being cleaned or maintained.

Olansi K01C Air Purifier

Olansi K01C Air Purifier

Final words

Based on the above, it is obvious that maintaining your air purifier isn’t as difficult and complicated as most people are making it sound. Just follow the tips which have been listed above and such device will function perfectly by effectively improving the air quality around your home. They will definitely help ensure it doesn’t break down at will.

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