Drink rich hydrogen water machine

Drink rich hydrogen water machine 

Recently, in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other places to drink plain water (Chinese rise China also called hydrogen rich water maker machine), the media have pointed out that this is the overseas purchasing toilet cover, electric third was considered a popular rice cooker after explosion. Especially the hydrogen rich water machine imported from Taiwan, the rich water hydrogen hydrogen rich water benefits, live a so the water, hydrogen rich water is really so magical? How should we drink?

Scholars and experts more than once in a variety of occasions that hydrogen can prevent and treat diseases related to academic papers, and even the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a well-known scientist Zhong Nanshan also said in an interview that the hydrogen treatment of various diseases respected, perhaps It is these national treasure-level scientists to join, so that the scientific principles of hydrogen-rich water has been protected in the process of industrialization, large-scale breakthroughs, striking results. Related research shows that hydrogen-rich water to strengthen nerve conduction process, promote neural stem cell differentiation, direct improvement of red blood cell oxygen content, rapid improvement of blood running. Can improve pancreatic B cell dormancy, significantly increased glucose metabolism. Can be anti-cell mitochondrial oxidation, to ensure the effective supply of human energy. Can strengthen the genetic factors – DNA stability, to prevent its gradual decomposition, so the growth of malignant cells have an impediment. Can dredge the operation of the human body gas, increase vitality, with dilute stains, moisturizing brightens, delaying aging and other cosmetic effects. Can relieve fatigue, sub-health conditioning: row places will ease the drunk discomfort, diarrhea, the end of obesity. Regulation of endocrine: conditioning irregular menstruation, delay menopause and so on. With clinical value, to treat brain damage and other brain fill disease, improve heart, liver and other organ function, can extend the life span (extension of the enzyme – telomerase length). and many more.

In fact, the official scientific expression some jerky, with our people can understand the words, that is, the hydrogen-rich water is not a cure for the “Shenshui” in medical research has been confirmed, but in life , He can do is long-term drinking, the body is really good.


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