Do you have an air purifier in your home to resist sandstorms

Recently, the weather in Beijing ushered in a sandstorm. While the flying dust made the sky extremely dim, breathing became difficult. If you go out without a mask, you can’t breathe at all. The advent of sandstorms has had a huge impact on the lives of citizens. Many citizens are concerned about the health hazards of sandstorms and hope to find relevant solutions.




According to the Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center, a large area of sandstorms appeared in the upper reaches of Beijing starting from the afternoon of the 3rd. At night, the main body of sand and dust moved eastward, and the southern edge passed through Beijing. It entered the northwest of Beijing from 3 am on the 4th. At 4 o’clock, the city’s PM10 reached a serious pollution level, and most of the points exceeded 1000 micrograms/m3.


In response to the sand and dust weather process, the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a blue sand and dust warning signal on the same day. It is expected that sand and floating dust will continue during the day, and will gradually weaken around the evening. People need to pay attention to wind and sand.


According to meteorological experts, there are three reasons for the sand and dust weather: recently the northern area has less precipitation and the temperature is higher, and the meteorological conditions are conducive to the formation of sand and dust; the cyclone that affects the northern area has developed strong and the wind speed in the source of the sand. It is easy to cause sand and dust weather; as the cyclone moves eastward and develops, it will carry sand and dust upstream and affect the Beijing area.


In order to resist the pollution of sandstorms in Beijing, OLANSI air purifiers announced a decisive battle against sandstorms in China, and there are relevant discounts for consumers in Beijing. At the same time, the aerospace aluminum alloy primary filter has played a huge role. Compared with traditional air purifier products, because the primary filter technology is not mature enough to filter large particles such as dust storms, if large particles are not intercepted, it may cause huge damage to the air purifier product.


Sandstorms are caused by the fact that the dust in the sky is blown by the wind, which is a large physical particle. The olansi air purifier product has a multi-layer filter system, which is the nemesis of sand and dust storms. Coupled with the strong purification efficiency, the sand and dust storms have nowhere to escape.

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