Air Purifier Technology

Air Purifier Technology

The best benefits of owning an olansi air purifier

If you watch television, listen to the radio or surf the Internet, there is a good chance that you have heard about air purifiers before. These artifacts are electronic machines that work to make the indoor air healthier. They accomplish this by trapping harmful particles in their filters and in their bars. Essentially, this means that your air will not only be healthier, but also easier to breathe. Although you may know what an air purifier is, do you know the benefits of owning one? If you do not already have an air purifier, also known as an air cleaner, there is a good chance that you want one after examining the benefits it presents. It is so, air purifiers are good.

Olansi K15B Air Purifier

Olansi K15B Air Purifier

So how they give us their benefits?

As mentioned before, air purifiers work to eliminate dangerous or unhealthy air pollution. When they are eradicated, it will be easier to breathe inside your home. This is perfect for children, the elderly and for those who have allergies. When you breathe cleaner air, health improves. There is a good chance that you are getting sick less.

It has been said that the air we breathe has an impact on our emotions and moods. Therefore, breathing cleaner air will not only be healthier, but will also allow you to enjoy life a little more. When you consider it, it is rather amazing what an air purifier can do for a person.

Another benefit that retains possession of an air purifier is the cost of having one. Unfortunately, many individuals believe that purifiers are very expensive devices. It is true that its price can be somewhat expensive, but you have to consider the benefits that it entails. Do you really think that you can put a price on clean, healthy and easy to breathe air? Even if you put a price on it, you will find that you have many options to choose from, since the purifiers come in different brands and models. Each one costs a specific amount of money and so, with a little research, you can find the air purifier that is in your price range.

As good as the air purifiers look, there is something important to keep in mind: you cannot enjoy the different benefits of an air purifier if it is not used. There are many individuals who buy the device, but do not use it properly. In most cases, you will find that an air purifier works best if you use it all the time. This allows the purifier to keep floating household particles trapped in a particular room. Essentially, this means that, if you make the decision to buy an air purifier, be sure to use it.

As you may have noticed, air purifiers have several benefits. And each of these benefits can help you, one way or another. Therefore, when you think about your purchase seriously, you will find that it may be one of the best purchases you will have made.

Benefits of having an olansi air purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

1. Sterilization

Finally, a comparative analysis of the quality of air treatment. The study found that under the principle of passive air purification if the filter pore size is small enough for the purpose of air treatment can only achieve the purpose of purification, that can only get “clean” air; while the negative ion air purifier is different, not only able to effectively remove particulate contaminants in the air, decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, provide clean air to the indoor environment, and provide air-negative ions that are highly effective for human convalescence and health care to the indoor environment, so that indoor air quality can reach “healthy air” standard.

Olansi K04B air purifier

Olansi K04B air purifier

2. Remove indoor PM2.5, pollen, hair and other foreign objects

First, compare the air purification efficiency of the filtration process. Passive adsorption purification air purifier adopts the fan + filter mode for air purification, and wind flow of air will inevitably lead to blind spots.

Therefore, most of the passive air purification can only produce certain purification around the air purifier. The effect is that it will take a long time to filter the indoor air all over again, and it is difficult to have an effect on the purification of the entire indoor environment.

Active air purification uses the diffuse characteristics of air to reach the air purification in every corner of the air. The air can be diffused to the place where it can produce purification effects.

Anion air purifiers were compared to find that, after releasing negative ions in the air, negative ions can take the initiative to attack, find pollution particles in the air, and agglomerate and actively settle them. From this point alone, active air purification has obvious advantages.

Olansi A3C Air Purifier

Olansi A3C Air Purifier

3. Removes dust

The second is to compare the removal effects of small-particle air pollutants. The most harmful air pollutants to humans are fine particles with a diameter less than 2.5 μm (ie, PM2.5, which is medically called lung particulate matter).

Through experimental research, it has been found that for PM2.5 and other small particles, the passive purification mode is powerless, and PM2.5 and other small particles can easily penetrate through the filter, activated carbon and other substances, and re-enter the air to harm human health.

The comparison of the negative ion air purifiers based on the principle of active purification to air purification shows that small particles of negative ions in the air can not only easily remove large particles in the air, but also it is difficult for the air purifier to have a diameter of less than 0.01.

Removed particulate fly dust has a 100% settlement removal effect. Imitating Nature’s eco-level negative ion generation technology has been introduced, its characteristics are small particle size, high activity, with its excellent diffusion and health effects to achieve better air optimization.

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Production Process Of Best Home And Office Air Purifiers

It has been discovered that people are beginning to embrace the use of air purifiers as compared to past years. There is only factor that can be traced to such a positive development. This is how there has been great awareness about such devices with regards to their potentials when used in homes or offices. In a survey carried out, it was revealed that over 90% of Americans spend majority of their time indoors. This implies there is a growing need for the use of air purifiers far more than ever before.

Olansi K15A3 Air Purifier

Olansi K15A3 Air Purifier

The challenge

The major issue about air purifier is that most people are still asking lots of questions about whether it is safe to make use of or not. There is only one problem that can be responsible for such negative assumption/thought. This is the fact that they are yet to fully understand how these devices are produced/manufactured. In case you are amongst these individuals, there is no need trying to rack your brains about where to find out more regarding an air purifier production.

The reason is that you’ve come to the right place where every detail about how air purifiers are being produced will be revealed. There is no doubt that after this post, you will start the process of getting one that can meet your needs today.


What is an air purifier?

Before delving into the main details of this post, it is important you understand what an air purifying device is basically all about. This is a device that has been designed to ensure that indoor air pollutants are captured. Whenever you are indoors, there are airborne particles around. Sometimes you may see them but other times, they may be invisible to the naked eyes. When these are inhaled, they can cause health complications in your system. It could be problems related to sneezing, coughing or breathing difficulty.

These are the problems that air purifiers are being manufactured to fight against in homes and offices. Their primary function is to ensure that the quality of air in such environment improves. There are devices which have the potentials of purifying air at an accuracy rate of 99.7%. Some components of the air are natural gas, nitrogen, and oxygen. It has been discovered that there are times when other air pollutant particles can mix up with these components. These could be bacteria, microbes, virus, artificial gas, dust, pollens, dust, ashes, and hair. The list is endless when it comes to identifying pollutants that can affect the condition of air indoors.

This is where an air purifying device will prove to be useful. It has been created to spot these air pollutants. There are some which can even take that extra step in destroying them thereby ensuring they don’t return to the air again. The first air purifier can be traced to 1963. It was the idea of 2 brothers from Germany who decided to come up with an innovation that will improve air quality in German homes. The technology has advanced beyond such stage today with some devices having smart features to make life more comfortable for users.


The production process

Talking about how an air purifier is produced, there are lots of factors involved. This post will be trying to explain each of them in the subheadings below.


Factors producers/manufacturers consider

There are factors producers of air purification devices take into consideration before commencing the production process. Some of these will be highlighted below:

The purpose of the air purifier

This is very important as such will determine whether the needs of end-users will be eventually met or not. It is true that air purifiers have been designed to ensure improvement in air quality around homes and other indoor environments. However, their functions are slightly different. Companies decide at an early stage the functions they would like such devices to perform. For instance, there are air purifiers which have been designed to capture dust, pet dander, pollens and others from the atmosphere around the home. There are also air purifiers which help to get rid of smoke from cigarettes.

When a company makes the decision about which role an air purifier will carry out when used, such will help in determining the components to be included. When it comes to air purifiers, they are of various types which is one thing producers have managed to differentiate in a perfect way. The materials or components being used in the production process will be determined by the type of device a company has decided to manufacture. Producers have basically divided them into 2 categories in recent times. These are catalytic oxidation and filtration absorption air purifier.

Filtration absorption air purifiers are being produced to get rid of harmful gas in the atmosphere. They can also be helpful in the case of pathogenic microorganisms. These devices can purify the air through production of substances using catalytic as well as oxidative decomposition. Air purifiers such as these are majorly aimed at ensuring dangerous gases as well as pathogenic microorganisms are gotten rid of from the atmosphere.


The features

It is important you know that air purifiers tend to vary in terms of their features. This is probably why some are pricier than others. A company tries to take various factors into consideration before deciding what features an air purifier should have. For instance, the level of noise generation for various settings will be determined. There will also be decision on whether the device should have smart features like low electricity consumption, Wi-Fi connectivity and more.

No producer of an air purification device who doesn’t take all of these factors into consideration before starting out. Another critical factor that is mostly considered is the size of the device. Some producers have various designs that can fit into different spaces. There are people who have this wrong belief about air purifiers being produced for only large spaces. This isn’t true as producers have air purifying devices which can be used in small rooms too.

According to a producer, determining the size of an air purifier that should be manufactured before production process starts is very important. There are companies which even conduct online and offline surveys in order to determine the right size of air purifiers to be produced. A manufacturer once explained that companies invest heavily in market research in order know the size which end-users may want in their homes and offices. The reason is that any mistake of manufacturing what won’t sell can make them experience huge losses.

Their Components

The idea of which components are to be included in an air purifying device is also important for a successful production process. For instance, producers need to determine what kind of filters are to be installed in the air purifiers. There are various questions which need to be answered before the ideal components for an air purifier can be gotten. One of them is the category of end-users being targeted.

In the above case, producers may likely decide to put filters that of moderate/medium quality in order to ensure the device is affordable. There are different types of filters being installed in air purifiers. While some are permanent, others need to be replaced within 3-4months. The air purifiers which come with permanent filters always command prices that are higher as compared to those which have replaceable filters.

Most air purifiers in the market come with replaceable filters. The reason is that producers have discovered they are the mostly affordable for end-users. In other words, their demands are higher when compared the other group of air purifiers which come with filters that are permanent.

Its design

When it comes to design, producers are always trying to ensure functionalities of an air purifier aren’t compromised in any way. As an end-user, you may find the design of such device to be appealing. However, producers tend to look beyond such as they always ask some certain questions pertaining to how their air purifiers are designed. For instance, they try to consider how such devices will fit into small and large rooms without too much spaces being taken.
Before production commences, a company can make decision about whether its air purifier would be designed to be mounted on walls, hanged on ceilings, wearable or even mounted on desktops. This is very crucial given that it will be used in determine how much space the supposed air purifier will consume around the home and office.
It should be noted that when it comes to design which is one of the final stages of producing an air purifier, there is always variation in terms of complexity. This means that depending on the type of air purifier to be produced, a manufacturer may find it to be more complex than others. HEPA filter air purifiers have been discovered to be one of the easiest with regards to design. There are two major factors which can influence how the HEPA filters are to be designed. These are particles which are expected to be removed and required rate of air flow. Finer particles can be removed by finer pores.

Please note that for finer particles to be collected, such can make the filter clog sooner. This will lead to replacement earlier than expected. The design process is going to involve glass fiber diameter specification. The filter fabric mat density will also be taken into consideration. Most producers include binders in their HEPA filters to make them more effective while working. However, these don’t usually last long. The reason is that they make the filter clog much sooner.

Electrostatic precipitator design process seems to be more complicated than that of heap filters explained above. For home electrostatic precipitator, there are two components which they usually involve. These are ionizing component and collecting component. The former involves the creation of electron cloud while the latter is all about when the particles get pulled out from the air. There are parallel steel plates which the collecting component consists of. Some carry direct voltage while the others are grounded. Alternate plates become positively or negatively charged. Ionizing unit consist of thin wires that carry around 25,000 volts.

It is the positively charged which carry out the role of inducing electron flow between adjacent ionizing plates and the wires. Due to the wires having high voltage, electrons will be pushed towards it with high gravity. In this process, there is acceleration of electrons to high velocities. For instance, once dust particles come in contact with the wire while the device is working, there will be a collision between the particles’ electrons and electrons in the device. This will lead to a process where the former group of electrons will be killed. It is an instance, where there is a collision between negatively and positively charged ions. This is a typical example of how an ionizing air purifier has been built to work.


Raw materials
The manufacturing of air purifiers involve the use of various materials. It all basically depends on the type of air purifier which a producer has decided to create. However, there are instances when both electrostatic precipitators and HEPA filters make use of the similar materials. These could be plastic material, electric fan, control switches, and the filter. Each of these materials will be explained further below:


Plastic material
Every air purifying device comes in plastic cases. This is what is used in providing finishing touches to ensure they are appealing and can contribute to making homes appear beautiful. The idea of plastic case is to ensure safety. In other words, it is to ensure that there is less risk of electric shock in cases when there seems to be an issue with electrical connections in such air purifier.


Electrical fan
The electrical fan performs a very important role when it comes to how the air purifier will work. it helps in the process of effective filtration.


The filter
It is the material which ensures pollutant particles in the air are captured and destroyed by the device. Filters can usually come in various types. For instance, there are some which can be replaced after a period of 3-4months. There are permanent filters which only require periodic maintenance to function optimally. Producers usually decide on which of them to include in their air purifiers before releasing them to the market. Most of the time, such decisions are based on consumer report and survey.


Control switch
Every air purifying device has control switch. This is what ensures the fan is controlled at varying speed levels to make their filters work fine. They are also responsible for making the devices get turned off and on whenever the need arises.

The materials usually used for their cases are plastic. These could come in the form of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride or high impact polystyrene.


Types of air purifier to be produced

This is another integral process of air purifier production. The market is filled with different types of air purifiers. Most of the companies make this decision based on consumer report. In other words, the decision to produce a particular type of air purifier will be greatly dependent on consumer report. Below are the various types of air purifiers that can be produced.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

1 – Ultraviolet air purifiers

These devices are very common amongst companies. They have been designed to get rid of air pollutants through the use of ultraviolet light. These could be pathogens, bacteria, harmful viruses, and others. Companies started producing this type of air purifying device once hospital began to make use of UV lights in getting laboratories and rooms of patients disinfected. There are residential and commercial UV air purifiers. The former is perfect for spaces that are small while the latter is great for commercial use.

UV devices have one major aim or purpose. This is getting rid of germs and mold in order to ensure illnesses are prevented. Through this light, cells can either become incapacitated or killed. For this device to be produced as expected, the company will need to understand how electromagnetic radiation works. There companies which have discovered that UV light has various sources. These could be mercury-vapor lamps, black-light lamps, phototherapy, sun beds, and sunlamps. A perfect understanding of these will help a company know which UV light is actually ideal.


There is always the fear that UV air purifiers have been designed to produce ozone while working. This is far from the truth as most of them aren’t. As a matter of fact, most of these types of air purifiers have been made to go through some rigorous and strict testing phases in order to ensure 100% safety for end-users. This means there is no need panicking about their safety.

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

2 – HEPA Air Purifiers

These air purifiers are becoming increasingly popular amongst others in recent times. They are devices which have been produced with advanced filters to ensure the quality of air improves. Unlike the UV air purifiers mentioned above, the filtration process of these devices is done through usage of filters. Most of the companies include HEPA filters in their air purifiers. The reason is that they have been discovered to be effective and safe to make use of without any fear of health complications. For instance, HEPA air purifiers have an accurate rate of around 99.7% in the aspect of removing pollutant particles.


These forms of air purifiers are usually produced to help people suffering from allergies. When these devices are produced, there are lots of factors a company takes into consideration. These could be the nature of the filter, its cost and others. It all depends on the target market. For instance, a company can produce cheap HEPA air purifiers. The filters of such devices can be easily replaceable after a period of 3-4months. On the other hand, it can decide to manufacture permanent filters. The former option is always expensive after being produced. However, it can help to save money in the long run.

Olansi K06A Air Purifier

Olansi K06A Air Purifier

3 – Activated Carbon Air Purifiers

Through the heating of carbon source at extremely high temperatures, these devices are produced. These air purifiers are produced to ensure harmful gases are removed from the air. Another name that they can be known as is activated charcoal air purifiers. These forms of air purifiers may not be common in the market but they have proven to be effective. A manufacturer once claimed that the reason why they produce these devices is the fact that it has been discovered how house products/items release volatile organic compounds.


There are some which are produced with HEPA filters to ensure complete purification of air. The truth about Activated Carbon Air Purifiers is that they are unique amongst other devices being produced. The reason is that HEPA filters are always included for the removal of gases, smoke, fumes, chemicals, and odors.


Initially when Activated Carbon Air Purifiers got introduced, they weren’t as effective as they are today when it comes to air purification. It is a technology that companies have spent millions of dollars perfecting over the years. This dates back to when it was first adopted by the Egyptians who made use of it in getting rid of odors which are related to infections.

Olansi A3C Air Purifier

Olansi A3C Air Purifier

4 – Ionic Air Purifiers

These air purifiers can also be referred to as ionizers. They are a typical example of how technology has advanced when it comes to the field of air purification. Formerly, companies were only used to producing activated carbon and HEPA filters air purifiers. Due to series of research, there was need to produce something much better that people would feel more comfortable making use of. This gave birth to the production of ionic air purifiers. They are devices which have been produced to ensure the emission of negative substances into the air.

These will then produce substances will get attached to air pollutants such as pet dander, pollen, mold and dust. There are companies which include electrostatic precipitators in their ionic air purifying devices. These ensure that particles which are positively charged are trapped in such device. Most of the time, these devices are produced to be used in large spaces in homes and offices. Companies manufacture these forms of air purifiers to ensure that are available to all and sundry.

Olansi K05A Car Air Purifier

Olansi K05A Car Air Purifier

The production process

Once everything is in place as explained above, the production of air purifier will then commence.  Below are the processes or stages through which the major components are produced.


Producing the case

Stage 1

Just as explained above, the cases can be in the form of materials such aspolypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride or even high impact polystyrene. Any one chosen will get fed into hopper. It will also be heated up to a melting point of around 150-310°C (300-590°F).


Stage 2

The molten plastic is going to get injected into the case’s mold. Please note that this process is carried out under intense pressure. In most cases, tool steel is where the mold is gotten from via a mold maker which is highly skilled. The mold has vents which helps to ensure air escapes just as the plastic is entering. At this point, the designer of such mold will ensure that the filling is even. Furthermore, air will have to escape in the right amount. This will avoid a situation whereby the finished part will have some voids or bubbles.


Stage 3

Water is going to be forced via channels which have been built into such mold for the transference of heat. This will move from plastic (molten plastic) to the environment. The mold will open once this part becomes cool.


In case you don’t seem to understand this process. The above explanation is all about the stage where an air purifying device takes its shape. It is a process where it begins to take the shape which a producer expects. Before it commences, most manufacturers would want to ensure that its shape is first of all drawn.


The fan

Through the fan, it becomes possible for air to be pulled via the device. There is nothing technical about adding fan as a component of this device. Some companies manufacture their own fans while others may decide to buy from sellers. The major components of a fan are 4blades and electric. Through the use of steel screws, the fan gets attached to such case.


HEPA filters

The HEPA filters are very important when it comes to air purifiers working as expected. In this stage, there is creation of the fibre glass which make up the HEPA filters. It can either be made to pass through molten plastic or glass. Due to their diameters being very tiny, the end product of fiber glass will become cool almost instantly. It will also become hardened at this stage.


The spinning nozzle at this point will be moving back and forth. This will lead to formation of a web by the glass fibers. The filter material’s thickness will be determined by the speed at which the conveyor belt is working. When the conveyor belt is slow, such will lead to the building up of more fiber glass on the belt.


Through melting as well as cooling, the fibers will begin to bond. As such conveyor begins to make progress, there will be the spraying of latex binder on the fabric. This is usually to ensure additional strength is available. A producer can decide to choose any size of fabric. Sometimes it is based on customer survey or review.


Once HEPA mats have been formed, they will then get folded into a folder that is automatic. These usually takes accordion pattern. Its standard filter measurement will be around 50ft2 (5m2). This will then get enclosed into a space that is small. The filter which is in accordion pattern will then become enclosed with the aid of filter case which is usually characterized by open wire grid. In other to ensure the filter is properly supported, this filter case will be been built.


Construction of electrostatic precipitators

  • In order to ensure Electrostatic precipitators are constructed, steel plates are enclosed in a casing made up of plastic. This process is usually carried out manually. These plates will be arranged in a manner that they become parallel to each other while encased.


  • There will then be connection of wires for the alternation of plates. This will ensure positive direct current with high voltage can be applied to such plates. Other plates will then become grounded.


  • In order to get the ionizing unit constructed, diameter wires (small) will be made to pass through the collector plates’ front.


  • There is a voltage transformer which will become fixed to precipitator case thereby converting household alternating current (115 volts) into direct current (high voltage). The voltage is expected to be running both ionizing wires and collector plates that are positively charged.


Constructing activated carbon filter

A major component of the activated carbon filter is foam or carbon-impregnated cloth. In order to manufacturer this, there is infusion of the raw materials using activated carbon (powdered).


The carbon filter will then be used in getting the HEPA filter wrapped. This can either be from its outside or inside. It is usually what determines the extent to which the filter will be able to catch smaller particles in the air.


The assembly stage

This stage can only become possible once the above stages/processes have been completed. The components of an air purifying device are very few. This is the primary reason why they can be bench assembled. It involves a process whereby individual component are being assembled manually by a professional.


It is an easy process once the others have been successfully completed. For instance, assembling the fan won’t be difficult given that it is already attached to a particular case. In the case of a standard air purifier, the components could be switch, carbon filter, particulate filter, fan and casing. Just as explained above, this stage involves putting each of these components together to ensure they work optimally. It is a stage that is done by someone who is skilled in assembling of such components. There can also be another professional to check whether they have been properly assembled or not.



Quality control stages

In order to ensure the air purifier meets the needs of end-users, it is important that it goes through a process of quality control. There are different types of quality control approaches. It all depends on the one that can align with the goals and objectives of a manufacturer.


Quality control is a process by which a producer adopts some measures to ensure the air purifier which has been produced has met the required guidelines (both internal and external). Also, it is to know whether the needs of end-users can be met without any compromise or not. With these processes in place, there is always assurance that the devices being produced will be of high quality. Below are some of the steps for effective quality control of manufactured air purifiers.


Step 1- Setting quality standards

In various industries, there are standards or guidelines which are expected to be followed to ensure goods produced are safe for public consumption or usage. It is the same with that of air purifying devices. For instance, when it was discovered that air purifiers which generate ozone while working can cause further health complications in the long term for consumers, several measures were put in place to ensure producers are creating safe devices.


In this case, the air purifying device which has been produced will be examined to ensure it has met such requirements. This will be in line with the various stipulations according to government policies. It is a process to ensure the health of consumers are protected any harmful device. The device will be thoroughly checked in terms of features and functionalities to ensure there won’t be any complications once it is used.


Step 2 – Making a decision on quality standard

Before the air purifier will be produced, a company will have to decide on which of the quality standards it would want to focus on. This is the stage whereby the producer will try to ensure the final product has been in line with set goals and objectives.


It is a stage whereby the product will be reviewed to find out whether there are any lapses. For instance, if the air purifier which has been produced is to have some specific features like replaceable filters, this is where such will be checked. The producer will want to find out whether the replaceable filters are of very high quality.


The reason for this stage is to ensure the device delivers in terms of quality and features as claimed. Reputable producers try to find out whether the quality of a component will have to be improved or not. This is where any correction or adjustment will be made before the product is finally allowed to go through the next stage of the quality control.


Step 3 – Checking operational processes

This is a very important process in the quality control stages. It is a stage where the air purifier will be well – observed to ensure every complaint is addressed accordingly. The reason for checking operational processes is to ensure the product is improved on a consistent basis. According to expert, this is a continuous stage that every quality product is made to go through even after being released into the market.


The reason is that it is from this stage, the air purifying device will be upgraded on a continuous basis so as to meet the demands of the changing times. A lot of comparisons are made in this stage. For instance, the producer of such device will compare its benchmark against actual results to find out aspects that require improvement.


Step 4 – Reviewing results

This is another crucial stage that can help improve the quality of such device in order to meet market expectations. In order to review results, it will be made to go through beta testing. This involves third and independent parties being allowed to test the air purifier. They will be expected to give unbiased reviews eventually.


It is the duty of the company to review these results in order to find out areas that need to be addressed before the device will be finally released into the market. It is a stage where feedback will be received from beta testers.


There are several ways that this can be done. These could be allowing people to have access to such devices after answering some survey questions or even offering them at prices that are highly discounted. This isn’t a problem though given that there are always people who will be willing to give their views on such devices.


Step 5- Making improvements

This is the last stage of quality control. It is an accumulation of the above steps to ensure set goals and objectives have been achieved when it comes producing an air purifying device that can meet vary needs of end-users without any compromise. It is a stage where reports and feedbacks will be objectively analyzed with a view to ensuring adjustments are made.


A reputable air purifier manufacturer will ensure none of these quality control stages is skipped since they determine how the product will perform amongst others in the market. In other words, each of them is very important.


Olansi K01C Air Purifier

Olansi K01C Air Purifier


Based on the above, it is very obvious that the production of air purifying devices usually involves various stages which manufacturers go through. The major aim is to ensure the product is up to the required standard as stipulated by the government/regulating bodies.


The most important stage of production is quality control. It is the reason why manufacturers in various ecommerce platforms usually try to make it clear when their air purifiers have gone through various means of quality control. This is why you need to always look out for any device you plan purchasing. It is the only way of getting something that will live up to its claims.

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How To Use Air Purifier Safely?

It is one thing to use an air purifier, it is entirely something different to safely make use of it. The truth is that most people don’t really understand how to ensure these devices are safely used. There are lots of cases when end-users have been exposed to dangers which otherwise could have been avoided.

Are you struggling to make use of an air purifier in a safe manner? Do you know that there are lots of dangers/implications when safety is ignored while making use of an air purifying device? You have come to the right place where facts will be shared about how to use such device in the safest manner. Just check out the details below in order to ensure your loved ones and family members are safe while such device is being used.

olansi K06A2 air purifiers

olansi K06A2 air purifiers

The rules of repair/maintenance

This is one of the most important rules to ensure everyone using such device is safe. Do you usually leave the power cord connected while trying to maintain an air purifying device? This isn’t a good idea as something dangerous can happen. It has been discovered that over 40% of people using electrical devices like these prefer leaving them plugged to their circuits while carrying out maintenance or repair. Some people usually see it as stressful having to remove the cord and later getting it connected again.


The truth is that a mistake like this can prove to be very costly especially once there are any complications. For instance, there could be some wires that are not properly connected in your device. In this case, leaving it connected/plugged while trying to carry out a maintenance routine can expose you to electric shock. The only way to avoid a problem like this is ensuring the power cord of such device has been disconnected before carrying out any kind of maintenance. Even if you want to clean only the external parts of such device, leakages can still occur thereby bring about electric shock.


Avoid physical contacts

This is also very important and shouldn’t be ignored. Electric shock isn’t a funny or pleasant experience.  It is true that air purifiers are usually made with plastic materials to get them encased therefore, the chances of someone getting shocked are very low. This may be true to some extent. However, there is no guarantee that something can’t go wrong. It doesn’t really matter what a seller claims about his air purifiers being the safest as you are not advised to come in contact with it while functioning.


Even if you want to touch it due to an emergency, it is recommended that you have it turned off first. This will guarantee your safety. Don’t be careless enough to allow kids or pets come in physical contact with it. The reason is that there is risk of electrocution especially once there is leakage somewhere around such device. Plastic cases will guarantee safety but such isn’t 100%. A great way to avoid coming in contact with air purifiers is positioning them in places or spots that are a little bit far away from people.


Checking the user manual

Air purifiers usually come with user manual to help end-users get the best while making use of them in their respective homes. In case you understand how these devices can be repaired, it is still important to check out details as outlined in their user guides. This will help provide you with a clue on how they can easily be repaired without damaging anything.


There is something about air purifiers which most people are yet to understand. This is the fact that they are different when it comes to how they can be maintained. For instance, the filters in some are easy to remove and replace while others may not. If you really want to get the idea on how to effectively maintain yours without causing any damage, it is important you check out the details on its manual. Failure to do this can lead to some unnecessary spending which could have been avoided. Furthermore, through the user manual, you will understand the most ideal tools which can be used in maintaining your air purifier. This will ensure you don’t have to do any guesswork.


Hiring repair professionals

There are people who fancy the idea of repairing air purifiers by themselves in order to save money. This is very dangerous and can put you in trouble. There are professionals who are highly skilled when it comes to fixing air purifiers. They will be willing to help out in any kind of problem your air purifier may be having at the moment. There is no need trying to take the risk of repairing such on your own. This is because there could be mistakes which can bring about further damage.


With a professional repairer, there won’t be any need racking your brains on what could have gone wrong with such device. This is because such expert doesn’t only have the knowledge but also comes with the required skills to make the process a complete walk in the park. This is one of the safest ways of using air purifiers.


Asking questions

Most people don’t see the need to ask questions about their air purifying devices even when they seem to be having complications. This is very important and can help ensure safety for everyone around the home. You can ask the seller some questions to know how it can be put to effective use. This becomes clear once you don’t understand some of the terms being explained in the user manual.


It will amaze you to know that most sellers will be willing to explain how their air purifiers can be put to use without having to bother about safety issues. Don‘t try to assume everything since such may not help you in any way. If there is anything or aspect that doesn’t seem clear, contacting the seller of such device won’t be a bad idea.

olansi A3C21 air purifier

olansi A3C21 air purifier


Based on the above, it is obvious that there are strategies you can adopt in order to use an air purifying device without having to bother about safety issues. You can start with the ideas being revealed above. It is basically all about ensuring your loved ones and family members are safe.

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Are Air Purifiers Safe?

There have been lots of myths regarding air purifiers in recent times despite experiencing an increase in the number of people using them as compared to the past. For instance, there are people who believe it can bring about health complications which may prove fatal in the long run. Some are of the opinion that it can lead to its users experiencing symptoms which are unhealthy.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

If you entertain such thoughts about an air purifier, there is every chance that you lack adequate knowledge about its features. There is no need to bother as this post will be helping to explain whether they are safe or not. After reading the details of this post below, you will be wondering why it has taken this long to start using an air purifying device.


What you should understand

The truth is that instead of causing health issues in your system as most people believe, air purifiers have been designed to help improve your health. For instance, it has been discovered that odors, dust and bacteria around the home or office can cause breathing difficulties with time when not gotten rid of. This is one of the benefits of using an air purifier.


As a matter of fact, most people making use of these devices have claimed that their air became much lighter after about 1-3hours. Based on a review like this, there is no need trying to avoiding using such devices around the home. It is similar to indirectly depriving yourself of true comfort. Below are some of the safety considerations when people talk about using air purifiers. These are to help provide you with a guide on how to choose a safe air purifying device.


Using them on 24/7 basis

This has raised lots of topics for debates over the years. There are people who once claimed that although air purifiers are safe to be used in homes and offices, they shouldn’t be working 24/7. The truth is that these devices have been built to work regularly in order to ensure air around your home is purified and healthy. This means allowing them to work regularly will not cause any harm whatsoever.


They function like every other electronic device in your home at the moment since you will only be required to get them plugged and that is it. Provided there is problem with your electrical connections, they are expected to function at their very best. Also, your air purifier may not function properly once it develops electrical fault. This doesn’t mean it is not safe to be used as you only need to get it repaired.


The problem of ozone exposure

This is another trending topic when it comes to choosing air purifiers. Most people usually ask whether air purifiers with ionization technology is safe or not. It is true that there are air purifiers which generate ozone while trying to improve the quality of air in offices and homes. In such case, ozone is created as by-product. According to experts, air purifiers which contain/generate ozone aren’t safe to make use of. This is because once inhaled, they can expose users to suffering from olfactory cells as well as lungs damage.


The good part is that there are air purifiers which have been designed not to generate ozone. This means they are safe to make use of around your home without any fear. As a matter of fact, most air purifiers you see today have been certified by the appropriate authorities. They have been made to go through series of testing processes to ensure 100% user safety.


One way of getting access to a safe air purifier is asking all the needed questions before pulling out your credit card. Try to ask a seller whether such device is certified and approved. This will save you the stress of bothering whether the air purifying device can cause any long term health damage or not. Modern air purifiers have been developed to be 100% ozone-free.


The issue of using filterless air purifiers

Filterless air purifiers have been a revolution given how they have been designed to improve air quality without any need for filters as a component. Thermal ceramic core is what these filters make use of to ensure the elimination of pollen, viruses, bacteria and lots of other air pollutants. These are heated and destroyed in order to improve the quality of air.


Apart from being very effective in the process of cleaning indoor air, these air purifiers are becoming more popular due to how they can help users save costs on replacing and repairing filters in the long run. Furthermore, they don’t generate noise when working. This makes them perfect for use in bedrooms during night periods.

Talking about their safety to health of users, these devices function optimally without any compromise. Therefore, any concern about health challenges is mitigated due to how they have been designed to work.


You have to be careful though given that not all filterless devices can be safe to make use of. For instance, there are some which have been discovered to generate ozone while working. They don’t emit dangerous ion, ozone, UV light or emissions. It is basically all about checking out the features of an air purifier you must have decided to purchase. Ensure that you are dealing with an honest seller or manufacturer to avoid this problem since it has been discovered that most filterless air purifiers are not safe to make use of. Dishonest sellers will leave out important information which can aid you make to the needed assessment about whether the air purifier is safe or not.

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

Olansi K07 Air Purifier


Based on the above, it is very obvious that when it comes to the subject of whether air purifiers are safe or not, there are lots of variables which need to be taken into consideration. It is all about making a decision about what you need and the air purifying device which can meet such needs without your health being compromised in any way.

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Best Features Of Olansi Air Purifiers

You have done everything possible to improve the quality of air around your home. These could be removing of pet dander, discarding candles, using air fresheners and regular vacuuming. However, the problem still persists which can be very frustrating given the amount of efforts you have put in. This is where you will need to make use of an olansi air purifier.

There is no doubting the fact that air purifiers have proven to be the most effective solution when it comes to improving the quality of air in a home or office. This is why there is an increasing number of people who are making use of it in recent times.

Olansi K08B Air Purifier

Olansi K08B Air Purifier

Here is the nightmare

The problem is that when it comes to investing in the best air purifiers, such could prove to be very risky especially when you haven’t done bought any before. This is because there are lots of top quality features to lookout for in an air purifier. If these aren’t present, it means you haven’t invested wisely. There is no need to be worried though as this post will be helping you out today. It will be revealing some of the best features you need to look for in such devices.

PM2.5 filter

PM2.5 filter is an integral part of every air purifier in the market. It is very important yours is having this feature. The reason is that it helps to ensure tiny particles are filtered out from your home in a seamless manner. These could be mold and bacteria spores. PM2.5 particles have been discovered to pose high level of threats to health of humans. These are typical industrial emissions that can bring about some health complications in the long run. The bottom line is ensuring that whatever device you must have chosen to buy has potentials of getting PM2.5 particles filtered out.


Furthermore, it is very important you find out the quality of filter such air purifier is using. For instance, there are some that don’t stand the test of time. On the other hand, there are those which only require regular maintenance in other to work as expected. It is important you try to find out the quality of filter from a seller before buying. Also, note that filters vary in terms of roles they perform. There are those which can filter dust while some can get rid of smoke.


Modern design

When it comes to how an air purifier has been designed, there some factors you have to take into consideration.  These could be Wi-Fi accessibility, ease at which it can be set up, aesthetics, and portability. Most air purifiers with modern designs can be easily carried from one place to another. It means you don’t have to think about spending more money purchasing another since they can be used in different parts of the home.


Air purifiers are being built to align with most home décor ideas. In other words, their presence makes any part of your home more appealing. The best part is that their functionalities aren’t compromised in any way. Quality air purifiers are built to make life more comfortable for users. Therefore, always look out for whether Wi-Fi connectivity has been integrated into it. Furthermore, they have user-friendly interfaces which enable users make use of them with great ease without any special knowledge or skills.


Moderate noise level

Most people are worried about buying air purifiers because they feel such devices generate too much noise. Using an air purifier which has very high noise level will ensure you don’t experience true comfort. The fortunate part is that most modern devices have been designed to be moderate in their noise generation. Try to ensure that your favorite air purifier’s sound ratings has been properly checked before purchasing.


There are some which can produce minimal noise even with very high settings. A tip here is to always lookout for devices which have dB ratings of around 20-40. The loudest noise usually have dB ratings of about 50-70. Never make the mistake of purchasing an air purifier which generates too much noise when being used with the lowest setting.


Easy maintenance

This is very important in order to ensure you don’t spend too much replacing the components of your air purifier. There are various types of air purifiers in the market. While it is easy to get access to the filters of some of these devices, others can’t be easily accessible. This is one feature you have to lookout for. For instance, you can ask the seller how the filter is maintained. Most manufacturers of modern air purifiers have made it possible for these devices to be opened without the need for any tool.


Ensure that the process of cleaning or replacement of filter isn’t complicated. This can make you spend money by hiring a specialist. The process of regular maintenance is one that can’t be skipped for any reason. This is because such may negatively affect its performance. Try to find out the number of air filters which such device makes use of since some have been built to use multiple filters. These are some of the questions you need to ask a seller before making the final purchase.


Smart energy consumption

This is another important feature that you need to check out in an air purifier. You don’t want to a situation where your electricity bills will increase due to the use of such device. The electricity consumption of air purifiers majorly depend on their ratings. There are some which aren’t up to 100 watts even while being adjusted to the highest.

These are the types of air purifiers you have to consider buying in order to ensure you aren’t spending more than necessary on electricity consumption. There are devices which consume around 30-70 watts while being used. They function very well despite being able to save cost on electricity. You have to choose carefully to get the best of air purifiers in this regards.

Olansi K04A2 Air Purifier Facotry

Olansi K04A2 Air Purifier Facotry


When it comes to buying an air purifier, it is important you take its features into consideration. This will ensure you don’t purchase something which doesn’t align with your overall needs. The above ideas can help you get a good start. Just ask your seller about each of them in order to know what you are getting.

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Most common mistakes in the use of home and office air purifiers

There are those who even have an air purifier in their homes, do not know the best tips for their use.

Many of the users of the air purifiers are not completely sure of the advice they should follow to perform their maintenance, or even to make them a normal use, which does not compromise their operation.

For this reason, many of the manufacturers have taken a moment to explain the answers to many of the most common questions that many of the users who have an air purifier have in their home. So if you feel you still don’t have some clear answers, you can continue reading a little more.

Olansi K02B Air Purifier

Olansi K02B Air Purifier

These are the most common mistakes that inexperienced air purifier users make.

Short use time

For many, the time of use of an air purifier is quite uncertain, since they think that it may have to work temporarily, with a period of just a couple of hours. Although most think that this time should be enough to be able to decontaminate the air in a space, the truth is that much more is needed than that. An air purifier is designed to be able to function for many hours, so it must be kept operational during this time so you can get rid of all those polluting particles in the air.

Temporary ignition to save electricity

Being an air purifier such an efficient electronic device, it requires operating with a certain amount of electricity, this of course worries many of its users, since the electricity bill is higher than usual. In order to offset this negative impact on the home economy, many users choose to find a more definitive solution to save some electricity. For this reason, many of them think that if they turn on the air purifier, only when they have left the house, and turn it off when they return, it is an effective way to save a little, and in addition to advancing the processes and functions of this device.

The truth is that this is the least optimal way to use the air purifier. The most advisable thing is that, if you need to save a little on the electricity bill, turn on the purifier only when you are inside the space, since this way you will be in the presence of a healthier environment, and when leaving home you will not have to worry by the state of the device.

Save on filters

There are those who think that the filters of the air purifiers are incorporated to these permanently, and that they do not need to be changed, since in case they have an excess of particles, they can be removed through a simple wash of filter or meshes, that is, they will never need to change the filter.

But, the truth is that the filters have a shelf life, which will be determined by the manufacturers of the devices, and although this time is quite long there will come a time when the change will be necessary and unplayable.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

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How to eliminate odors of all kinds by ozone air purifier

People who have pets and want to eliminate unpleasant odors can purchase air purifiers for this. We are also presented with smells from other sources, and we want to get rid of them. Well for this, there is nothing like an air purifier

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

Eliminate pet odors with an air purifier.

Pets are part of the daily life of a large part of the population, becoming one more member of the family, but sometimes sharing space can cause problems due to bad odors or allergy problems.

The safest thing is that if our pet is a dog or a cat, he will climb on the armchair in which we rest, or even sleep with us in bed. In these places is where we can suffer the most allergies and bad smells caused by pets.

Rhinitis, asthma, conjunctivitis. The animal’s hair is susceptible to causing these ailments in certain people. Dogs and cats generate unpleasant odors especially when they get wet or smell “street”. Air purifiers, thanks to their high quality system, will filter pet hair and with them allergens, while leaving the house free of all kinds of odors related to our pets.

It is now possible to enjoy the company of a pet without allergies or unpleasant odors, and the solution is simple: you just have to install an air purifier at home, simply by plugging it into the electric current and letting it work as one more household appliance. this way we can eliminate odors from pets.

Eliminate bad odors from the air with ozone air purifiers

Ozone air purifiers are known for their effectiveness in reducing odors in your room or in surrounding spaces. Odors from pollutants like new carpets and acrolein, pet odors and tobacco smoke, bacteria odors, and rotten odors can be eliminated especially with the help of ozone air purifiers. Eliminate bad odors from the air with ozone air purifiers

Ozone is a highly reactive oxidant that aids in the destruction of certain bacteria, chemicals, and other pollutants in the air. Therefore, ozone air purifiers can be truly effective in cleaning the surrounding air.

But how do you get rid of bad odors with ozone air purifiers?

The work of ozone air purifiers is simple but unique. When ozone reacts with various substances or pollutants in the air, these pollutants break down into other materials that are also called pollutants. Ozone made up of three oxygen molecules converts certain pollutants in the air to carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, formic acid, and a variety of aldehydes. Therefore, the air is easily purified when cleaned with ozone air purifiers.

olansi K09C2 air purifier suppliers

olansi K09C2 air purifier suppliers

To consider

A warning suggests that you should limit the use of ozone air purifiers, especially indoors, to reduce negative effects on residents. Ozone air purifiers can be really effective for outdoor purposes. But even for the regular outdoors, take a look at low-emission indirect ozone generators to reduce all possible adverse effects on ordinary people.

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How te choose the ideal bedroom air purifier?

It is important, every time you buy a totally new product, that you have the security of how it works and the effect it will have on your home. A small comparative study must be done before using any product that will remain for a long time at home, especially if it will interact directly with all family members, and their work at home will be constantly.

Olansi K01A air purifier

Olansi K01A air purifier

To acquire an air purifier you have to inform yourself about all the benefits that it brings to a space.

Such is the case of an air purifier, which will remain on for a good time, and will constantly be receiving and emitting a certain amount of air, in order to efficiently contain the contamination that exists in that environment.

Since you have decided to buy one, it is important that you choose one of the many models that you can find in the market.

Well, you have already decided that you want an air purifier at home, now it is time to choose which of these devices you are going to acquire to do the decontamination work at home, because there are currently several models of air purifiers that they operate under different methods, using different filters that fulfill specific functions.

Sometimes, when there are so many options for a home solution, it is important to be a little more specific in terms of the tasks that this unit will fulfill within our homes, and from there to be able to make the most successful purchase decision that can be. In this case, to choose the ideal air purifier, we must follow these tips a bit:

Size of the surface to be treated

This is one of the vital points, since if you choose a purifier that works below the capacity that is needed or above it, it will not be doing its job. It is important to determine the size of the space where the air purifier will be used, in this way you can choose the correct model, and that it is in tune with its capacity, without affecting in any way the final results of the process.

Equipment Volume

This aspect is a bit related to the previous point, since, as the power and capacity of an air purifier increases, it increases in size, which is why for a small room, the ideal would be to choose one of small volume, so that it fulfills its work in an efficient way. You also have to take into account the space available in the room where the equipment will be installed.

Filters and functions

Many will think that a purifier is only responsible for decontaminating the air, and although it is their most fundamental task, it also has others that go much further. This is the main reason why we can see that there are different methods and also several types of filters that vary in terms of materials and other functions. For this reason you must be quite specific when choosing the filter that best suits your lifestyle and what you want to achieve through its use.

Benefits of having an air purifier in your bedroom:

1. Less use of chemicals and washing agents

Some air purifiers provide full sanitation and kill bacteria, mold, and fungus. It is important to feel safe at your own home and breathe fresh air.

These machines even work in the rooms with high amounts of humidity. Air purifiers are the perfect solution for areas that are not ventilated frequently such as storage rooms, garages, and basements.

2. Removing odors and unpleasant smells

A strong benefit of air purifiers is that they reduce cooking smells in the kitchen so there is no need to use synthetic air fresheners.

Air purifiers are also great help to keep areas dust-free. Sometimes regular vacuuming doesn’t do a good enough job. Thanks to innovative technology and ozone generation, air purifiers reduce small particles of dust and even cigarette smoke.

3. Help you breathe easier

People who suffer from asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions can benefit from using these air cleaners, as well as pet owners who are facing problems with odors, urine, and dander. All of these issues can be quite upsetting, but these devices proved to be effective in dealing with them.

olansi K04C air purifier

olansi K04C air purifier

There are different kinds of purifiers on the market. They are available for home and commercial use. Air purifiers come in different sizes depending on the area that you need them for and there are even some portable models that can be used for traveling.

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Air Purifier Frequently Asked Questions Before Buying

Most people don’t know whether the idea of buying an air purifier is actually good or not. They don’t really understand whether such will be a reasonable investment in the short or long run. If you are amongst such people, you have come to the right place. The reason for such doubt is because you don’t understand lots of facts about these air purifying devices. This post will be addressing some vital and sensitive questions about air purifiers. Every question bothering you about air purifiers will be addressed here today. Just check them out below.

olansi K06A2 air purifiers

olansi K06A2 air purifiers

What are air purifiers?

These are devices or appliances which have been designed to ensure airborne pollutants are removed from homes and offices. Their major function is to ensure that there is an improved quality of air around such environments. They have been produced to help people that have health challenges such as asthma, allergies and breathing difficulties.


What does CFM stand for?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. This measurement represents how many cubic feet of air move through the unit per minute. This is important when considering which air purifier is right for you. The higher the CFM, the better potential air purification results.

Keep in mind that CFM can be impacted by a variety of factors, including fan speeds, insulation, air flow in the room, furniture in the room, and the amount of pollutants in the air. However, there is an equation to help you determine an ideal CFM, which can provide help when deciding on air purifiers.

To find your ideal CFM, calculate the total volume of your space (length x width x height in cubic feet) and divide this number by your desired ACH. Below is a sample equation:

CFM  =

18 ft x 24 ft x 8 ft
5 (air exchanges)







Do I need an air purifier?

Just as said above, air purifiers have the major function of ensuring the quality of air in your home or office is improved. The truth is that there are lots of air pollutants around such environments that you may not be aware of. Once they are ignored, your life is at risk given the threats they can pose to your health.


Furthermore, it has been discovered that the quality of air indoor is worse when compared to the one outdoor. The former can contain pet dander, smoke, dust, and others. Some of the reasons why you may want to embrace the idea of using an air purifier are: it can help you fight against the effects of smoke from cigarettes, breathing with ease around the home, combating problems related to frequent skin rashes, itchy or dry skin and many others.


A major environmental issue in various parts of the world today is indoor pollution. Your health is always at risk once such a problem is ignored. It is even worse when there are kids and elderly persons in such house.


How do air purifiers work?

These devices have been designed in such a way that they can effectively draw polluted air from any given space. Such air will then be made to pass through different stages of filter. In other words, they contain internal fans which help in pulling the air via various filters. This is how harmful particles such as bacteria, pollen and dust are removed from the air.


Once the filtering process is completed, the air will then be circulated again in the room through the air purifier. In a nutshell, air purifiers ensure that polluted air goes through various processes to become clean and healthy again in a room.


How can I identify the best air purifier?

It is very important to know that air purifiers are of various types in the market. This could be in terms of producers, cost, features, and many other factors. For instance, there are air purifiers which can only help to filter the smoke from cigarettes. Also, there are air purifiers that can help to filter bad odors from your home. In case you are suffering from asthma, it is recommended to go for a device that can filter dust.


It all depends on what you need. In other words, try to analyze the problems you want an air purifier to solve. Also, consider the size of your budget as you will also need to spend money on maintenance of such device in the long run. These could be on replacement of filters.


Don’t air purifiers produce noise?

This is one of the reasons why most people are yet to purchase air purifiers in their homes. They are of the opinion that such devices generate too much noise. This isn’t true as there are some which are silent even while working. They can only start producing noise once you decide to increase their speed.


Generally speaking, the noise produced by air purifiers is minimal. It can be compared to what fans produce. This means it isn’t as serious as you must have imagined. In case you want an air purifier to produce less noise, ensure to adjust its settings to the lowest or medium.


How often should air purifiers be used?

It is important to note that air purifiers have been designed to be used regularly. Most people switch theirs off at some point which isn’t good. The only time these devices can be switched off is when you aren’t around. This is the only way they can help to improve the quality of air in your home. Once you ever get it switched off, dust will find its way into the house and this can be dangerous. The bottom line is that your air purifier should always be working.


Is it expensive to use an air purifier?

This is another situation where the answer lies within the differences among air purifiers. Some are much more energy efficient than others. HEPA air purifiers typically consume 30 to 200 watts of electricity.

To put this into perspective, a lamp uses approximately 60 watts and a computer uses 365 watts. Using an air purifier probably isn’t going to impact your electricity bill tremendously.

However, if this is a top concern in your search for an air purifier, consider an Energy-Star rated air purifier or find out how many watts an air purifier actually uses before purchasing it.


How can I know the size to purchase?

There are different sizes of air purifiers in the market. The starting point is your room since it will give you an idea of the type that can fit in perfectly.  If your room is big, avoid purchasing any of those small air purifiers. Also, note that most of the devices in the market can only be installed in one room at a time. It means they are not meant to serve an entire building.


In other words, there should be an air purifier in every room. Ask the seller for help in case you are still confused about which one should be bought. Most of them will be willing to explain how you can go about solving such challenge.

olansi K03B2 home air purifier

olansi K03B2 home air purifier

Final words

Based on the above, it is obvious that when it comes to having an air purifier, there are questions that need to be answered. This is the only way to ensure you can get the best from whatever you must have decided to purchase in the market. Just try to understand the above details since you will be spoilt with lots of available options. There is need to familiarize yourself with the various topics about air purifiers in order to make good buying decision.

For more about air purifier,you can pay a visit to olansi air purifier at

How To Use Air Purifier For Best Performance In Your Living Room And BedRoom

There is no doubt that air purifiers are becoming more popular in recent times. This positive development has been traced to the fact that people are getting more aware of their benefits when used in homes. Such could be removal of asthmatic triggers, elimination of allergens like dust, extraction of airborne particles thereby helping reduce chances of Mesothelioma occurrence, and prevention of lung diseases.

Olansi K01C Air Purifier

Olansi K01C Air Purifier

Here is the challenge

Despite the above benefits of air purifiers, it has been discovered that most people usually struggle when it comes to making use of them. If you’ve just purchased one and can’t experience any of such benefits, chances are that you are not using it properly. Don’t worry as you have come to the right place because this post will be revealing how to use an air purifier. The tips here may sound simple but they can help you get the best from such device without breaking a sweat. There is no doubting the fact they will help ensure optimal performance whenever you make use of an air purifier.


Closed windows and doors

This is probably one of the major mistakes most people make while using their air purifiers. They always leave their doors and windows open. The truth is that if you want this device to perform optimally, windows and doors will have to be closed. Openings will reduce its impact to a great extent.


Air purifiers have been discovered to function effectively in spaces that are confined. During daytime, you are free to open your doors and windows in order to ensure proper ventilation. However, ensure they are closed once the air purifier is working.


Replacement of filters

Do you know that filters are an integral part of air purifiers? It means ignoring them will only affect how such device can work around your home. Quality maintenance is the watchword here as filters will need to be replaced on regular basis. It is through filters that dusts can be kept at bay thereby ensuring they don’t have any significant health effects.


This is probably why you need to ensure filters are replaced whenever such is due. You can also clean them regularly to ensure better performance. Before replacing a filter, ensure that guidelines regarding for such procedure have been read. The bottom line is that once parts aren’t replaced at the right time, the performances of your air purifier will suffer.


Continuous usage

Most people believe that leaving their air purifiers on for one day and switching them off the next can do the magic. This is very wrong as air purification has been discovered to be a continuous process. This is why you need to ensure it is regularly switched on in order to have the desired impact around your home. Please note that this doesn’t include times when you won’t be around.


If you ever try to leave it switched off anytime you are around, it means the purpose has been defeated. This is because there will be airborne particles thereby making you vulnerable to health problems like asthma, irregular heartbeats, heart attacks (nonfatal), malfunctioning of the lungs, heart diseases, and premature death.


Choosing the ideal location

Most people who use air purifiers don’t know that the locations where these devices are positioned around their homes is very important. In other to ensure that air circulation isn’t obstructed in any way, it has to be in the right position or location. They require breathing space for best performances.


In other words, ensure that your air purifier has some spaces around where it can breathe easily without being disturbed. Enough space simply means there won’t be any obstruction of air flow. This can mean putting such device in a place where you are always resting or working. Don’t put it anywhere around your home where people don’t usually go. For best results, you can have it pointed towards your face.


Getting the right sizes

Air purifiers are being manufactured in various sizes. This is why you need to choose the right size that will fit into your room. For instance, if you plan keeping an air purifier in a living room, it will be better to go for one that is bigger in size. The opposite is the case once you are planning to have it positioned in your room. Getting this wrong means you won’t experience the benefits of air purifiers. In case you are confused about which one to buy for your home, try to do a research online. This will help you find out the various sizes before pulling out your credit card.


Directing its flow

This tip follows the last one which talked about using the right size in your room. It involves trying to make your air purifier perform optimally even when it is small in a living room. It becomes important especially when you have a limited budget.


In such case, you can still make use of a small device. It only involves having to point it in the right direction. Just take note of areas that are dusty around the room and have it pointing towards them. This won’t be necessary if you are using a larger device though.


Maintenance of particle sensor

Majority of air purifiers in the market have particle sensors (in-built). For these devices to function automatically, the sensors will have to be in very perfect condition. Quality of indoor air is usually revealed by these them. They are very sensitive which is probably why it is important they are cleaned on regular basis. In order to make your device function smoothly, cleaning its sensor twice every month won’t be a bad idea.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier


Based on the above facts about air purifiers, there is no doubt that you have understood how to get the best from your own today. It is simply all about using every technique that has been explained above in the most effective manner. These will ensure you get good value for the money you must have spent purchasing an air purifier.

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