Air Purifier Technology

Air Purifier Technology

What to look out for in the best office air purifiers

Maximum productivity can only be attained in a work environment if all hands are always on deck. Employees can only give their best when they are in good shape. If you have employees who have had anyhistory of allergy reactions or asthma attack, then that is the more reason you need to pay special attention to their wellbeing.

You can achieve this goal by starting with an office air purifier. The office is where we spend the next bulk of our time. Therefore, if it is not healthy, the adverse effects will be well-noticed in our performance.

Olansi K15C air purifier 2

Olansi K15C air purifier 2

It has been recommended that business owners should not take the health of their workers for granted, according to a health expert. Inhaling contaminated air in the office comes with enormous disadvantages, which can have serious adverse effects on not just the employee, but the overall productivity rate.

Adopting an air purifier as part of your office set up can provide a definitive solution to some of the health challenges your employees are facing at the moment.

Nevertheless, some business owners may already be aware of this office air purifier thing, but what they are not sure of is how to know if what they are getting is the real deal. Whether you have any previous knowledge of office air purifiers or not, this article will be giving you insightful details on how you can get the best and make the most of it.

Features to expect

You cannot just buy any purifier you see in the market, because they are of various make and styles. You need to be very sure of whatever you are purchasing, so you do not end up getting the wrong fit. Here are some of the features that can help you identify a good air purifier for your office space.

  • Residential and office air purifiers – this is where you ought to begin your search from if you are aiming to get a reliable air purifier that will last the test of time. A residential air purifier may not be a good fit for an office space for obvious reasons. They have all been designed with varying operational capacities. So if you are ready to get one, make sure you search specifically for office air purifiers. Most office air purifiers are portable, that is, you can move them from one place to another.
  • Sound effect – after identifying an air purifier to be suitable for an office, you still need to look out for other features. One of such features is the amount of sound the purifier makes in the process of working. An office environment is expected to be as peaceful as possible. Even the smallest noise has the ability of causing a bit of distraction in the office, thereby leading to a drop in the quality of employees’ input. A loud-humming air purifier will not be as impactful on your employees as a noiseless air purifier. Look for air purifier units that are silent when they operate. Thankfully, there are several brands of noiseless air purifiers in the market. Anyone of them will be a better option for decontaminating the polluted air space around the office.
  • Size is important – although size may not be a determining factor for purchasing a residential air purifier, it certainly is a vital factor for considering any option for office purifiers. Ideally, offices are not as spacious as residential apartments. Therefore, the idea of using an air purifier of full capacity is not needed. A small, portable air purifier will do a perfect job for any average office space. Also, these smaller air purifier devices are cheaper in terms of price, making them an excellent choice for an office.
  • Maintenance – perhaps, you never saw this coming, the level of maintenance an air purifier will be needing is equally an essential factor in this equation. The office is a place where people will not be glad to change air purifier filters now and then. As employees, they certainly would have more important things to do. An air-purifying unit that does not use filters for decontaminating air particles will be a better fit for an office environment. That way, people can focus on more critical, billable tasks and spend less time fixing damaged filters. If you see an air purifier that uses an indicator light to notify users whenever the filter goes bad, then that will be a good option as well.
  • Filtration system – this one is in line with the last point. Air purifiers are made with various air decontaminating technologies. They can either use filters, ionizers, or ozone molecules. The filter type would have been a perfect fit for offices, but changing the filter every time it goes bad will be too much of a work. Therefore, you can stick with ionizers. They do not require any filters and are not harmful to the body. The ozone generator air purifiers may not be the best option for such environments, even though they are regarded as the most robust deodorization devices. Please stay away from them until they have been improved.
Olansi K08C air purifier

Olansi K08C air purifier


Employers are more concerned about how much profit they are expecting, leaving those who are bringing in the money to be exposed to a wide variety of harmful substances. If you want to be a successful business person, then you have to take your employees’ wellbeing very seriously. You would want them to move from one healthy environment to another healthy environment. One way to make that balance a reality is by putting air purifiers in your offices. Should you not be clear with the features above, you can go through it again for more clarity.

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The Effectiveness of Antibacterial Air Purifier For Indoor Air Pollution

Researchers have been working their hearts out for decades on how we can be inhaling clean air, devoid of any form of pollution. From air-purifying plants to advanced air purifying devices, the search has never stopped. These experts have created awareness, and residents around the globe are now showing keen interest in how they can get themselves high-quality air purifiers.

If you are hoping to buy any of the best air purifiers, then this air purifier postis just what you need. Let’s get things started with a brief background on air purifiers and why getting these devices have become an absolute necessity.

Olansi K01A Air Purifier

Olansi K01A Air Purifier

Our polluted air space

Energy-efficient doors and windows are fantastic for not letting air pollutants find their way into your house. The dark side about this type of arrangement is that it could trap dangerous air particles inside your home. Coincidentally, the indoor of most homes have been confirmed to have more air pollutants than what you can find outdoors. That was a revelation that was made by the EPA.

Pollutants like smoke from wood-burning, cooking, and tobacco; gases from building materials and cleaning reagents; mold; pet dander, and dust mites all form the core of pollutants that make your indoor space an unhealthy place to live. The tiny nature of these particles allows them to have an easy passage to your lungs, thereby aggravating your lung condition and possibly giving rise to an asthma attack in severe cases. Based on a recent report that was published by EPA, exposing oneself to air pollutants like smoke particles for an extended period could bring about bronchitis, reducing how your lung function, and sudden death if the case is not appropriately treated.

VOCs are also known as volatile organic compounds. Examples include formaldehyde. They become a composition of the surrounding air when adhesives, cleaning reagents, and paints are used within such environments. The VOCs are primarily responsible for causing eye, throat, and nose irritations; nausea; headaches; and damages to the kidney, liver, and nervous system. Some other gases like radon have been known to trigger lung cancer, as well as death in severe cases.

And the worst part about some of these illnesses is that they are untreatable. The best you can do about them is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. So how can we beat this?

Can Air Purifiers provide any solution to this?

Olansi K05B Air Purifier

Olansi K05B Air Purifier

The most reliable way of improving the quality of the air we are breathing indoors is by eliminating every source of pollutants and ventilating with fresh outdoor air. Dynamic air purifiers are helpful when methods like that are not possible or inadequate. Air purifiers, equally called air sanitizers, are meant for filtering air within one room. They are not designed to do that for an entire house. Although these devices are excellent for reducing air pollution indoors, they do have their limitations. Knowing those limitations will help increase their efficiency when you are using them.

What are air purifiers good for?

According to several tests and uses of air purifiers, it has been verified that these devices are an excellent piece for ridding an indoor space of a considerable amount of air pollutants. It can conveniently filter pollen, smoke, dust particles from surrounding air.

But does this have any direct effect on your health? Of course, yes. Multiple studies were carried out across major cities around the world concerning this. It was later reported that the people who participated in the tests were recorded to have experienced an improvement in their cardiovascular activities, leading to improved health as well.

Other studies were also carried out by EPA to show how these air purifying devices can be of help to those with asthma and allergies. Their reports indicated that there were modest improvements for asthmatic people and those who were previously having allergy attacks.

But for some apparent reasons, specific experts are refusing to link the health improvement of these individuals to the use of air purifiers. Some of these experts even go as far as claiming the results of those tests were not consistent when they were tried on other individuals.

Oppositions like that are not going to be unexpected. They are bound to happen. But that is not going to change the fact that air purifiers are helping to reduce how people expose themselves to airborne diseases.

Limitations of air purifiers

Like we already mentioned, certain limitations come with using purifiers. We all know that air purifiers can get rid of allergens in an indoor space. But what most people don’t know is that those allergens can only be removed from that indoor space when they are still afloat in the air. More substantial, larger allergen like pollen, mold, and mite can quickly settle back to the ground, making it difficult for any air purifiers to get them out.

Mysterious things we don’t know for now

Radon happens to be one other mystery to air purifiers, as well as air cleaners, based on a report published by EPA. Several studies have been conducted on how air purifiers can manage a dangerous gas such as this one. Nevertheless, all those studies have turned out to be inconclusive for now. While that has been the stand of some group of experts, others have admitted that air purifiers can get rid of dangerous gases from the surrounding atmosphere without causing any harm to the body in the process. Scientists are still reeling out data on how ionizers and other purifier types relate to our health as human beings.


The number of people who have died mysteriously from indoor air pollution related cases has reduced by a significant margin over the years, thanks to air purifiers. Residents now inhale air with better quality in their homes with these devices.

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Portable HEPA air purifier: An Indispensable Item for This Generation

The quality of the air we breathe in is as vital as getting clean, drinkable water. If you keep soaking in impure air for a long time, sooner or later, it’s going to catch up with your health, and the resulting effects can be quite devastating. Worrisome research has shown that almost 60% of the raw atmospheric air we inhale is already contaminated with various forms of pollutants. Such air pollutants can compromise our immune systems if they are not properly handled as at when due. The best way to fight off any foreign entities from our bodies is by ensuring a robust immune system. Fortunately, one of the ways to accomplish this is by inhaling air with good quality.

Portable HEPA air purifiers are designed to practically keep the air you inhale at a safe and healthy level. But beyond that, there are several reasons why using a portable HEPA air purifier can contribute to your general wellbeing. Let’s go over these benefits one after the other.

Olansi A3B Air Purifier

Olansi A3B Air Purifier

Minimizing airborne diseases

The latter part of the last decade saw green energy experts recommend that we always keep our surroundings clean and ensure we have access to fresh air and portable water. Whenever air contain smoke, dust, and pollen particles, you can almost estimate the devastating effect that comes with inhaling such air contents. That is something that has to be avoided at all costs. However, when we look at the world we are in today, the only way to ensure we get rid of these air pollutants is by making use of portable HEPA air purifiers.

Stay Free from allergies

Various authorities have asked citizens to stay indoors across the globe as one of the measures of controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus. Besides, going to the hospital now when you do not have any coronavirus related symptoms is not a wise thing to do. Trust me; this is not the best time to get any allergy attack. As you remain indoors with your family, a high-efficiency particulate air purifier is just what is needed to make sure everybody remains calm and healthy. As it contains various filtering chambers, portable HEPA air purifiers are efficient for trapping pollens and allowing only clean, filtered air to come in contact with your nostrils.

Inhale refreshing air

Nothing beats that feeling of breathing fresh air every time you have to take in an ounce of air. Portable HEPA air purifiers have been notable for getting rid of all unwanted particles from incoming air streams, no matter their sizes. Yet they have been alleged to struggle in the aspect of deodorization. This information has led many users to combine portable HEPA air purifiers with carbon activated pre-filters to get clean air that is devoid of bad odor. This combination has worked pretty well, considering the number of households that are using it.

It will, however, interest you to know that there are air purifiers that currently combine the HEPA filtering technology and odor removal systems to give you the best quality of air.

How portable HEPA air purifiers Work

A brief explanation here on how a portable HEPA air purifier operates will not just help you understand its operation formula. Still, it will also boost your confidence about this air purifier type.

HEPA filters comprise fibers that are randomly arranged. The filters typically contain fiberglass, while possessing diameters as small as 0.5 micrometers. The strength of this filter is based on the filter thickness, face velocity, and fiber diameter. These filters are designed to target small air particles and small air pollutants. These particles are stopped by diffusion, interception, and interaction. This excellent filtration technique is what makes portable HEPA air purifiers to be highly efficient as an air filtration system.

The Historical Behind HEPA Filters

HEPA filters have gone through several evolutions over the decades since it was first discovered. The concept for developing the first set of HEPA filters was borrowed from a filter item that was discovered in a German gas mask during the Second World War. The paper item inside the gas masks was known to have a remarkable efficiency for capturing chemical smoke.

Thus, the British army duplicated the technology and mass-produced it for members of its regiments. It was a solution that worked well, particularly for those locations where ordinary masks were not effective. The army’s version of the HEPA filter used cellulose asbestos papers seated with deep pleated form having spaces between them. That was the foundation upon which other more advanced types of the HEPA filters were going to be manufactured.

Although the next version was produced during the 1940s, it took another ten years for HEPA filters to be available for the commercial market. In search of higher quality products, these filters have had to go through several upgrading processes so that pharmaceuticals, aerospace, hospitals, nuclear power, nuclear fuels, and other industries can use it conveniently. The technology has been so welcomed that even some vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters as part of their filtration systems.

The Best portable HEPA air purifier

All portable HEPA air purifiers do not have the same filtering capacity. Their abilities to provide you with clean, pollutant-free air is dependent on the type of filters they use. The higher the level of the screen-filter, the more particles the system will be able to get rid of during its filtration process.

At the moment, manufacturers of air purifiers are making use of H11, H12, or even H13 as their base filters for removing unwanted air particles. Therefore, the type of filter your purifier is using is essential if you are hoping to inhale high-quality air. That said, to be on the safer side, besides the filter element, you should consider other qualities such as efficiency and air volume before you settle for any product.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier


The big superpowers in the world are yet to have a unanimous decision on how to make the atmosphere safer for humans. But while the debate continues to rage, and the atmosphere is packed with different air pollutants, we could use portable HEPA air purifiers to control the quality of the air we have in our homes, offices, cars, and other indoor environments.

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Air purifiers for allergies and asthma?

In spring, grass pollen is especially the cause of allergies. The outside environment is filled with small almost invisible particles that we inhale. These particles enter your home, in your office and in any space through windows, doors, clothes … An air purifier is the best option to keep pollen at bay in your home or in your place of job.

Do air purifiers for allergies serve as an improvement in our health if we suffer from environmental allergies?

It depends. It depends on the technology used to purify the air, that is, what that “air purification” really means. And, under the same name of “purifiers” we find a set of devices whose functions are different. Therefore, its disparate benefits. Ionizers (emit negative ions that cause suspended particles to lose buoyancy, without eliminating them). Or that heat the air to high temperatures. Or that use ultraviolet rays (they are supposed to be effective in eliminating some bacteria and viruses). And also the devices with filtering systems. That effectively eliminate suspended particles, including allergens.

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

Olansi K07 Air Purifier

What is an air purifier?

Generally, the name “air purifier” should be reserved for those products capable of eliminating airborne particles, both allergens and those due to environmental pollution or pollution (includes PM2.5 and PM10 particles and others known contaminants).

These are air purifiers that incorporate high-efficiency filters, or HEPA filters (for its acronym in English), for the complete elimination of particles harmful to health (including almost all particles smaller than 1 micron, which by their small size have the ability to penetrate to the alveoli, the thinnest airways). These allergy air purifiers also incorporate activated carbon filters for odor removal (very useful, for example, to avoid discomfort derived from tobacco or for use in kitchens) that allow fresh air to be breathed without using ozone emissions, and some of them are, in turn, purifiers and ionizers, a particularly effective and pleasant combination to achieve clean and fresh air in the home.

Thus, an air purifier (or a humidifier purifying humidifier not to exceed 60% relative humidity) with an effective filtering system is a real aid in the treatment of environmental allergies in the home or office, in addition to providing us, In the medium and long term, the benefits of breathing a healthy air where it is most difficult to find it: inside buildings, particularly in urban settings.

So, do they work?

Well, as determined by many associations and research centers worldwide, yes. Air purifiers have the ability to clean the air of debris that may not be harmful to most people, but that can cause allergy complications for those sensitive to materials such as dust, pollen, smog, etc.

Having this device will help you greatly in that area, allowing you to be safe at home and not suffer from strong allergies thanks to external factors. And not only you will be totally benefited, because it depends on the device and the magnitude you buy, you can keep your whole family safe by activating it a certain amount of hours a day. An economic investment for your health and yours

OlansiK03A Air Purifier

OlansiK03A Air Purifier

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5 Benefits of Using UV light air purifier

What are UV light air purifiers?

UV lighting is a special type of radiation that can’t be seen by the naked eye because it’s part of the invisible section that makes up the electromagnetic spectrum.

To be precise, its wavelength is from 400 nm (750 THz) to 10 nm (30 PHz), shorter than that of visible light but longer than X-rays

It causes sunburns by destroying cells, and this cell-destroying ability is what makes it effective for destroying air impurities, specifically mold and mildew.

Ultraviolet light is a form of light that rests just outside the visible spectrum for humans. The wavelength of UV light is shorter than visible light, but longer than X-rays. It’s estimated that UV light makes up about 10% of the sun’s output.

What also makes UV light unique is that it’s divided into three sub-bands, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.

You’ve probably heard of UV-A and UV-B light before because they’re heavily marketed on sunscreen lotions.

These types of UV lights are the ones that come from the sun and cause sunburn and skin cancers.

UV-C light, on the other hand, is a powerful form of radiation that’s harmless to people, but excellent at killing microorganisms, such as germs and viruses.

In fact, a recent lab test was performed where non-critical patient care items were exposed to two 30 sec. UV-C light cycles and the number of bacteria on 40 out of 51 target sites were reduced to below detectable levels

Of course, UV light is also created artificially, by technologies that include arc welders, tanning beds, black lights, and some forms of air purifiers.

UV air purifiers are designed to use short-wave ultraviolet light (UV-C light) to inactivate airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, bacteria and viruses. They have the same ultimate goal of all air purifiers: to reduce indoor air pollutants. The technology is also referred to as UV germicidal irradiation, or UVGI air purifiers. This is different from other air purifier technologies that contain UV light technology but do not use it directly against air pollutants.

On the market, UV-C air purifiers are currently sold as stand-alone, freestanding devices or as systems installed into pre-existing residential or commercial HVAC units. As air is forced through the device, it passes UV lamps, which directly attempt to disinfect the air by means of germicidal irradiation. The biggest safety concern is that ozone may be generated during this process.

Rarely a stand-alone product, UV-C light air purifiers often require additional systems for full effectiveness and are most often included in larger High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) air filtration systems. In fact, the EPA says that a UV-C air purifier does not seem effective as a stand-alone unit because it cannot trap or remove particles.

Olansi K08C Air Purifier

Olansi K08C Air Purifier

How do uv air purifier work?

As air passes through the air purifier, it eventually goes through a small internal chamber that exposes the particles to UV light.

The light is not emitted into the room, nor can you see it.

A UV light purifier works by disrupting the core DNA of these pathogens.

This prevents them from multiplying and causing you to become sick.

As you can see, UV lights are the king of killing all unwanted bacteria, germs, and viruses.

When combining this type of technology with a HEPA filter or Ionic generator, you can rest assured that wherever you decide to place the air purifying device, you’ll have the cleanest, most sterile air possible due to the use of a UV light cleaner.

5 Benefits of Using UV light air purifier

Olansi K06A Air Purifier

Olansi K06A Air Purifier

In the day to day, we are faced with several problems that can affect our respiratory health and ours. However, the use of an UV light air purifier can end up making our lives much easier. But, there is the basic problem: people do not know what benefits this device gives us. Well here, we will list about 5 benefits that will make us understand, how good this device can be for our health.


1- Filter Pet Hairs and Dandruff

Our pets leave hair and dandruff everywhere. Cat dander is especially small and sticky when deposited on a surface. The UV light air purifiers have a prefilter that filters the hairs in suspension and the HEPA Filter filters the dandruff.

2- Eliminates odors

As we have said before, UV light air purifiers mostly have an active carbon filter. This filter is responsible for trapping fundamentally organic compounds present in the air and responsible for the bad smell. We can call this filter the odor filter. UV light air purifiers for smokers are very useful since they not only purify the air they breathe but also eliminate the smell of tobacco.

The smell of food, the smell of moisture, the smell of your pet … Active carbon is an extremely porous material that attracts all these bad smells and eliminates them.

3- Cleaning Reinforcement

When we do the cleaning of a room, there are always particles in suspension that when we have finished will be deposited again on the floor, furniture and finally, on any surface. An UV light air purifier serves to filter these particles constantly. If you remove them, they are not deposited and if they are not deposited, we do not have to clean them! This does not mean that you are going to release the mop and the dust cloth so that it will undoubtedly be a support for cleaning.

4- Mold-free spaces

Mold proliferates in humid environments; this is a reality. It produces small spores invisible to the eye that are deposited on any surface, toys, carpets, curtains, etc. Mold is a common trigger for allergies and asthma. What does this mean? Well, he is responsible for making them worse and that is why sometimes we listen I am allergic to mold.

UV light air purifiers are effective in removing mold spores from the environment, their HEPA filter captures mold spores and removes them.

Now we recommend that if the humidity in the environment is very high use a good dehumidifier and root cuts the problem. If you reduce humidity, mold will not find its comfort habitat and therefore will not proliferate.

5- Improvement of respiratory health

There are many particles in the air that cause damage to our respiratory health, especially if we are allergic. Pollen and dust become our worst enemies, any presence of them ends up generating a lot of cough and discomfort. An UV light air purifier will be mainly responsible for keeping us calm in that aspect, helping to filter dust and pollen giving us a healthier air to breathe.

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2 Extra important factors to check when buying an air purifier: how to choose the right model

Allergy to pollen, asthma, pets … respiratory diseases are an increasingly present reality and their prevalence continues to increase. If this is your case, you may have thought about buying an air purifier (or even recommended by health personnel), a device that looks very similar to air conditioners but with the mission of returning an air better than the one they catch.

In this guide to buying air purifiers you will find a simple explanation on how it works and how to choose an air purifier that suits your needs. Also, a selection of some of the most interesting models

Olansi K01C Air Purifier

Olansi K01C Air Purifier

How an air purifier works?

The mission of an air purifier is to eliminate elements present in the air: pollen, mites, dust, tobacco smoke … in general, pollutants. As a result, it returns a cleaner air and in some cases, with less odors, since they trap the particles responsible for it.

To retain these particles, they first capture the ambient air using a fan and, after passing through a filtering system where impurities are trapped, the air returns to the room.

Although there are several technologies to purify the air such as electrostatic precipitators or the use of ozone, as we have previously advanced, the commercially used are high efficiency filters.

High efficiency filters offer an effective and safe solution. Of course, they are not perfect, requiring the replacement of these periodically to continue fulfilling its mission. In fact, the starting point when choosing an air purifier will be precisely knowing what degree of retention they offer.

2 Factors to consider when choosing an air purifier

1.HEPA filter

The retention capacity of the filter that integrates the air purifier is fundamental because it determines the quality of the air that will leave the room. In this sense, the recommendation is to look for models that have HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and not “HEPA type”.

Why this nuance? In order for a filter to be called HEPA it must meet standards, that is, all particles equal to or greater than 0.3 microns in diameter must be trapped with 99.97% effectiveness.

Thus, we can also find models with “HEPA type” filters, usually more affordable, but also less efficient, which either do not meet HEPA standards or have not been tested in independent laboratories.

2.How big is the room to purify?

The next aspect to assess is to know the cubic meters of the room whose air we are going to purify. And it is that as with the air conditioners, it is not the same to operate in a room of 10 square meters than to condition a room of 50 m ^ 3.

To size the room, we will simply calculate its volume. This is: its surface multiplied by the height. The air purifiers offer this information in their specifications or an approximation to the surface to be purified.

It is important to know this data to be able to size our purification needs, so that we do not fall short or invest more than necessary in an oversized purifier.

Benefits of having an olansi air purifier

1. Reduces mold

We all dread and fear mold, present in both indoor and outdoor air. Using an air purifier helps to reduce the mold level in a home, minimizing its effect on allergies and improving general health.

2. Reduce odors

In addition to breaking down pollutants, an air purifier can help reduce odors. If you are an animal owner, Plasmacluster ions can help to virtually eliminate these odors often embedded in carpets, drapery, and furniture.

3. Attacks germs, bacteria, and viruses

Traditional systems rely on air passing through a filter, while Olansi K15A air purifier

 Air Purifier disperses ions throughout the room where they actively attach to and break down pollutants. This process allows the air purifier to clean every corner of the room, attacking germs, bacteria, viruses and more.

Olansi K15A Air Purifier

Olansi K15A Air Purifier

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Why do i need an air purifier machine for my home?

What is an air purifier machine?

Air purifier machine is also known as air cleaner and it is the device which can remove contaminants from air to enhance indoor air quality. This kind of device is the perfect choice to asthmatics and allergy sufferers because it can minimize second hand tobacco smoke. Different kinds of the air purifier machines are available like smart enabled version, carbon filtration, HEPA filtration, classic version and ultra violet light. Each type is having unique features and benefits so you can choose it based on your needs. According to the studies says that high quality air purifier machine might trap 99% of the air pollutants.

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Olansi K08A Air Purifier

Things consider when you buy air purifier machine

Medically, air purifier machine is known to reduce asthma, minimize allergy symptoms, better standard of living and improving sleep. If you are a newbie to buy air purifier machine then you must concern about specific things which includes

  • Noise level
  • Maintenance costs
  • Energy consumption
  • Warranty
  • Manufacturer reputation

At present, people are showing interest to buy it for many reasons which includes eliminate mold, help with allergies, remove smoke and minimize allergy triggers. Remember one thing; each purifier is not using same filter. Some of the purifiers use HEPA filters and others are using activated carbon filter. If you are seeking for broad and better protection then you can buy air purifier machine with both activated carbon and HEPA is the ideal choice. According to the studies says that more than three hundred million people are suffering from asthma which happens due to polluted air. Using air purifier machine is one of the finest ways to clean air indoors so you can easily get rid of from many respiratory issues. High efficiency particulate air filtration is considered as the gold standard to purify the air. This kind of the filtration consists of the dense paper filter which can trap airborne contaminants. The best purifier can remove specific things like mold spores, pollen, dust, hair, mold spores, visible smoke and fungi. If you are a newbie to choose air purifier machine then you are advisable to read literature carefully. Now a day, it is especially designed based on the energy rating so you can use it round the clock which might not severely impact on electricity bill. Before you are planning to buy it, you are recommended to check the energy star rating.

Significant importance of buying air purifier machine

Air purifier machine size is major consideration when you buy it. You must find out the purifier which is suitable to your home. The main features of this purifier includes adjustable fan speeds, pre filter, digital controls, filter replacement indicators, casters, programmable timer and carting handle. Antimicrobial treatment coating prevents spread of microorganisms and bacteria in the internal filters. Likewise, caster is having set of wheel and it allows you to roll heavier machines. Air quality sensors are helpful to monitor the air to specific pollutants which can adjust the level to remove the particles. Remote control feature is beneficial to control the machine from distance.

Benefits of having an air purifier machine

1. Helps people with respiratory allergies

Anyone who suffers or has children affected by respiratory allergies knows how difficult poor quality rest and interrupted sleep can be in their daily lives.

I remember a particular case from a few years ago in a small village in Northern Scotland. Mairead, a young girl, had to be flown to London every September due to her asthma attacks caused by indoor mold and dust mites. It was rewarding to see how she improved her well being by simply avoiding her asthma symptoms with one of our air purifiers. She was happy to avoid the forced flights to a hospital in London and have a normal childhood.

2. Eliminates allergens

Asthma is a lifelong condition and a costly disease affecting people from all age groups, having its peak incidence in childhood. The treatment costs are quite a burden for the affected families.

Air purifiers that truly destroy the airborne allergens causing an allergy symptom, and by that reducing the demand of new medicines, are the simplest way to reduce health care costs and improve the quality of life of the allergy sufferers.

Avoiding one allergy symptom is better than treating it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

3. Removes and destroy allergens

Anyone living in a clean environment like in Switzerland, Scandinavia or a remote island, may wonder why they need an air purifier. The answer is that indoor microbiologic contamination continuously grows regardless of how pure the air is outdoors.

Mold, bacteria, and viruses thrive in closed, humid environments with limited ventilation or air-conditioned rooms. Harmful mold multiplies in colonies everywhere on walls, floor, carpets, furniture, continuously spreading spores. These new colonies increase room contamination and can be inhaled, causing asthma and other respiratory allergies or chronic diseases.

By comparison, people allergic to seafood avoid their symptoms by not consuming it. Respiratory allergies work much the same way, as one should not inhale what causes the allergy symptoms. The only way to avoid these symptoms is for sufferers to use an air purifier that can destroy those allergens.

Mold and dust mite allergens are enemies to asthmatics and respiratory allergy sufferers. Therefore, the key to quality health is to destroy them. Mold is also capable of damaging all kinds of organic items like books, paintings, furniture, sofas and walls, affecting people’s health while working or living in those environments.

When looking for the best air purifier to remove or destroy allergens, one must review independent tests disclosed by manufacturers to ensure it will eliminate that specific allergen.

Surely it makes sense to destroy harmful allergens, rather than to merely capture them and keep them alive on a filter for 1-6 months, where they still have direct contact with the room, especially when replacing it.

As a father of an allergic son, I worked tirelessly to help reduce his symptoms and his reliance on medicine to feel better. I was inspired to invent a technology which transformed into a successful business, where I can help people like my son live better. I was assured through using this technology at home that it really worked, and eventually confirmed its efficacy through independent laboratory tests worldwide.

Olansi K08B Air Purifier

Olansi K08B Air Purifier

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What is an air purifier for?Benefits and function of air purifiers

Many people do not know the function of air purifiers, and for this reason, they criticize if there really is a need to use these artifacts. Let me tell you in advance that they do work and that purifiers are not “expensive fans.”

Its main use is to improve air quality by helping to create a better environment of the room where you are using it.

Olansi A3C Air Purifier

Olansi A3C Air Purifier

Users after a while of use, realize that their migraines are over, their allergies disappeared and the smells dissipated, in conclusion, they have a much more pleasant and healthy habitat.

Industrial air purifiers promote cleaning in important spaces such as airports, hospitals and shopping centers. It can prevent many significant diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis.

Another interesting point that significantly improves the purifier is that it manages to filter all types of weeds that come off when we do daily activities, such as cleaning the house. An example would be when we shake the sofa cushions, since doing so gives off an amount of dust, mites and hairs that can affect our health. The air purifier takes care of all these problems.

In short, we will have a better quality of life in our home, for example, you can place it in the room where you play or rest with your pet. The purifier will ensure that all the animal’s hairs are trapped in the filter, preventing allergies that can be caused.

So how does this device work to improve my life?

These electrical appliances function as a filter to purify the air. The device has a fan attached which, when activated, creates an air inlet that passes through the filters and leaves completely clean. They have several filter sheets integrated and each one works independently of the other.

Within the air purifiers a process occurs to filter the impurities that is divided into 4 stages.

  • First it goes through an electrostatic filter.

It works to trap harmful air particles through an ionization mechanism. This filter mostly traps dust particles, hairs and larger particles.

  • G4 filter

It works by fine meshes that allows you to trap fine dusts, mites, pollen and smoke. It also improves the performance of the following filters as it removes medium-sized particles.

  • Activated carbon filter.

Activated carbon is a porous material that allows you to trap small biological particles. It consists of a chemical process in which the filter converts gaseous particles into solids and retains them. Mostly it manages to dissipate odors and biological particles present in the air.

  • Efficient HEPA filter

Efficiently cleans the air using an ultra-thin filter called HEPA (High efficiency particulate air). It works by trapping bacteria, germs and apart reduces mold secretion in the environment and prevents skin infections. It manages to purify the air through a micro-delegated mesh composed of fiberglass threads placed in sequence with a diameter of 2.0 μm. The particles, viruses, bacteria are trapped in 3 different ways: 1. They collide with the mesh 2. They are trapped in the mesh 3. They collide with other gas particles previously trapped. All air purifiers must contain a joint guarantee certificate to a letter of guarantee from a medical entity to verify its proper functioning.

Also, in the high-end purifiers, there are those that have the function of the ionizer type. It also allows to eliminate pollutants from inside the house, but in these purifiers they do not require filters, although there are already products on the market that allow you to clean the air of bacteria and viruses, which carry the two variants: ionizer and filter.

Benefits of using an air purifier

1. Clean home

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that indoor air can be up to five times worse than outdoor air. Many people don’t realize how many pollution sources exist in their homes such as cleaning products, pet dander, scented candles, indoor paints and cooking fumes.

Our Olansi Pure Cool air purifier uses a fully sealed filter system that includes 60% more HEPA media and three times more activated carbon than the previous generation to capture 99.97% of particle pollution as small as 0.3 microns. This keeps your home clean and captures irritating pollutants and allergens.

Olansi K06C Air Purifier

Olansi K06C Air Purifier

2. Personal cooling

Also unique to our product is that it doesn’t just act as a purifier, it also functions as a fan. Using olansi technology and 350⁰ degree oscillation, Pure Cool projects clean air throughout the room.

Of course, in the summer the cooling feature can be a lifesaver. To allow for year-round usage, the air purifier also features a new backward diffused airflow mode or purification-only mode.

3. Good night’s sleep

Purified air can be very beneficial for quality sleep. In 2017 we conducted a sleep study survey, where more than 70% of people surveyed felt better rested after sleep from using an air purifier.

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The most frequent mistakes when buying air purifiers

Learning from the mistakes of others can lead you to buy the air purifier you need.

These types of appliances are not as well-known as vacuum cleaners, for example.

Although its operation is very basic, many people do not know if they cool the air, heat it, emit ozone or remove moisture.

Nor do they know how to choose the right model for their rooms or which brands offer more guarantees.

olansi K08A air purifier

olansi K08A air purifier

The most common mistakes are the following:

1- The purifier is too small and the effect in a large room is not noticeable

There are formulas that relate CADR to the size of the room that the purifier can filter. However, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s advice.

You will have to check the reputation and prestige of the brand.

In general, the higher the CADR, the faster it will filter the air.

A purifier that is too small will consume more energy and possibly the filters will saturate too quickly.

2- The filters do not last what the manufacturer says and you have to change them too often

You should take into account that filters are a vital part of the purifier. There are brands (usually economic and unknown) that fulfill their regular function. However, filters are another story and tend to be of poor quality and must be changed too often

3- Very expensive filters or you can’t find them anywhere

Just as we can find filters that tend to get damaged quickly and have to be changed next, we can also find the opposite: Very expensive brand filters, of which there is very little availability in the country where you live. It is recommended that you inform yourself of the purifiers and their respective filters, so you do not have to go through this tragedy.

4- Too loud even in night mode

You should keep in mind the noise level emitted by the purifier. It is not the same if you work at full power than if you do it at low speed. A low quality purifier, or does not filter almost anything, or if it does it emits too much noise.

In an office or in an environment with a certain noise level, 50 db may not even be noticed.

On the other hand, during the night, or if you want to run the purifier in the room where your baby rests, exceeding 30-33 db can be a problem.

5- You thought it had dehumidifier mode or temperature regulation

A purifier, as you know, is not a dehumidifier or a heater. That does not prevent there from models that include functions and technologies that add to the basic ones of purifying the air:

  • purifier + air conditioner
  • purifier + dehumidifier
  • purifier + ionizer

6- The purifier itself releases odor

If the air purifier gives off an unpleasant smell, there may be several causes.

  • Plastic smell occurs during initial use

The first few times you use the air purifier; it can produce a plastic smell.

Do not worry, this is normal and will disappear completely in a few days. However, if the appliance produces a burning smell, it is recommended that you contact the seller

  • The filter is dirty

When the air purifier filter (A and B in the following image) is dirty, it may produce a dusty smell. In this case, replace the filter.

  • The pre-filter is dirty

The air purifier can produce an unpleasant smell when the pre-filter is dirty. The pre-filter can (and should) be washed monthly.

Olansi K09B Air Purifier

Olansi K09B Air Purifier

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how does an ionic air purifier work?

A specialized filtering procedure which targets on the minute microscopic particles contaminated along with air is the major task performed by air purifier. A human lung is just an organ which filters airborne contaminants and it does not work efficiently as the air purifiers does. This is why air purifiers constitute a very important role in human life and protects the lungs from allergies or asthma and from other respiratory illness. Having a high quality air purifier also medically states that it increases peaceful sleeping and gradually upgrades the overall standard of life style. People should not miss such an important component in their home and if they missed it, then it must to read the below facts to gather the essentiality of ionizer air purifier inside a home.

Olansi K08B Air Purifier

Olansi K08B Air Purifier


High risky pollutants removing process

As we discussed above air purifiers powerfully indulge in eradicating harmful airborne pollutants. Lets us see some of such destructive pollutants contaminated on air

  • Pollen grains
  • Plant fungi and spores
  • Dust mites
  • Pet hair and dander
  • Molded spores
  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Wood smoke
  • Toxins from pesticides
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in varnishes, paint, new carpets and also from building materials

These are the commonly found airborne components and they are the most damaging pollutants which may cause various disorders in human body. People who have sensitive body structure will easily acquire such defects. Hence an air purifier is a compulsory appliance which must have its own place in a home all the time.

Different varieties of air purifiers in market

It is the exact time which makes the people understand about the vital role played by air purifiers because the current well developed society in entirely contaminated with many chemical toxic agents along with natural agents. Rushing to market to buy this appliance will do well but the next question which arises in every buyer’s mind will be what type or kind must buy. Hence to create awareness about the various kinds of air purifiers here we have given certain important and popularly sold air purifier type. Making a note of it and moving to the market will be more than enough to buy the appropriate type.


What is an ionizer air purifier?

An air ionizer (also known and an Ionic air purifier) operates by emitting negatively charged ions into the air.

These ions attract positively charged ions, which include things like allergens, dust, and bacteria and causes a bond to form between them.

Once this bond is formed, the particles become heavier than normal.

This weight increase causes the bonded particles to fall to the ground and/or become trapped on an electrostatic collection plate.

If equipped with this feature, the air ionizer plate can be washed clean and used for the life of the device.

Ionizers are an attractive type of air purifier for many homeowners because they don’t require costly filter changes.

Ionic filtration process

It is a technology used in air cleaning and its operation is done by emitting the cloud containing charged ions and this ion latches onto the contaminants which are airborne. Some of the ionic air purifiers also contain electrostatic collection plates which work more effectively in extracting the contaminants in air.

Olansi K02A Air Purifier

Olansi K02A Air Purifier

Except filtration with ionic,normally an ionizer air purifier also have below fitration process:

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)

It is the exact filtering process which is considered to have the gold standard for purifying air. High density paper filters are added to it which traps the overall airborne contaminants easily.

Filtration using carbon

It is the air purifying process where especially activated carbon which contains numerous minute absorbent pores is used. These filters are mainly popular for making home smell fresh.

Air purifiers using UV light

Unlike the above said three types, this is a unique technology which works by emitting` a light which is invisible and this invisible light is emitted with the help of ultra violet spectrum technology. This UV rays is completely safe for humans as it is locked inside the purifier and it never comes out.

All the above said are the 4 major ways seen and choice can be made based on the need of the individual. But anyhow it is must to buy anyone of the air purifier types in order to live a healthy life.

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