Air Purifier Technology

Air Purifier Technology

What air pollutants that air purifiers absorb

Walking into modern homes, we can find that in addition to traditional home appliances such as empty ice washers, home appliances that improve the quality of life such as sweeping robots and air purifiers have also begun to enter thousands of homes. In addition to meeting the needs of daily life, a better quality of life has also become what modern people are seeking. In fact, everyone is no stranger to the product of air purifier. As long as the term PM2.5 was known to everyone, air purifiers entered people’s sight. And as to whether the air purifier is useful or not? Can the air purifier absorb formaldehyde? Such questions also exist. What kind of air pollutants can air purifiers absorb? Working principle of air purifier,Today, let’s talk about this.

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PM2.5 has an important impact on air quality and visibility. Compared with the coarser atmospheric particulate matter, PM2.5 has a small particle size, large area, strong activity, easy to carry heavy metals, microorganisms and other harmful substances, and has a long residence time in the atmosphere and a long transportation distance, which is harmful to the quality of the atmospheric environment and the human body. There is a certain threat to health. PM2.5 is not only available outdoors, but also indoors. Ninety percent of indoor PM2.5 comes from smoking, and the cooking fume produced by cooking will also aggravate the indoor concentration of PM2.5. Due to the particulate matter produced by smoking and cooking oil fume, long-term exposure may cause damage to the human respiratory tract.




Formaldehyde is a colorless irritant gas, which has irritating effects on human eyes and nose. At present, formaldehyde has been listed as a “known human carcinogen”. The biggest factor that causes excessive formaldehyde in the indoor environment is home improvement building materials. In home improvement building materials, formaldehyde hides in various glues and coatings in wall paint, floor, and furniture. Formaldehyde can cause tension, dizziness, headaches and other hazards to the nervous system. It can also damage the respiratory tract, digestive tract, circulatory system and nervous system to varying degrees. Long-term living in a house with excessive formaldehyde may cause serious consequences.


Dust, bacteria and other substances


Indoor dust, shedding hair, pet dander, indoor odor, bacteria and viruses and other indoor pollution particles can easily pass through the human hair filter and blood barrier, causing discomfort and disease to humans. Diseases such as allergic asthma, family colds, and other respiratory infections may be closely related to the poor quality of indoor air. Indoor air pollution seriously affects our health every day.


Air purifier mainly uses a fan to draw air into the machine, and then filters the air through a built-in filter, which can filter dust, odor, and disinfect. Generally speaking, air purifiers are suitable for newly renovated or renovated homes, homes with asthma or pets, hotels and hospitals and other public places.


In 2022, how should we choose the right air purifier manufacturer?

First of all, we need to know why we need to buy an air purifier? Because people’s living standards continue to improve, and the requirements for the surrounding living environment are getting higher and higher, our indoor air is sometimes worse than the outdoor. The pollution comes from the following aspects:

1. Excessive particulate matter, such as: PM2.5, allergenic pollen, bacteria, pet shedding, etc.;

2. The volatile organic matter exceeds the standard, such as: formaldehyde, peculiar smell (smoke, odor), etc.


Let’s talk about the most important filter when we buy an air purifier
How many layers of filters does our air purifier have? First of all, in order to ensure filtration efficiency, we need a layer of HEPA filter to filter tiny particles in the air, such as PM2.5. If you want to remove volatile organic matter, you must add a layer of activated carbon filter. The price of HEPA filter is generally higher. In order to extend its useful life as much as possible, we need a relatively cheap filter to remove some large particles. This is the pre-filter. This is the most effective triple filtration for air purifiers. The ATP-HEPA antibacterial peptide filter with three-layer filtration design can effectively filter pollen, dust mites, fibers and other harmful particles in the air, completely eliminating secondary pollution

High-efficiency activated carbon layer, carbon fiber extracted from plants is catalytically processed to make a large-area honeycomb material, long-term adsorption of formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOC and other harmful substances free in the air.
To filter particulate matter, the resistance of the filter is great. The cleaner the particulate matter is filtered, but at the same time it will cause the slow in and out of the air, that is to say, the efficiency is very low, so when choosing a purifier, you should choose a product with high efficiency and low resistance. Here, the third type of technology is the hybrid type, which can effectively solve the contradiction between high efficiency and high resistance, low efficiency and low resistance, and achieve high efficiency and low resistance purification effects.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing:

First, clarify your own needs (that is, the actual area of ​​the home that needs to be purified, if you have enough, you don’t need to be greedy.)

Second, the cost of use. (There are mainly three parts, one part is the electricity bill, the other part is the consumables, and then the maintenance and repair. There is also the service life of the motor, which can be used for many years from credible brands).

Third, confirm the credibility of the data (because the performance of the air purifier is difficult to observe intuitively, the credibility of the test data is very critical. The only thing that needs to be investigated is a credible CADR value.)
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Fourth, appearance (placing in a prominent place at home all the year round, appearance problems will definitely affect the enthusiasm for use.)

Fifth, noise (noise is the most important point in the user experience, because you can’t improve it yourself.)

Sixth, the price (air purifiers are not cheap, and it is unlikely that they will become cheaper. So when choosing, don’t be fooled by some black-hearted air purifier manufacturers because you are greedy for cheap. You must choose a trusted company and brand.)
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Choosing an air purifier manufacturer that suits you is a matter of urgency for everyone and every family. For more information, please consult Guangzhou Olansi Health Co., Ltd.



Which is good air purifier for office using

Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd(Guangzhou Olans Water Treatment Equipments Co. Ltd) is a professiona whole air purifier manufacturer producing negative ions air purifier,activated carbon air purifier,hepa air purifier,antibacterial air purifier and so on.

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If your home is feeling dusty, moldy or just kind of funky, there are several home air purifier products ready to come to the rescue. Humidify products  mediate the moisture in your home, solving a host of climate issues and problems like mold growth. Air purifiers, sometimes referred to as air cleaners, also work to keep your home’s climate healthy by removing polluting particles like dust and pollen. Often packaged as portable units and fans, here’s how these cleaning machines help you breathe easier.


To deciding what to use to clean your home might not seem like a difficult task on the surface. Nevertheless, ensuring the devices and products you choose are both safe and effective has become a hot topic in recent years, especially now that we know more about how certain compounds and chemicals affect our body health.

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We know that it is not everyone has time to find, research, check reviews and ratings of air purifiers from a huge ton of websites. Therefore,find the right air purifier for your needs in a quick and efficient way. We have read many other reviews in the whole Internet and rather find them outdated or just sorted the most expensive or most popular air purifiers in top for the maximum benefits.


About Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd

Established in 2009, located in Guangzhou City in South China, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a professional hydrogen water maker and air purifier OEM manufacturer. The products of the company contain pm2.5 air purifier, home air purifier, HEPA air purifier, ionizer air purifier,air purifier with humidifier,room air purifier and so on. All OEM air purifiers are manufactured in accordance with the CE, ROSH, and CB Certification.

An essential air purifier in life

OLANSI Health Industry Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as OLANSI) was founded in 2009 and is a new high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of healthy home appliances. Committed to using technology to create a healthy, beautiful and high-quality life for consumers. Won the title of Guangdong High-tech Enterprise, 2017 China Environmental Electrical Appliances (Air Clean) Top 10 Professional Brands and many other awards.

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The air cleaner purifies the air. It is not like a mobile phone. You can see if the color is good, the photo is good, the game card is not stuck, and it is not like a TV. You can see that it is not clear, the size is big, these for us, the more intuitive view does not work for air. But air purifiers are different. The products that purify the air are colorless and odorless. Even some common pollutants that are difficult to discover around us cannot escape from air purifiers.


  1.  The common reason for using air purifiers is natural air pollution, which is what we often call PM2.5. PM2.5 particles have a large area, strong activity, and are easy to carry toxic and harmful substances, which have a greater impact on human health.


  1. The reason why dust mites need to buy an air purifier is that dust mites also occupy the main problem. There are currently more than 30 types of dust mites. Among them, house dust mites and dust are the main ones related to human allergic diseases.


  1. Pollen Many people don’t care about pollen. In fact, sneezing, watery eyes, and stuffy nose are all symptoms of pollen allergies during the high-incidence period of pollen, but this phenomenon is not obvious and easy to be ignored.


  1. Second-hand smoke The harm of second-hand smoke cannot be underestimated. There are 300 million smokers in China. There are more than 3,000 polluting chemicals in second-hand smoke. In addition to lung cancer, it can also cause other diseases.


  1. Formaldehyde In our country, users are the first to know about air purifiers, not because of smog, but formaldehyde. Due to the decoration materials and other problems, formaldehyde is the biggest indoor pollution leader. Formaldehyde will be in the board, glue and paint, and it will be volatilized for a long time. Generally, it takes a long-term process of 10-15 years for formaldehyde to volatilize .Formaldehyde can cause acute leukemia. Formaldehyde damages for a long time and serious damage is the main feature.


An air purifier suitable for your family is very important to us. For the health of your children, it is not too late to buy an air purifier. OLANSI is committed to technology to create a better life for consumers. , High-quality and healthy life, to produce the most suitable air purifier for everyone. If you need a suitable air purifier, OLANSI is at your service at any time.


Heavy air pollution hits, and the air purifier market reappears

Affected by unfavorable weather, many parts of northern my country have encountered severely polluted weather. As of November 4, 2021, 20 cities in the eastern region have activated orange warnings for heavy pollution weather, and 9 cities have activated yellow warnings. At 16:00 on November 4, the Beijing Heavy Air Pollution Emergency Headquarters Office launched a yellow warning for heavy air pollution, and Beijing’s air pollution gradually increased, reaching level 5 severe pollution.

In the face of severely polluted weather, consumers have started to panic buying air purifiers. According to data from JD Home Appliances, compared with the average daily sales in October, the sales of air purifiers in Beijing on November 4 increased by 73% month-on-month, doubling the national growth rate. As people pay more attention to indicators such as air quality and PM2.5, air purifier products have also become popular in the domestic market and have entered a period of hot sales.


In severely polluted weather, the components in the air will also become complicated. Pollutants such as PM2.5 particulate matter, allergens, dust, etc., are suspended in the air for a long time, and even contaminated on people’s clothing and brought into the home. In haze weather, opening windows for ventilation will allow dirty air to enter the room. Therefore, the closed doors and windows prevent the air from circulating. In addition, the particulate pollutants carried in by people coming back from the outdoors will make the indoor air. The deterioration of quality always threatens people’s physical and mental health.

Such an environment gives the air purifier a chance to show its talents. Turning on the air purifier can not only deal with particulate matter in the air, but also deal with some allergens, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, and even some germs, effectively improving air quality. In the most common years of haze weather, air purifiers have always been a hot-selling category in home appliances, and once became the “standard equipment” in many people’s homes.

It is reported that air purifiers have a higher penetration rate in Western developed countries. The household penetration rate in the United States is 27%, and the penetration rates in Canada, Italy, Japan and other countries are all above 20%. At present, the penetration rate of air purifiers in my country is lesvss than 1%, and there is huge room for improvement in the number of air purifiers.


With the rapid development of the market, problems such as uneven quality of air purifiers, inconsistent standards, and false functional standards frequently appear. After the implementation of the new national standard, the competitive landscape of the air purifier market has also quietly changed. On the one hand, products with substandard quality are quickly eliminated; on the other hand, in addition to the basic functions of haze and formaldehyde, consumers have gradually deepened their understanding of odor removal, bacteria removal, and pollen removal, and the trend of product upgrades has become more obvious. In a market with many brands, how to choose an air purifier that meets their needs has become a common concern for consumers.


Olansif air purifier subverts the traditional air purification model through the indoor air health management system. It is the first to rely on three-dimensional multi-dimensional space on the roof, floor and wall, and adopts new technologies, new materials and new processes to achieve direct decomposition of formaldehyde, efficient sterilization and inactivation And other functions. No need to replace consumables, no secondary pollution, save money, effort, and worry, providing consumers with a cost-effective air purification solution.

How to use the air purifier

Today, when people pay more and more attention to air quality, air purifiers have also entered the homes of most people. Everyone feels that this is very simple during use; it is not only as simple as a switch during use. Here to explain to everyone the usage specification.


Place it in the center of the room as much as possible. Some people are used to working in the corner, which will reduce their purification range.

After turning on the machine, select the largest windshield first, and let it work for ten to fifteen minutes and then adjust it to resist, so that the air can be purified quickly.

If the outdoor air quality is poor, you can close all doors and windows to ensure the air purification effect. If the weather is fine, you can open a little window.


After using for a period of time, you need to clean and care regularly, wipe the air outlet and air inlet regularly, and replace the filter regularly, so as to ensure his work efficiency.

In fact, there have been controversies on the Internet, but the actual effect of air purifiers cannot solve the problem of formaldehyde pollution in house decoration, so it is necessary to open windows frequently in houses.

Do not get close to the human body during use. The filter actually directly affects the effect of the purifier. This is also a reminder that you must replace it regularly.

What exactly is the “second pollution” of air purifiers? How to prevent and solve it?

In view of the epidemic and air pollution, everyone’s awareness of air purifiers is getting higher and higher, but perhaps everyone knows little about the “secondary pollution” problem, and some people have not even heard of it. The main phenomenon of “secondary pollution” in air purifiers is: the air purifier has been used for a long time without being cleaned up in time, including replacing the filter element or doing a good job of cleaning, resulting in a decrease in the purification efficiency of the air purifier or even the original air The bacteria and viruses attached to the filter of the purifier evaporate twice, causing the original clean air to be contaminated. If people spend a lot of time in the air that has been “secondarily polluted”, they may suffer from nasal congestion and allergies, and in severe cases they may be infected with diseases. So when you use an air purifier, you must strictly prevent the phenomenon of “secondary pollution”, so how to prevent this from happening? Let me give you a brief introduction.

1. Let me talk about the formation principle of “second pollution” first

Because the performance of the air purifier is constantly improving, its filter system is more likely to allow pollutants to accumulate in the filter, and the long-term accumulation of pollutants around the filter will provide a breeding environment for microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses that are inhaled at the same time. If the air purifier does not have a better sealing performance, when the contaminants on the filter are saturated, it will easily be emitted from the air outlet, and then may be directly discharged to the person through the fan. This whole process is the so-called “secondary pollution.”

Many people say that it is not difficult to solve the “secondary pollution”, just clean or replace the filter, but you can be very responsible to tell you that even if you clean or replace the filter frequently, the “secondary pollution” cannot be completely avoided. Because the inside of the air purifier is isolated by a filter, a strong wind pressure will be formed inside, which will form a pressure, and the bacteria and viruses inhaled by the air purifier may escape from the unsealed part of the air purifier. And the gap between the filter and the fuselage is discharged into the indoor air again.

2. What is the phenomenon of being “secondarily polluted”

In fact, when the air is “secondarily polluted”, it is easy to feel. For example, when the air purifier is used for a long time, the wind blown out will have a more obvious air particle feeling, and it will also have a strange smell. This is the “secondary pollution”, which not only contains dust and bacteria, but may also contain chemical and optical pollutants, such as ozone and organic particles. If people breathe in “secondarily polluted” air for a long time, it is more likely to cause physical discomfort such as rhinitis and allergies. So we buy the dubbing of the air purifier to purify the air, but in the end it may be counterproductive because of the “secondary pollution”.


3. How to solve the “second pollution” problem?

In fact, as mentioned above, the root cause of “secondary pollution” in an air purifier is still related to the filter screen, structure and air duct of the air purifier itself, as well as the airtightness. The position of the activated carbon filter of the air purifier should also be considered. If the filter position is in front, the activated carbon will adsorb air particles and gaseous pollutants at the same time. As the adsorbed particles increase, the activated carbon will be blocked, which will reduce the filtering effect. So this reminds us that only by optimizing the product structure, increasing the airtightness of the whole machine, improving the filter level and improving the filter order can the air purifier manufacturers really improve the quality of air purification. This also tells us consumers that if you want to eliminate “secondary pollution”, you must consider the performance of air purifiers and the ability to purify pollutants, which are really crucial.

4. The industry’s exploration of “secondary pollution”

As more and more air purifier manufacturers join, the manufacturing level of the entire air purifier industry is constantly improving, which also promotes the continuous updating of air purifiers. For example, new air purification technologies such as complete machine sealing technology, catalyst oxidation filters, solid-state sensors, etc. continue to emerge, which greatly enhances the confidence of air purifier practitioners and enhances the consumer experience.

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The above is the interpretation of the relevant content about the “second pollution” of the air purifier that I shared with you this time. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the air purifier.

After reading this article, you can also be an air purifier expert!

In the blink of an eye, the consumer rights protection day of the new year will come again. To this end, we are preparing the Special Planning] series, hoping to make more people have a clearer understanding of the purification industry (including standards and brands).

With the deteriorating atmospheric environment, air purifiers have gradually entered the home and become a necessities of the home after refrigerators, TVs, and air conditioners. Unlike other home appliance industries, as a newly emerging industry, the air purification industry is relatively chaotic due to the lack of comprehensive and systematic industry standards, and all kinds of chaos are full of chaos: shoddy, exaggerated functions, and price hikes. Under all sorts of chaos, the most severely damaged rights are consumers.

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In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and to further regulate the market, the first mandatory standard for the air purification industry came into effect in March last year. Since the Ministry’s standard came into effect, many consumers have regarded it as a life-saving straw to “beware of being trapped”, while many businesses have regarded it as an important weapon to “capture a larger market.” In order to facilitate the memorization, some people have specially refined its essence, the so-called “three highs and one low”. However, just grasping the “three highs and one low” can you guarantee that you are buying reliable and suitable products? This may not necessarily be the case.

As the first mandatory standard in the purification industry, the national standard  “Air Purifier” proposes four core performance indicators, namely CADR (clean air output), CCM (cumulative purification volume), purification energy efficiency, and noise. The so-called three highs and one low are high CADR, high CCM, high purification energy efficiency and low noise. But this formulation is simple but not precise.

CADR (Clean Air Volume), expressed in cubic meters of air that can be purified per unit time, directly reflects the actual working capacity of the purifier. The larger the CADR value, the stronger the purification ability. But it does not mean that the larger the CADR value, the better. The CADR value should be selected reasonably according to the indoor living area, so as to avoid the unsatisfactory purification effect caused by the “small horse-drawn cart” or the waste of electricity caused by the “large horse-drawn cart”. In addition to the excessive consumption of electricity, some purifiers that can emit ions also release too much ions, which affects the health of family members.


How to choose the appropriate CADR according to the size of the room, here is a judgment basis: (0.07~0.12)*CADR=usable area.

Regarding CADR, you need to pay special attention: CADR is divided into CADR for particulate matter and CADR for harmful gases. The values ​​of the two are usually different. The CADR value of particulate matter will be larger than the CADR value of harmful gases.

In addition, for a small fixed space such as a car, the CADR value will not reflect the purification effect more directly and accurately than the purification efficiency. The CADR value reflects how much clean air can be produced in a certain period of time, and the purification efficiency reflects how many pollutants can be removed in a certain period of time, which is also a way of expressing the purification effect. For example, the CADR of a vehicle-mounted purifier is basically 10-20. Based on this, it can be calculated that the car can be purified 3-7 times in 1 hour, but it cannot directly display the degree of purification, and the purification efficiency is directly informed for 7 minutes. It can purify 80%, and it can purify 90% in 10 minutes (the value is just an example). It can be seen that the purification efficiency can be more direct than CADR. Therefore, for a specific small space, it depends on the CADR, but also on the purification rate.

CCM (Cumulative Purification Capacity) is a parameter that reflects the service life of the purifier filter. The larger the value, the longer the service life of the filter and the lower the replacement frequency. It is a cost-effective indicator of the product. If CADR reflects how fast you can run, then CCM reflects how far you can run, so CCM is also an important indicator that cannot be ignored.


Purification energy efficiency, the amount of clean air (the ratio of CADR to rated power) that an air purifier can produce per unit power consumption, is a measure of power consumption. In general, the larger the value, the cleaner is energy-saving and the purification effect is better. It is important to note that the classification of the purification energy efficiency of particulate matter is different from the classification of the purification energy efficiency of formaldehyde, so it cannot be generalized. The specific energy efficiency ratings of the two are defined as: the purification energy efficiency value of particulate matter 2 is the qualified level, and 5 is the high efficiency. For the purification energy efficiency of formaldehyde, 0.5 is the qualified level and 1 is the high.

Regarding the air purifier and air cleaner, this article explains it thoroughly

Since the rapid development of industry and construction, the air quality has become worse and worse, and the smog has become more and more serious. Many families have begun to use air purifiers. When it comes to air purifiers, many people know that it can purify the air and filter the harmful substances in the air. As for its working principle and usage skills, few people pay attention to it.

In fact, if you know more about air purifiers, you will not only be able to buy a purifier that is more suitable for you, but you can also maintain it yourself and use it for longer. Now, I will take you to learn some knowledge about air purifiers, and by the way share some air purifier products that were shortlisted for the Star Award initiated by Baidu and Zhongguancun Online.untitled.513_副本

1. Purification principle of air purifier

The air purifier is mainly composed of a motor, a fan, and an air filter. The motor and the fan promote the flow of air, so that the air passes through the air filter to absorb various pollutants, and clean air can be circulated indoors. There are also some models of air purifiers that load a negative ion generator at the air outlet to ionize the air out of negative ions, which are blown by a fan to form a negative ion current, thereby producing the effect of purifying the air.
And this filter is also different, generally made of stainless steel; there is also a composite filter, which filters out peculiar smells in the air, such as formaldehyde, etc., just like the 325 smart air purifier Y100C, which is aimed at formaldehyde and smog. A purifier is very suitable for new houses or areas with severe autumn and winter haze; the photocatalyst filter is mainly for the purification of bacteria and viruses; the nanofiber carbon filter is mostly used in places with many people such as enterprises. . Applicable people of the air purifier

Air purifiers are beneficial and harmless to everyone, and they are indispensable to individual groups. For example, children, pregnant women, the elderly, office workers, patients with respiratory diseases, and drivers. If you have a baby or a mother-to-be, an air purifier is indispensable in the autumn and winter season. When the child develops, all functions are not perfect. If you inhale too much smog or a virus, it is easy to get sick. The mother is also, not only harms the mother’s body, It will also threaten the baby’s health and cause irreversible damage. Those who have babies and pregnant women at home can choose a purifier like Philips AC3858/00, which specializes in removing haze, viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde and allergens.

The immune system of the elderly declines, and the metabolism becomes slower in the autumn and winter seasons, and it is easy to get sick. It is even more uncomfortable to inhale unclean things. The air circulation in the office is not good. If a person catches a cold, it may quickly spread to everyone. And the people who work in the office are usually very busy, don’t have time to exercise, and are easy to get sick. Haier KJ500F-EMA is a specially designed for offices. The purifier of the negative ion removes formaldehyde, secondhand smoke, etc., and the effect is very good. Not to mention patients with respiratory diseases and drivers, the outside air is not good, and they are the most affected, so air purifiers are indispensable.


3. The placement skills of the air purifier

If the air purifier is placed in the wrong position, it can really be done with half the effort. Do not place it close to walls or furniture. A distance of more than 1 meter from the wall is better. If it doesn’t get in the way, it’s best to put it in the middle of the house and try not to get too close to people.
4. Tips for using air purifier

In autumn and winter, in a dry environment, the air purifier and humidifier can be used together, and the effect will be better. Since the purifier has a limited service life and needs to be replaced every other time, it is best to choose a purifying filter with a regenerative function. In addition, most of the filters cannot be washed with water, and the purification effect will be lower after washing. Therefore, after detecting a significant drop in the purification effect, the filter should be replaced.

Air purifier: tap new consumer demand and find a way to break the game

Smoggy weather swept across the country, frequent searches for formaldehyde in rental houses, and the sudden outbreak of the epidemic deeply touched the heartstrings of the whole people about “health”. Looking back on these years, the air purifier industry seems to have been favored by “God”, and emergencies have brought waves of development opportunities to the industry. However, the size of the air purifier industry continues to shrink, and the development plans of various companies are becoming more and more conservative, and there are very few new products on the market. This can not help but ask, what is going on in this industry? What can companies do to get rid of The current embarrassing status of the industry?


The scale continues to decline, and the industry gets rid of the price war predicament

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has made consumers pay more attention to health to an unprecedented height. This makes the continued downturn in the air purifier industry once again see the light. However, the epidemic has caused a series of health-focused home appliances, such as disinfection cabinets and health air conditioners, but it has not “turned over” air purifiers that focus on healthy home air. In 2020, the volume of air purifiers will drop, and the decline in sales will be much higher than the decline in sales. The price war in the industry will further intensify.

Although the overall market performance of air purifiers is still relatively sluggish, the gradual increase in the market share of mid-to-high-end products has made the industry feel somewhat gratified. The relevant person in charge of 3M told the reporter of “Electrical Appliances” that, judging from the market performance in the first half of 2021, consumers’ demand for air purifiers continues to develop towards high-end. Therefore, driven by a new generation of clean air purifiers that focus on the mid-to-high-end market, the olansi air purifier category has achieved better performance than the market.
The air purification function is becoming the standard configuration of new air conditioners, and fresh air products are also entering more and more Chinese households, which makes the air purifier industry that is already in the throes of “become embarrassed”. Even so, many companies that are still struggling in the industry are still optimistic about the development prospects of the air purifier market, and are striving to explore new demand points and find a way to break the situation.

In the pan-health era, some companies have further explored the health attributes of air purifiers in order to meet the increasing health needs of the public. For example, Olansi’s air purifier using unique patented electrostatic electret technology is equipped with a brand-new five-in-one high-efficiency composite filter. Based on the continuation of the Olansi particulate mask filtration technology, it optimizes the efficient removal of bacteria and viruses. It also enhances the removal efficiency of gaseous pollutants (such as formaldehyde/TVOC), and fully meets consumers’ high requirements for indoor air quality. “Olansi will continue to promote technological innovation, and extend high-tech technology to civilian and home life to meet the needs of the market in the post-epidemic era, and to bring sustainable and higher-quality products and solutions. Start with prevention and help build health protection throughout the life cycle.” said the relevant person in charge of Olansi.


Yuanda insists on taking a comprehensive road, has developed a full range of air purification products including wearable, mobile, household and commercial, and launched different products for different scenarios. “Broad product line is very rich, which can meet the needs of all kinds of consumers.” Hu Jie said that it is also the case. In the context of the poor performance of the industry as a whole, the scale of air purifiers is still growing.

In addition, the improvement of air quality testing technology is also the direction for enterprises to increase their layout. Since it is difficult for consumers to intuitively feel the improvement of indoor air quality, it is very important to have an accurate and convincing air quality detection module. For this reason, the industry has put forward higher requirements for high-precision sensors.

On the whole, although the air purifier industry is ushering in a painful period, it is difficult to move forward, and the possibility of explosive growth again in the short term is unlikely, but the broad prospects of air purifiers have been unanimously recognized by the industry. “At present, the penetration rate of air purifiers in first-tier cities is 60% to 70%, but the market share of mid-to-high-end products is expected to increase; the penetration rate in second and third-tier cities still needs to be improved, and the initial demand may first be based on cost-effective models.” Olansi related The person in charge said.