Can air purifier really remove formaldehyde?

Due to the continuous increase of haze weather in recent years, PM2.5 values in many cities explode frequently. Formaldehyde smell in new house decoration has a great impact on people’s health. In order to breathe clean air, air purifier has become a new “favorite”. Can air purifier really absorb smoke and remove formaldehyde? What should we pay attention to when shopping?

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Principle of air purifier
Air purifier is mainly composed of motor, fan, air filter and other systems. The working principle is: the motor and fan in the machine make the indoor air flow, and after passing through the air filter in the machine, the polluted air will be removed or absorbed.
Whether the air purifier can remove formaldehyde depends on the filter element. At present, formaldehyde and other gas pollutants are mainly reduced by activated carbon filter elements, which have high requirements for structural design, activated carbon process and dosage.
If formaldehyde content is high, please rely on air purifier only, do not work completely. Therefore, the best way to remove formaldehyde is to open the ventilation window, the air purifier with strong formaldehyde removal ability and the fresh air system of the whole house should be selected.

Six purchase points
How to choose the right air purifier? The area of the room should be considered comprehensively. The main parameters are as follows


Filter Screen 
The filter screen is mainly divided into HEPA, activated carbon, photocatalyst technology and anion technology. HEPA filter screen mainly filters large particles of solid pollutants; Formaldehyde and other gaseous pollutants adsorbed by activated carbon; Light contact coal cold catalyst technology can decompose harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, toluene, etc; Anion and anion technology can disinfect and purify the air.
Purified air volume (CADR)
Unit m3 / h, one hour purification x cubic meters of air pollutants, general housing area? 10 = Cadr value, representing the air purification efficiency. The higher the value, the higher the efficiency. Just choose the right furniture according to your own interior size. For example, a 15 square meter room should choose an air purifier with a unit purified air volume of 150 cubic meters per hour.
Cumulative purification capacity (CCM)
The higher the value, the longer the service life of the filter. This mainly depends on the filter used, which determines how often the filter needs to be replaced. It is divided into solid CCM and gaseous CCM: divided by the solid pollutants represented by P, there are four grades in total; There are four grades except for the gaseous pollutants represented by F. P. It’s better to have f in fourth gear.


Room layout
The air inlet and outlet of the air purifier adopt 360 degree circular design, and also have one-way air inlet and outlet. If you want to place the air purifier without being limited by the room layout, you can choose products with circular air inlet and air outlet design.
The noise is related to the design of fan and socket and the selection of filter screen. The less noise, the better.
after-sale service
The purification filter needs to be replaced after failure, so after-sales service is very important.
Good air purifiers focus on fast filtration speed (high Cadr value), good filtration effect and low noise. But also need to consider the convenience, safety and after-sales service.


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