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Demand for air purifiers rises by 400% in national capital

The rising air pollution in the national capital has led to a 400% rise in the sale of air purifiers here since October last year.

With the growing demand for air purifiers, the air purifier industry in the country has also seen a year-on-year rise of about 54% since 2014.

Experts believe that such a massive demand for air purifiers has been a result of the massive pollution levels across the country. A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that 1.3 million people in India die due to indoor air pollution. Not only this, one third of the World’s asthma patients is from India and such a high level of pollution also reduces the life of an individual by almost five years.

“During Diwali last year, the air purifier industry has seen a massive demand for air purifiers, which led to a rise in our sales, because everybody wants to breathe clean air. There has been a 400% rise in the sale of air purifiers in the national capital since October last year,” Ankur Chawla, Director Sales, Crusader Air Purifiers, told The Sunday Guardian.

The rise in demand for air purifier peaked because of the deterioration of the indoor air quality as well, which in India has risen upto 300mg per cubic meter, much above the prescribed WHO norm of 24mg per cubic meter.

“Air purifiers have become the essential need of the hour, because even on a good day, the air quality is above 180mg per cubic meters and to battle the harmful effects of air pollutants, households as well as offices are opting for these machines to breathe healthy,” Ankur added.

Air purifiers essentially work to purify the air through electronic methods of separation of dust and microscopic particles from the air. The various filters fitted in air purifiers work to clean heavy dust, particulate matter, toxic gases and micro-organisms from the air, so that they do not affect the health of the individual.

Ankur also stressed on the importance of an “Indianised version of air purifiers which could particularly take care of pollution issues in India. “In India, the pollution levels are different from that of a Western country and that is why the Crusaders have designed and developed air purifiers to suit the Indian climate and air conditions. We have seven filters in most of our air purifiers to separate even heavy dust and other pollutants in the air.”


So, the air purifier is vital.

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