A wide range of air purifiers, experts teach you how to choose?

A wide range of air purifiers, experts teach you how to choose? 

We all know the harm to the body of haze, many people have chosen to wear masks, the family also bought an air purifier, but how do you really know?

Professionals: more and more types of air purifiers, the price is ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands”

The price gap is so big, how to choose their own purifier?

Professionals: from 2016 to March a new national standard, on the air purifier is started, a low “

The reporter understands, the amount of clean air is Cadr, purification efficiency, a
nd the cumulative amount of purified, these three values are greater, the noise index is as low as possible, the new national standard of “three high and one low” is like a ruler, you can choose in the purifier is heart.

Professionals: “in fact, an air purifier is not possible to the entire area of the house, because the house is a wall of a door, the air purifier is by air convection, so that it can put you in the living room living room air tube, not turning to the bedroom”

Find suitable for their own use cleaner space, a lot of people feel that the purifier is foreign monk chanted sutras, actually otherwise.

Professionals: “because of foreign air quality better than domestic, and many foreign air purifier, mainly in the removal of pollen and allergens, formaldehyde in the worst air quality in China is PM2.5 and caused by the decoration”

Whether it is a mask or purifier, must choose their own, so that we can do to prevent haze barrier.

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