Hydrogen has a significant preventive effect on many diseases

In the past 5 years, it is surprising to find that hydrogen has a significant preventive effect on many diseases, such as ischemia reperfusion, ionizing radiation and inflammatory damage


Many people think that hydrogen is likely to be the NO, H2S and CO gas molecules and important biological activity, because has not found any hydrogen side effects, it has unique advantages in disease prevention and treatment.

However, most of the studies are focused on the observation of the prevention and treatment of diseases by hydrogen. The research on the mechanism of action is basically in its infancy, little is known about it, and many phenomena are still difficult to explain

In addition, the hydrogen safety awareness, no obvious side effect, theoretical inference mainly from the diving medical application of high-pressure hydrogen has no obvious effect on the human body, the research on the evaluation of the biological safety reported n


In view of the current mechanism of hydrogen and safety evaluation of the lack of human clinical trials of hydrogen should also be careful. Future research should focus on the mechanism of prevention and treatment of diseases of hydrogen, hydrogen in addition to other important antioxidant mechanisms outside, including its effect on cell signal pathway or gene expression, and antioxidant the reaction related enzyme, except for OH and ONOO- other important role of free radicals and so on;

It is also necessary to carry out research on toxicological evaluation of hydrogen, especially the long-term effects of long-term use of hydrogen safety or short-term use of high concentration of hydrogen on health. In order to promote the study of biological effect of hydrogen from the laboratory into clinical application as soon as possible, to promote basic research to the development of cutting-edge science.

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